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US Television: Breakout Kings, Episode 1.4, "Out of the Mouths of Babes"

Breakout Kings
Season One, Episode Four, Out of the Mouths of Babes
Original Air Date:  March 27, 2011

When an accused pedophile escapes from prison the team is called in to find him and get him back behind bars before he can either hurt anymore children or contact anyone who put him in prison in the first place.  Lloyd has fascinated by the strange circumstances in Joe Ramsey's case file because they don't fit the typical profile of an abuser.  When the possibility that Ramsey might actually be innocent comes to light, will they be able to apprehend the real abuser before it is too late for Joe?

At Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Massachusetts, a film crew for "Prison Life" is filming a story about art expression in the prison environment.  One of the prisoners, Joesph Ramsey, watches the woman hosting the story as she talks to the cameras.  Back in his cell, Joe removes the eraser from a pencil and begins working with it to transform it.  The next day, the film crew makes the decision to film a white prisoner who is rapping in the prison yard.  Joe steals a jacket and hat from the back of one of the directors chairs and grabs a headset while the crew isn't watching their equipment.  He puts on the jacket and grabs a box and begins walking through the prison yard pretending to be one of the film crew.  He's pretending to talk to his wife on the headset.  He manages to walk coolly through all the prison checkpoints and out of the prison.  He is stopped by the film crew vans by another crew member who asks if he's new.  He answers "yeah" and hands the man the box he is carrying and walks away later breaking into a run to escape.

At Maybelle Minimum Security Prison in Hudson, New York, Erica watches as other inmates are having visiting time with their families and children.  A guard comes in to tell her she's being pulled out but she refuses to leave saying she has visitation that day.  The guard tells her she's been waiting 40 minutes and no one has come and reaches to get her.  She slaps his hands away.  He tells her the work release van is outside waiting.  She has two choices:  go to the van or to the hole (solitary confinement).  Outside, Lloyd and Shea are waiting and Shea leans closer to Lloyd and asks him "Erica or Julianne?"  Shea chooses Julianne as it's the quiet ones who "get freaky deaky on ya".  Lloyd corrects Shea that Julie isn't quiet, she has a disorder and tells him not to talk about her like that leading Shea to think Lloyd is sweet on Julie.  Erica, in a sour mood comes out of the prison and the three get on their way.

In Brooklyn, New York, the team arrive at the office and Ray notes they are late.  Shea informs him Erica was the one who made them late leading Charlie to tell her if she can't be on time she can't do the job.  Julie gives Charlie a folder and tells him the agency put extra people on the Internet Child Protective Services in the event the target goes online.  Charlie informs the team they are going after Joseph Ramsey, a sex offender.  Lloyd questions how many victims Ramsey had and Julie tells the team he had five, all 8-year-old girls.  That information causes Erica to raise her head.  Lloyd describes Ramsey as "pathological" and Ray tells the team he's smart since he was able to walk right past the prison's front door and hours had passed before anyone knew he was gone.  Charlie puts up Ramsey's picture and tells the team he's left a series of damaged kids in his wake and, if they don't find him fast, he will do it again.

Charlie tells the team Ramsey was serving a 60-year sentence and Shea is surprised he was able to last just two years inside, considering his crimes.  Ray gives the team a little background on Ramsey.  He was married with two children when five victims came forth.  His wife divorced him after his arrest.  The local police department spoke with her but she has no idea where her ex-husband is.  Lloyd notes that Ramsey refused counseling which he points out was no surprise as a lot of pedophiles feel they aren't sick, simply misunderstood; a self-protective mechanism.  Shea questions why Lloyd knows so much about pedophiles and asks why Lloyd got 25 years and says he isn't working with any perverts.  Charlie and Ray call Shea down and Ray tells him private business stays private and if he feels he and Charlie would allow anyone like that on the team, he (Shea) is dumber than he looks.  Shea tells Lloyd he's going to find out what he did. 

Erica stands asking if everyone is done and if they can actually start earning some time off now.  When Charlie asks what Erica has learned, she brings up Ramsey's legal briefs.  He had filed quite a few from prison and went from a $200 an hour attorney to a public defender and finally a jailhouse lawyer.  He lost his final appeal a few weeks ago and Ray speculates that could have been what set Ramsey off.  The jailhouse lawyer was Wes Herman and Charlie feels they had to spend a lot of time together to prepare the briefs.  Julie informs them Wes Herman was paroled six months ago and for the same crimes as Ramsey.  Herman currently lives in the Bronx.  She starts to call his parole officer and Charlie orders her to tell the P.O. he wants Herman there in the office within the hour.Near a playground, Joe Ramsey is on his knees next to a fountain digging the coins that have been tossed into it out.  He watches the children, one dark-haired little girl in particular, until her mother grabs her by the arm so they can leave.

From the office, Erica makes a call to Danny, her daughter's father, wanting to speak to her daughter but he will not let her.  She tells him they were supposed to have a visit and she has the right to see her child.  She begs him to speak with her daughter and accuses Danny of refusing just to hurt her, after which, he hangs up.

Wes Herman is in the office and tells the team he knows what they think of him.  When Herman tells them he deserves their ridicule as he has a disease, Lloyd corrects him that he doesn't have a disease, he has a psycho-sexual disorder that manifests itself in deviant behavior so he's just disgusting.  Herman feels it was a mistake and gets up to go but Erica grabs him and forces him back into the chair telling him he's going to stay and answer all of their questions.  Charlie calls her down and takes her into his office.  When they leave, Ray asks Herman about Ramsey's appeals.  Herman tells them he wishes he hadn't because he (Herman) is trying to get better.  In his office, Charlie chastises Erica for her behavior with Herman and she defends it saying he's an animal who hurts kids.  He reminds her she promised she would keep her cool but she's not done that today.  She admits to him she had a visitation and her daughters father refuses to let her see her child.  Charlie tells her they all have personal issues and she needs to bury it deep down inside because there is a job to do.  Herman tells them Ramsey never admitted he had problems and he was full of hate and was focused on the first girl that turned him in, Tessa.  He is ashamed he ever helped Joe with his appeals.  Ray thanks him for coming in but refuses to shake his hand when Herman stands to leave.

At Franklin Elementary School in Lowell, Massachusetts, Joe is standing in the shadows watching the children play at recess.  He slowly walks toward one little girl who recognizes him and the two stare at one another.  The team arrive and speak with the assistant principal.  She tells them she hasn't been able to get in touch with Tessa's parents, but she can answer questions about Joe Ramsey.  Erica looks over and sees Ramsey on the playground and starts walking toward him.  Ramsey sees her and takes off running.  She starts running in pursuit.  When Ray sees what is going on, he takes off after Erica and Charlie, Lloyd and Shea get back in their vehicle but are stopped by an incoming bus.  Erica chases Ramsey into the woods where he manages to get away.Inside the school, Shea tells Ray that Charlie wants a satellite map of the woods behind the school.  The assistant principal tells them the woods are protected state lands comprising hundreds of acres of woods.  Charlie and the team are with Tessa.  Charlie receives a call from Marisol and doesn't answer it.  Instead, he sits down next to Tessa to ask her questions.  The assistant principal feels they should wait for Tessa's parents but Charlie informs her they don't have the time.  Charlie asks the girl about the state of Ramsey's clothing and if he was hurt.  Tessa's parents arrive and Charlie introduces himself to them then goes to stand next to Ray who shows him the map of the woods which the local police are scouring.  Lloyd sees Tessa scratching finger hard and notes to Shea that self-mutilation is a sign of self-hatred and that victims blame themselves and the condition will get much worse as she gets older.

In the woods, Erica continues searching for Ramsey and receives a call from Ray wanting to know where she is.  She doesn't know but assumes she's four or five miles away from the school.  He tells her when he calls, she answers.  As he's telling her she does what he and Charlie says, she sees footprints in the mud by the water.  She looks beyond and sees a house.  When she doesn't speak, Ray keeps saying her name.  She tells him to shut up as she knows where Ramsey is.  Ray goes to Charlie telling him they have a location that Ramsey is in a house on Lefforts Street.  Ray looks at a file and finds Ramsey's ex-wife's house is on that street.  Before they leave, Charlie makes a promise to Tessa that he will never let Ramsey come near her again.  Tessa's father stops Ray before he leaves and tells him that when they catch him, do the world a favor and kill him.

Charlie and Ray go to Ramsey's ex-wife's house and enter the residence.  Charlie finds her sitting quietly at the table.  She tells him her husband is gone.  She turned around and found him in the kitchen.  He stole her money and left and she doesn't know where he's headed.  Ray picks up a picture of her and her children in Bar Harbor.  She tells them Joe used to vacation there every summer when he was a kid and they took their children there.  She didn't want to believe the allegations against him at first but she could only deny things for so long.  She cut Joe out of their lives and the family photographs.  Their children go to a school two counties over as a precaution and she tells Charlie her parents live in Pittsburgh and they can go there until Joe is apprehended.

At the office, Charlie tells the team had Ramsey gotten Tessa off the playground he would have killed her.  Lloyd tells them Ramsey is an incredible case study and goes through points of each of Joe's victims despite objections from Shea and Charlie.  As he continues, Erica stands and tells him to shut up as they're little girls and walks away.  Charlie tells Lloyd to wrap it up.  Lloyd tells them that men like Ramsey usually do stay out of sight then dip their toe in the waters when they finally decide to come out of the darkness.  However, Ramsey dived head first into the water so he firmly believes Ramsey could move into more straightforward violence.  He feels Ramsey is more dangerous than they think as he's never seen an abuse pathology like his before.  He agrees the subject matter is horrible but they should look at it clinically rather than emotionally.

Charlie's wife, Marisol arrives wanting to speak with him.  They go downstairs and she wants to talk about a vacation they had planned while he was still working at a desk.  He doesn't think he can leave his job because of the immediate and unpredictable nature of it and he can't cash in on his vacation days so soon into his new position.  She's feels his behavior is predictable and tells him no one can work all the time without a break.  He receives a call, which he takes and tells his wife he has to go.

At the Law Offices of George Slotkin in Andover, Massachusetts, Slotkin is looking over paperwork when Joe Ramsey walks in.  He tells Slotkin he took all his money and he still went to prison and now it's time to pay up.  Later, the team arrives and Slotkin tells them Ramsey looked crazy so he went for a gun he kept in his top drawer.  Before he could do anything, Ramsey was all over him.  The gun went off and the bullet went through Ramsey's shoulder and ended up in the wall.  Ramsey grabbed the gun and hit Slotkin on the head.  When he came to, Ramsey and the gun were gone.  Lloyd questions why Slotkin is still alive since Joe had a gun and could have easily killed him once he was knocked out.  Ray enters and informs them Slotkins car was found a few miles away, abandoned with blood on the seat.

The team look over the car and Ray calls Julie to tell her they need security on the judge and prosecutor in Ramsey's trial as well as Ramsey's other victims.  Charlie's phone rings again and, again, he dismisses it leading Ray to tell him that is how it starts.  Charlie gets his laptop from his car and his phone rings again causing Ray to tell him he really should answer it.  Erica, who is looking around, sees a train.  She runs back to the team and tells them Ramsey stopped when he found something he wanted:  the Green Line into Boston.  Charlie begins cross-referencing all the stops on the Green Line with information from Joe's case file to see if anyone Ramsey felt was responsible for him going to jail is on that route.  He finds Carla Rodriguez, a social worker who testified for the prosecution, has an office five stops down on the Line.  Ray tries calling Rodriquez's office but he cannot reach her.

In Boston, Massachusetts, the team arrive at Rodriguez's office and Charlie knocks on the door and identifies them as Marshals.  From inside, they hear a woman scream "help, he's here, hurry".  Ray kicks the door in and they enter and find her in her office.  She tells them Ramsey went out the fire escape.  Charlie looks out and sees Ramsey fleeing and tells Ray to go around.  Ray calls down to tell the team Ramsey is on the move.  Erica wants to go in pursuit but Lloyd and Shea opt to stay at the car since Ramsey has a gun.  Charlie follows Ramsey's path while Ray searches from the ground.  As Lloyd is talking to his mother who has called, Ramsey runs directly into him knocking both of them to the ground.  Ramsey gets up and runs off and Lloyd picks up a piece of paper he dropped.  Charlie asks Lloyd who is getting up and has an injured knee if he's alright and Lloyd points him toward the subway.  Charlie takes off running again and enters the subway.  He searches the sea of people and the train but finds nothing.  Charlie gets on the train and Ramsey steps up behind him and puts the gun in his back ordering him not to move.  Ramsey tells him he doesn't hurt children, he loves kids.  He is getting off the train at the next stop but Charlie is to remain on the train.  If he moves, Ramsey will fire into the crowd.  When the train stops, Ramsey gets off and runs away.

At the office, they go over the paper Lloyd picked up, a receipt.  Charlie orders Julie to put a monitor on Ramsey's wife's credit cards as he had taken one of them.  Lloyd goes over the social workers file and when he begins to mention if he could figure out a way to present it Charlie stops him and takes the file.  He puts the file down on the desk next to Erica who starts looking at Tessa's drawings that are in it.  She gets up and leaves the room and Lloyd follows her.  She tells him it isn't right that parents who can't protect their children get to keep them and she can't even see hers.  He agrees and tells her that despite her rage issues, she has the protective instincts necessary to be a wonderful mother.  They argue and she tells him she's going to follow Charlie's advice and bottle everything up and focus on work.  Lloyd wouldn't recommend that course of action and she orders him to leave the room.  Lloyd confronts Charlie about telling Erica to bottle up her issues.  Ray arrives and Julie tells the team there is a hit on the credit cards they're tracking.  One was used at a convenience store in Portland, Maine.  Ray remembers the photo of Joe and his family in Bar Harbor.  Julie puts an alarm out to all the main precincts in the area and to the ferry that runs from Bar Harbor to Canada.  Ray orders Lloyd to remain behind since he's hurt.  Charlie swears Julie in so she can supervise Lloyd once he and Ray have left.

Lloyd and Julie go downstairs and have a drink and discuss the pictures Tessa drew.  He explains the meanings behind them.  Julie makes a comment about a bird in one of the pictures and Lloyd remembers seeing a bird on the belt buckle of Tessa's father at the school and remembers that he asked his daughter "did he say anything".  He brings it to Julie's attention and tells her Joe might have been trying to convince Tessa to tell the truth because only three people would know if Joe was truly innocent:  Joe, Tessa and her father.  She theorizes that Tessa was afraid to admit her father was the one abusing her so she chose someone else she knew and saw everyday at school, Joe Ramsey, to place the blame on because of her fear of her father.  He points out how the other victims and the entire case could have been false against Joe.  He gets up to leave and tells her he's going to Massachusetts and she will be driving him as mother never let him get his permit.  She tells them they can't leave but he counters that it is her chance to finally be a Marshal instead of someone who got tossed out of the academy for psychiatric afflictions.  She wants to call Charlie but Lloyd insists he'll just say no and he needs proof before taking the information Charlie and has to talk to Tessa first.  She runs through the list of all her phobias but Lloyd refuses to let that stand in the way.  He will talk her through it and help her but they must go.

Lloyd and Julie arrive at Tessa Samuel's home in Lowell, Massachusetts and her mother opens the door.  Lloyd identifies them as Special Agent Lloyd Lowery and his colleague Julianne Simms and tells her they have a few follow-up questions.  He asks her if she has any of Tessa's old report cards as they will need them for prosecution.  While she goes to find them, he tells Julie to talk to Tessa.  She reluctantly sits down next to Tessa and talks to her about her abuse.  She asks if there was something she wasn't able to tell anyone yet.  She opens up to Tessa about knowing how it feels to feel stress, pressure and feeling that no one else knows how she is feeling and to feel scared.  She tells Tessa she doesn't need to be scared.  Her phone rings and she looks at it to see a tip that someone matching Joe's description was filling up at a gas station just outside Bar Harbor.  Lloyd forwards the tip while Julie continues talking to Tessa.  She tells her things could be dangerous and if she has kept anything to herself she must say it now.  Knowing time is of the essence, Lloyd bends down and tells the little girl she needn't say anything but she can nod her head.  Tessa's mother arrives and stops them from talking to her daughter and orders them to leave.

Charlie, Ray, Shea and Erica arrive at the gas station and the two Marshals draw their guns and order Ramsey to roll down the window of his vehicle and put his hands outside where they can see them or they will fire.  When he doesn't respond, Charlie gives the order to fire on three.  He starts to count and at two, Joe tells them not to shoot.  He gets out of the van holding the gun and Charlie orders him to drop it.  He does and Charlie tells him to kick it under the car.  A call from Julie comes in and Ray orders Shea to put the call over the car speaker.  Lloyd tells them that Ramsey is innocent and he was going to people he thought could help him by re-opening the case.  Tessa's father is the man they want, not Joe.  Joe is a desperate man.  Joe begs them to believe what Lloyd is telling them.  Charlie asks Lloyd if he has proof.  He admits he doesn't but says he saw something in Tessa's eyes and he knows she's hiding something.  Charlie orders Shea to end the call then orders Joe to kick his weapon under his car again.

Erica notices there is someone in the van.  Charlie and Ray move in and Joe's wife gets out of the van telling them to stop that he's been through enough.  Upon seeing her, Erica agrees with Lloyd that she wouldn't be running with her husband if Joe were a threat.  Charlie cuffs Joe and puts him in the car.  At the office, he is sitting in the car with chains around his legs while Julie and Lloyd are in Charlie's office as he tells them their job is to chase and catch not question and judge.  Lloyd questions what if they're wrong and an accused pedophile is captured and re-incarcerated.  The notoriety alone will get him killed in one year.  After he orders them out of his office, Charlie calls to get his messages.  His wife has left one that she will go on their vacation with her friend Sarah from work.  She'd rather go with him but since that can't be she'll see him when she returns.  Erica walks in and overhears the message.  She drops off her cell phone and tells him she should go with his wife but he tells her the flight already left.

The elevator comes up and Tessa and her mother get off and enter the office.  Everyone stands and looks to them and Charlie leaves his office.  Tessa's mother tells the team that her daughter told her something.  Tessa timidly approaches Joe and apologizes to him causing him to begin crying.  Tessa's father walks out from behind the counter at his restaurant and sees Ray and two policemen standing there.  He asks if they caught him and Ray tells him "yeah, I just did".  He pushes him down onto a table and asks if he should still do the world a favor and kill the animal.  He pushes him toward the officers who take him away.

Charlie pulls the teams vehicle up in front of a house and stops the car.  He gets out and goes to the door.  When a man answers it, he identifies himself as a U.S. Marshal and tells him there's a woman with him who wants to see her kid.  Lloyd awakens Erica who is sleeping in the backseat next to him.  She gets out of the car as Charlie brings her daughter to her and runs to the little girl and picks her up.

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