Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Funnies: The Key of Awesome

I love a good laugh. I'm also quite addicted to You Tube videos. I can get on there and spend years going from video to video. When I came across The Key of Awesome I hit gold!

The Key of Awesome specializes in hilarious spoof videos for celebrities, pop culture and "the latest Internet memes". The fantastic Mark Douglas appears in the videos that cover everything from Twilight, Adam Lambert and John Mayer to Lada Gaga and Jersey Shore. Key of Awesome also does a short companion "behind the scenes" video to give viewers a bit of insight into how each parody video was made. The behind the scenes videos are just as great as the actual spoof videos themselves.

Enjoy one of my favorite The Key of Awesome videos: Twilight Sucks! Emo Vampire Song and check out the rest of their videos on YT! You'll be glad you did once you pick yourself up off the floor from the fit of laughter you'll get into.

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