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CDN Television: Blood Ties, Season 1

Season One, Episode 1 & 2:  Blood Price
Original Air Date:  March 11, 2007

Ex-police detective and current private investigator Vicki Nelson witnesses an attack and murder.  She tries chasing down the suspect but he vanishes.  Her former partner (and close friend) Mike Celluci is the officer called in to investigate.  When the girlfriend of the murder victim hires Vicki to find out what happened to him, Vicki gets more than she bargained for.  A mysterious, handsome, charming and potentially dangerous man comes into her life:  Henry Fitzroy, a 480 year-old vampire.  Henry's knowledge of the supernatural gives Vicki an extra edge to help find who murdered her client's boyfriend.

Season One, Episode 3:  Bad JuJu
Original Air Date:  March 18, 2007

Minutes after Vicki is hired by a young woman from New Orleans to find her missing brother she and the girl are attacked by a voodoo-resurrected zombie that is after her client, Angelique.  Vicki is determined to protect Angelique no matter what the cost and no matter how much Henry warns her of the dangers.  Vicki is surprised to learn that her client isn't as innocent as she thought.

Season One, Episode 4:  Gifted
Original Air Date:  March 25, 2007

Vicki reads some of Henry's graphic novels to learn more about him.  Vicki is hired by a woman to find her missing son-in-law, Steve, as her daughter was recently murdered and Steve needs to care for their young daughter.  She's surprised to learn that Steve wants nothing to do with his daughter but even more surprised to find out why.  Mike learns Henry's secret.

Season One, Episode 5:  Deadly Departed
Original Air Date:  April 1, 2007

Mike is still angry Vicki never told him Henry was a vampire.  A series of murders, all with strange circumstances, lead Vicki and Henry to only one conclusion:  they were committed by a dead man.  They must find out how the murders are being committed and who is truly behind them before anyone else dies.  Wanting to know more about his past, Mike begins an investigation into Henry.

Season One, Episode 6:  Love Hurts
Original Air Date:  April 8, 2007

Vicki is hired by a man to find out whether his wife is having an affair or not.  The woman Vicki is hired to investigate turns up dead and she, Henry and Mike are drawn into a deadly, and supernatural, case of passion and jealousy.  Henry is unable to use his charms on the dead woman's three best friends.  When a second woman is killed, Vicki places herself in danger to stop the killer.

Season One, Episode 7:  Heart of Ice
Original Air Date:  April 15, 2007

The brutal murder of a homeless woman leads her friend, Annie, an old acquaintance of Vicki's from her time as a beat cop to come asking for help in solving her friends death and the deaths of three other homeless people.  Her investigation leads Vicki and Henry to a deadly and horrifying killer that even Henry may be no match for.  Meanwhile, Mike and Dave investigate the murder of a prostitute that has what looks like vampire bite marks on her neck.  A mysterious man is seen in the crowd of onlookers which interests Mike but he's looking at Henry as the killer.  When the mysterious man from the crime scene shows up at the police station, Mike ends up making a deal that could cost Henry his existence.

Season One, Episode 8:  Heart of Fire
Original Air Date:  April 22, 2007

Mike and Vicki must save Henry from the evil clutches of Javier Mendoza before he can kill him.  An old vampire friend of Henry's, Delphine, is also being held prisoner by Mendoza.  Vicki and Mike learn Mendoza was a grand inquisitor during the Spanish Inquisition specializing in encouraging confessions out of witches.  Mendoza's torture has caused Henry to go near-mad.  Can he remember how he felt about Vicki enough to keep from killing her and Mike?

Season One, Episode 9:  Stone Cold
Original Air Date:  April 29, 2007

Mike is still dealing with having been bitten by Henry.  Vicki is hired to find a missing young male model.  She and Henry suspect a beautiful club owner of knowing more than she's admitting.  The case becomes complicated when Mike falls under the club owner's spell.  Vicki must work quickly to save not only Mike but a number of other young missing men as well as Henry.

Season One, Episode 10:  Necrodrome
Original Air Date:  May 6, 2007

Vicki is hired by the owner of a mortuary when a body literally walks out of the mortuary and a mysterious man is caught on videotape entering just moments earlier.  The investigation leads her to the Necrodrome, an arena where two men, two dead men, battle until one "kills" the other.  Vicki and Henry have less than 24 hours before the next battle will be underway at the Necrodrome. 

Season One, Episode 11:  Post Partum
Original Air Date:  May 13, 2007

Vicki, with Mike posing as her husband, goes undercover at a strange fertility clinic when a husband hires her because of concern for his wife who is there for treatments.  She quickly learns there is something supernatural happening at the clinic.  If she doesn't figure out who, or what, is behind all the strange goings on she might not make it out of the clinic alive.  Henry and Careen learn something about the children born to the mothers of the clinic that is troubling.

Season One, Episode 12:  Norman
Original Air Date:  May 20, 2007

A few drops of blood landing on the floor of Norman Bridewell's old apartment brings Norman back into the realm of existence.  A woman goes to Vicki claiming to be a psychic with news that she saw her, her office and something in it that wanted to hurt her.  She tells her of 3 powerful objects (a stone chalice, ancient dagger and a book) that was being used to kill her.  One by one, Norman works to collect the three objects working his way to Vicki. 

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