Sunday, April 18, 2010

Look to the Heavens: Lyrid Meteor Showers

For anyone who loves science or considers themselves an amateur astronomer or meteoriticist, the next few days should make you very happy!

Over the course of the next several days you can see the annual April Lyrids.

The Lyrids are some of the oldest known meteors with written records dating back almost 27 centuries! They come around every year and can be seen any night from the 16th of April through the 25th of April.

The April Lyrids will peak around April 22, 2010 so make sure to keep looking to the heavens for the next several days to see this brilliant display! You may not see a massive shower but if you are patient enough you should see something.

Although it isn't guaranteed, you might also get a bonus if you keep watching for the Lyrids: a glimpse of fireball meteors from a different meteor storm.

Good luck getting a glimpse of the April Lyrids this year!

If you would like to read a bit more about the April Lyrids, including sighting info, refer to this article.

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