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US Television: Breakout Kings, Episode 1.2, "Collected"

Breakout Kings
Season One, Episode Two, Collected
Original Air Date:  March 13, 2011

Xavier Price escapes from prison during the chaos on the night of a scheduled execution.  He has a reputation as a decent family man and solid member of the community who was simply caught up in a bad situation and ended up in prison by mistake.  However, he has a dark and violent side his wife nor none of his churchgoing friends knows anything about.  The team finds that Xavier has three women hostage in three different locations.  One is found dead and they manage to find a second.  But they must work fast to find the third before it is too late all while dealing with a new member of the team with issues that could cause problems for them all.

It's a Monday at Clayton Penitentiary in Somers, Connecticut, four days until a scheduled execution.  Doctor Franks enters the prison infirmary and tells a prison worker they need to order a gross of 4-inch gauze.  When Franks answers the telephone, the inmate puts a sheet in the front of his pants/shirt so he can smuggle it from the infirmary.  On Wednesday, two days before the execution, the warden is angry with his secretary telling her the governor and attorney general both get a copy (he's told her three times).  An inmate who overhears the scolding she receives makes comment that the "big day" even has the warden jumpy.  The same inmate who stole the sheet simply says he'll be happy when it's over then steals more supplies.  On Friday, the night of the execution, the press and protesters of the death penalty are outside the prison.  Tim Slattery is to be the first man executed in Connecticut in thirty years.  The prison is about to conduct the first of two electrical checks before the execution to make sure it can be carried out efficiently and humanely. 

The power goes out at the prison leaving everyone outside in the dark.  It comes back on and we see the prisoner who stole supplies from the infirmary preparing for something big.  The power goes out again and when it comes back on, he sets his bed afire and burns his own arm.  As the fire gets worse, he screams to the guards who rush in and remove him from the cell to extinguish the blaze and take him to the infirmary.  The doctor wraps his arm.  When he turns to ready a needle of morphine to give the inmate for pain, the inmate attacks him from behind and injects him with the morphine.  He pulls a medical chest away from the wall and removes a grate revealing a hole in the wall.  He climbs through then up a ladder inside the prison walls.  He climbs out of the prison unnoticed by the protesters and media.  Using the sheet he stole from the infirmary, with the words "Killing is never justified" he tries to slip away unnoticed.  A woman in the crowd wants to hang his banner on her van but she recognizes him causing him to throw the sheet over her head and beats her to death.  He takes the keys to her van and drives away.

At Maybelle Minimum security Prison in Hudson, New York, Lloyd is playing foosball with another inmate when Shea comes to get him as it's time to go to work.  Shea tells Lloyd that Philly has been removed from the program as her accounts were checked and it was learned she had money stashed away.  The Feds seized all of her assets and she was sent back to maximum security.  Lloyd stresses to Shea that he can't leave Maybelle and wonders if they will replace Philly.  In the office with Ray, Lloyd starts off the conversation by telling him he was completely unaware Philly was hiding money.  Ray informs them they assumed Philly was going to use the money to make a run so her sentence was doubled.  The two men were lucky she didn't actually make the run or they would have been doubled up as well.  Shea sees Charlie in an office with a woman and asks who she is to which Charlie replies it is Philly's replacement.  Charlie is giving Erica Reed the details that she has the same deal as Philly and the other two have.  She signs the papers he gives her that she'll join the team.

Ray briefs the team on their latest escapee:  Xavier Price (Jamie McShane).  Price was a respected family man, member of his church board and traveling salesman until he killed Phylicia Webster.  He said he picked up a runaway in need of help and she tried to rob him at knife point while he was taking her to the shelter at a red light.  In the struggle she was killed.  A witness a half block away called the police.  Price's wife stood by his side and his church paid his legal fees.  He got five years for reckless homicide instead of murder.  There's an alarm out on the vehicle he's driving.  He ran from prison eleven hours ago and there's a less than 5% change of recapture after 72 hours.  Shea questions why Price ran at all since his prison record was clean and he would have been released in 2 1/2 years.  Julie gives them the information Price has a 170 I.Q. which Lloyd finds adorable and notes that he himself has an I.Q. of 210.  As he's asking what the new girls "superpower" is, she leaves Charlie's office with him.  Lloyd tries introducing himself but she pays him no attention.  He tries a second time but she tells him she's trying to read.  While she's reading, he tells her that the three of them are intertwined and wants her to tell him who she is so he knows who he's working with.  She tells him she's a breaking and entering expert and she needs the arrangement to work.

Charlie tells the team that Price's church is connected throughout the world via missionary work and wants Julie to get him a list of the biggest donors to the church and if they have private planes or resources they might use to help Price flee.  Shea insists Price wouldn't be leaving the country and that there is something pressing him to run.  Erica suggests it might be family since Price has kids.  They need to talk to his wife.

In Wilmington, Delaware, Price is casually humming classical music as he spreads gasoline throughout a house.  There is a woman in the basement and he ends his journey through the house there.

At Sandra Price's House in Kent, Connecticut, she tells the team her husband is a good man that has picked up runaways before while she's been in the car and given them money and advice.  Ray asks her about the protester Price killed when he escaped and the doctor he assaulted.  She equates him to a peaceful dog that is locked in a cage with vicious animals.  When it finally gets out it snaps at someone who might put him back in and then the dog is blamed for its behavior.  She hopes they never find her husband.  Erica, who is holding a figurine she picked up from a shelf, comments that Price hit the woman's head against the ground four times.  Ray quiets her as Price's wife tells her the figurines belong to her husband.  He collected them from age 10 and is a "simple man with simple interests".  She shows them shadowboxes filled with art her husband created.  Ray receives a phone call from Julie to tell him the protesters van was spotting driving away from a clothing drop box outside a church in Wilmington, which was a stop on Price's former sales route.  Julie found no family of Price's in the area but she did find an hold house he bought for $14,000 at a county auction under a year ago.  She texts them the address.  When she hangs up, Charlie questions how good she is to Ray because he feels she should have had that information sooner.  Ray defends her but Charlie warns him that Philly was a wash and he doesn't want anymore problems from any of the people Ray hand picked for the team.

The team arrives in Wilmington to find emergency vehicles outside what is left of the burned house.  They know it was a set fire and two firemen are dragging a footlocker out of the ashes.  When they open the locker, they find it is full of melted plastic.  Charlie orders the fire chief to get forensics on the locker contents.  Erica tells Lloyd to get out of her space.  He tells her she's a liar because if she was a B&E expert she would have helped Charlie with the lock on the footlocker.  She refuses to give him the reason why she is in prison.

Xavier Price is digging a hole with the woman from the house sitting tied behind him on the ground.  She begs him to let her go but he warns her not to talk as she has no voice.  A man shouldn't be put in the position where he must waste perfectly good property.  She wants to go home.  He doesn't care what she wants.  He tells her she belongs to him and after he stops her last breath she will belong to him forever.  He gets behind her and grabs her around the neck.

At the office, Charlie is on the phone ordering Nick to put a rush on the information he needs.  Price's wife is clean and nothing has shown up on her phone or mail.  Erica feels Price is too smart to be tripped up in such an easy way.  Ray finds nothing that will lead to Price on the church accounts.  Charlie was Julie to check the property records in every county of every state where Price's former sales route took him.  When Charlie goes into his office, Ray takes Julie aside and tells her he chose her because she's great at what she does and was #1 in her class.  She maintains they kicked her out and that after Philly getting tossed she worries she might as well.  Ray promises her that won't happen as Charlie told him that day he thought she was doing a great job.  He promises her that as long as he's there, she will not be going anywhere.

In Camden, New Jersey, Price changes the price sticker on a maul at a hardware store.  Later, at the same hardware store, Erica picks up the same kind of maul Price chose.  The store owner tells them that Price tried to trick him into getting the maul for $5 when it was worth $30.  He wouldn't sell so Price hit him in the face with the handle and took off when a customer came in.  Ray sees this act meaning Price is desperate and low on cash and wonders how he got what little money he has.  Charlie suggests he might have broken into the poor box at the church.  Ray warns Shea who is looking at tools that if he tries anything, he'll get a one way ticket to Philly, short for he'll go straight back to prison.  Erica doesn't understand why Price wanted the maul.  If he wanted a weapon he would have chosen a box cutter or sheetrock knife as they're easy to conceal.  He wanted a tool not a weapon.  Lloyd is still wanting to know why Erica is on the team and what she did to get her there.

Ray calls Julie to ask if she found any real estate hits in the area.  She's found nothing under Price's name but she's been trying something creative.  While they are waiting for her to find the information, Shea and Lloyd are busy staring at Erica's bum while she's bending over to look at something.  Lloyd says that's how they do it.  Mesmerize with the tookus and before you know it, they're on the team even though they have no discernible skills.  Julie found something.  She checked auctions in Camden and found a charity, Inner City Re-imagining (ICR) that fixes urban blight.  ICR bought an abandoned home at auction months ago and the parent non-profit for ICR was Xavier Price's church and since he was on the board was able to sign the paperwork with no one knowing.

The team go to the property and see the stolen van outside.  Ray tells Charlie he'll take the back while he takes the front.  Charlie insists Ray will take the front and he'll take the back instead.  The men move in on the house with guns drawn.  The open a door to the basement and go down and find a door that is barred from the inside.  Charlie shoots the hinges off the door and when they get into the room they find a hysterical woman.  Ray checks out the room while Charlie tries to calm the woman.  Charlie goes outside and tells Erica to get a blanket from the truck immediately while he calls authorities to the house.  Ray carries the woman out and orders Lloyd to help her since he's a doctor.  Ray tells them the woman hasn't seen daylight in months.

Lloyd calls Julie and tells her the walls in the room were soundproofed and there were months of food inside the room.  They need Xavier's entire history and not just his criminal history.  Ray theorizes that Price would go on sales trips, visit his captive and then leave her in the room for weeks.  She used a metal bar to barricade the door so he couldn't get in and that is why he wanted the maul.  Shea says they just need to wait for him to come back, jump him and they are done but that isn't possible because of the police and emergency presence outside. 

In the ambulance, the woman, Jill Duffy, tells Charlie and Erica that Price told her he was a cop and for her to get in his car.  He started beating on her.  She woke up in the basement.  She had been missing for nine months but had lost track of time and thought she was gone only a few weeks.  Charlie asks if Price ever mentioned any places he might go or people he knew in other countries, but she knows of nothing, he just hurt her.  The EMT tells Charlie and Erica to leave so he can treat the woman.  As they are getting out of the ambulance, the woman tells them she hopes they find the others.  Erica turns back and asks what she said and the woman tells them she doesn't know who or where but that Price said there were three of them.  He would make recordings of them and keep them in a lock box, which Charlie immediately links to the footlocker from the Wilmington house.  Erica questions that Price had other women and the first place he went was Wilmington.  Charlie calls Julie to call Wilmington police and tell them to put a search party and rescue dogs on a five mile radius of the house that was burned as he might have had women in there.

At the office, Ray passes out information of a prostitute that was found strangled in a grave three miles from the burned house.  She was malnourished and tortured like Jill Duffy was.  Lloyd says he wouldn't have left the prostitute to die in the fire as it wasn't personal enough.  His crimes had nothing to do with the women.  He notes the research Julie did on Price before his criminal record revealed that, as a boy, he was a ward of the state.  His father wasn't around and his mother liked to put cigarettes out on his arm so he was in and out of social services as a child.  Fire is a ritualistic purge to Price.  His mother took him to the supermarket and left him there at the age of nine and he never saw her again.  He believes Price has issues with women.  Julie pulled a death certificate for Price's mother, a prostitute who overdosed in a hotel room 20 years ago.  Lloyd continues that Price was physically and emotionally abused as a child and was abandoned.  He was at his mothers mercy.  Price needs to control these women.  He had to break out of prison because of his collection of women as they couldn't die when their food and water ran out because nature would have controlled their deaths, not him.  He moved to the ultimate form of control, murder.

Charlie notes that there were three women.  One is dead, one was found alive so they need to find the third before anything can happen to her.  If they find where she is, they can catch him.  If they don't, she'll die and with nothing left to hold him there, he could go anywhere.  Charlie asks Julie to get him a breakdown of every woman that has gone missing in the last year within a twenty mile radius of Price's sales route.  When she tells him it might take a little bit of time, Charlie questions her why.  Ray comes to her defense and the two men go to Charlie's office to continue the discussion.  Charlie orders Ray to never call him out in front of the team again and Ray counters that Charlie should never yell at Julie like that again and to instead yell at the girl he brought onto the team (Erica).  Ray feels with her history and what she's done, she is a risk.  Ray tells Charlie this is his chance to get his badge back and that the team was his idea.  He has the right to know if he's working with a girl with a spotty past or a man with a heart condition which surprises Charlie.  Ray has done his research and knows that the heart condition is why Ray has been on desk duty.  Charlie threatens that unless he wants the other members of the team to know Ray is a convict as well, he needs to keep his mouth shut.

In Stockton, New Jersey, Price, who has a fake police badge, orders a man and prostitute out of the car they are in.  When he lets the man get back in the car and drive away, the prostitute starts yelling at him.  Price turns around and begins choking her in the street but is frightened away by headlights from a passing car.

At the office, Shea asks Lloyd why Price would snap now if he's had it out for his mother for years.  Lloyd says any number of things could have caused it but once the flood gates are opened they cannot be closed.  Shea notes that the women would have been locked up for two months at a time which Lloyd feels is too long.  Someone with his compulsion wouldn't have been able to wait that long to exercise control over his collection.  He asks if the files say anything about unscheduled visits to clients, of which there is nothing.  Julie gives Charlie information on missing women for the past six months, a start on the year he requested to hold him over until she can finish the entire search.  Lloyd immediately zeroes in on the fact that Price has something to hold him over until he can visit the women.  Something personal he can keep until he sees the women again.  When that is found they may find the third girl.  They need a search warrant.

The team goes back to Xavier Price's home to search for the personal items he keeps.  Lloyd focuses on the art Price started making in the shadowboxes nine months ago.  Jill Duffy went missing nine months ago.  Lloyd breaks the glass of one of the boxes and pulls a molar from it that belonged to the prostitute that was found dead.  Ray breaks another and finds Jill Duffy's fingernails inside it.  Charlie informs Mrs. Price of her husbands activities while Ray looks over the final box and finds human hair in it.  DNA on the hair might help determine who the woman is and where she is.  They take the three boxes and go back to the office.  The DNA comes back as belonging to a black woman at least 30 years of age and they must try and link her to the many profiles of missing women Julie has found in her research.  Lloyd identifies one missing woman, Andrea Smalls, who might fit the small amount of information they have.  She has bright green eyes and he feels Price would have chosen her if she had crossed paths with him because of her eye color.

Julie gets an email from forensics who were able to salvage a bit of video from Price's footlocker.  They watch the video where Price is with a terrified woman but it is too dark to see her face.  Ray has the team listen carefully to the background noise in the video after Price stops talking to the woman.  He hears a train whistle but Charlie points out there were no trains near the house that burned or near the basement where Jill Duffy was found.  Ray knows the location where the train is near is where they'll find the third woman.

Lloyd is still wanting to know more about Erica.  She is staring out the window and he notices that she puts her hand on her stomach and he tells her she misses her kid.  She punches him in the face then attacks him on the desk where he falls and continues to hit him.  Charlie pulls her off while she screams that Lloyd kept riding her which caused her to act and Lloyd wants her prosecuted for hitting him.  Charlie shuts Erica in his office.  Julie comes to the team with information that two years ago a commuter line was giving a zoning ordinance to run track 30 yards from the backs of homes on a run-down street in Airedale, New York just off Price's sales route.  Property records show eight homes on the street and all are bank owned.  Ray feels this is where Price has to be.  Charlie orders Shea to get Lloyd and go with Ray.  He'll be out in a minute.  He goes in and cuffs Erica to a pipe in his office then leaves with the others.  Julie brings her a glass of water in when Charlie leaves and she asks Julie if she knows what it is like to have something inside of her she can't control.

At the house with the third woman, Price has a container of gasoline.  Ray and Charlie enter every house on the street but find nothing.  Ray calls Julie and she's insistent that is the only street where the train goes by.  Erica yells to her that they are in the wrong town.  She wants Julie to see if there are any power plants or factories along Price's sales route.  When she does, she finds a refinery in Sloan, New Jersey that was on his route.  Erica talks to Ray and tells him the sound isn't a train whistle it's an industrial whistle as the sound doesn't change as a train whistle would as it moves.  Six houses behind the refinery were bought three years earlier because of health concerns and all are vacant.  Julie looks over the pictures of the missing women again and finds that the woman Lloyd picked out, Andrea Smalls, was indeed last seen in Sloan.  Price lights the house in Sloan on fire as he takes Andrea out.

The team arrive in Sloan as Price is taking Andrea out of the house.  Ray and Charlie draw their weapons and order him to stop and he ducks back into the house with her.  Ray takes the front of the house and Charlie the back.  Price goes through the house and sees Ray come in the back door.  He drops Andrea there and goes back toward the front.  When Ray enters the front door, Price goes upstairs.  Ray goes up to get Price as Charlie takes Andrea outside.  Ray finds Price at the top of the stairs just standing there waiting for him.  Price tells him that his mother used fire to punish him and now he's using fire to not get punished.  He will die there and not in prison.  Ray throws Price out an upstairs window.  When he stands up, Shea hits him knocking him down again.  An ambulance arrives to take Andrea to the hospital and Charlie assures her Price cannot hurt her anymore.  Charlie talks to Price and promises him he will spend the rest of his life in solitary confinement so he will feel what he did to the women and will experience it for the rest of his life.

At the office, Lloyd calls and talks with his mother telling her that he's feeling pain from his fight with Erica.  He ends his call when Ray comes in to tell them the ride is there to take them back to prison.  Lloyd refuses to ride in the same vehicle with Erica and even Shea doesn't want anything to do with her.  Charlie takes Ray aside and asks what he feels should be done with Erica.  They caught Price because of her but Lloyd brought up a good point that she has issues.  Ray knows Erica is a suspect in five murders and he wonders what would happen if she lost it in the field.  She was raised by her father, a very good bounty hunter and could herself track people better than the Marshals by time she was twelve.  Her father was killed by thug that worked for the gang bangers her father was working on.  He was tortured then his body left in weeds.  She killed five of the six men who killed her father.  She tracked the men down with law enforcement following her and when they did catch her could only pin weapons charges on her.  Charlie tells Ray he respects his opinion and experience and again asks him what he wants to do.

Ray goes in to talk to Erica and tells her he knows all about her.  He says her mother was a drunk and a whore and her father wasn't smart enough to not be killed by those who wanted him dead and because of her crimes she lost her daughter.  He tells her there are rules there and asks if she wants to be part of the team.  He asks her if she wants to be with her daughter before she grows up.  If she can control herself she can.  If she can't, she's out.  She tells him she never had a real mother, her father was murdered and her daughter taken from her and she's angry but she insists she can do the job.  She needs it.  He unlocks her cuffs and tells her the van to Maybelle is waiting.  As she's leaving, Ray allows her to take the picture of her daughter from the file he brought in the room with him.

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