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CDN Television: Blood Ties, Season 2

Season Two, Episode 1:  D.O.A.
Original Air Date:  October 12, 2007

A former colleague of Vicki's from the force, Paul "Dirty" Deeds hires her to find out where his body is and how he became a ghost.  The problem is Vicki is the only one who can see Paul.  Things take a turn for the truly unusual when Paul shows up apparently alive and the investigation leads toward a corrupt police officer.  Paul's body is walking around and his ghost is still working with Vicki and the only clue they have is a fondness for raw meat.

Season Two, Episode 2:  Wild Blood
Original Air Date:  October 19, 2007

The animalistic murder of one of the mayors friends forces Mike to turn to Vicki for help when the woman he arrested as a suspect in the case exhibits supernatural characteristics.  Vicki and Henry turn up the possibility that she is a skinwalker meaning that the woman in custody was the cat-like animal that committed the murder.  The case changes when a jaguar is seen in town while the woman is in police custody.  Investigation of the victim shows he had a secret of his own which led to his murder.

Season Two, Episode 3:  5:55
Original Air Date:  October 26, 2007

At 5:55, Vicki awakens from a dream where she and Henry accompany a client to retrieve an expensive artifact, and a simple recovery case takes a supernatural turn that ends in death.  Once awake, things from her dream start happening.  Again, Vicki awakens after having gotten farther into her dream.  The day keeps replaying and Vicki must prevent those she loves from dying and stop a box, Pandora's Box, from being opened and unleashing a deadly force.

Season Two, Episode 4:  Bugged
Original Air Date:  November 2, 2007

Vicki is hired by the owner of Careen's favorite goth club to investigate the death of one of its patrons in an alley adjacent to the club.  Careen goes with Vicki on her walk into the dark side as her investigative partner.  Her life is in danger when she goes undercover to help the case.  Meanwhile, Henry has his own problems when someone leaves the body of a dead young woman literally at his doorstep.  Surprisingly, he turns to Mike for help with news there is another vampire in the city and things are just getting started.

Season Two, Episode 5:  The Devil You Know
Original Air Date:  November 9, 2007

More deaths at the hands of the vampire put Henry, Mike and Vicki even more on edge than they were before.  Henry knows Christina is in town.  She shows up at his condo wanting his help.  She informs him there is another vampire, Alexander, following her wanting to ruin her life.  The deal:  if he helps her, she must leave.  Is Christina being honest with Henry or is she playing him yet again?

Season Two, Episode 6:  Drawn and Quartered
Original Air Date:  November 16, 2007

While accompanying Vicki to place a bug in a suspects office, Henry asks Vicki to accompany him to an art show he has for the following evening.  She agrees, but before they can go on their first "date", Jude, the owner of the gallery goes missing.  Vicki takes the case of trying to find him.  Vicki and Coreen work the opening for information about Jude while Mike and Dave are called to investigate the murder of a man found posed in an empty parking lot:  Jude.  Autopsy shows he drowned--on paint that appeared to come from within his body.  Everything goes back to a painting in the gallery that changes before someone dies and a young painter who takes a liking to Coreen.

Season Two, Episode 7:  Wrapped
Original Air Date:  November 23, 2007

Two thieves get more than they expect when they try to steal Incan gold from the body of an Incan mummy.  One dies and the other is forced into servitude by the resurrected mummy.  Henry awakens to a nightmare of the Incan mummy flooding his apartment with light, killing him.  Since vampires do not dream, Henry is worried the end of his existence may be close at hand.  The mummy wants Henry's soul to give him ultimate strength and eternal life.  Will the choice Vicki makes to save Henry's life destroy their friendship?

Season Two, Episode 8:  The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Original Air Date:  November 30, 2007

Vicki is summoned to prison by a confessed murder who now claims he didn't kill the victim he was accused of killing.  He tells her he's psychic and confessed because he was confused.  He saw the girl being killed as a vision.  A voice in his head has told him the real killer has chosen a new victim, although he cannot see who she is.  Looking over the case information causes Vicki to remember her time on the force as Mike's partner and to arguments between she and Mike.  Henry arrives at Vicki's office questioning if she or Careen have had any dreams, hallucinations or bad feelings or of Vicki's marks have flared up.  The tension between Vicki and both Henry and Mike is great but can they all put that aside to work together to find the truth about who is killing the women?

Season Two, Episode 9:  We'll Meet Again
Original Air Date:  January 3, 2008

Vicki is hired by a very young man who wants her to find his soul mate.  He tells her they have been reincarnated for centuries and he needs to find a way to contact his love this time around.  When they find her, she is already married.  She later confides in Vicki that she is pregnant with her husbands child and the two women talk about the two men in both of their lives.  When her client wants to "reset" he and his soul mate's lives, Vicki must stop them.  Meanwhile, meets with an old friend, Augustus, to plan a move.  Mike is in trouble with Crowley.  Vicki is saddened when she learns Henry is thinking of leaving town.

Season Two, Episode 10:  Deep Dark
Original Air Date:  January 10, 2008

Careen is possessed by Astaroth when she seeks the services of Madame Andrea searching for advice regarding Vicki's romantic problems.  When they find Careen, an even bigger problem arises:  Astaroth has taken her heart and the exorcism they have planned will certainly kill her.  Meanwhile, a young girl is abducted and Mike is on the task force to find her.  A call from Vicki regarding Careen interferes with his performance on the task force.  Will his involvement in Vicki's mission to save Careen end his career and, quite possibly, his life?  Has time finally come for Vicki to make a choice between Henry and Mike?

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