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Fort Organization of Forces, Forts Henry, Heiman & Donelson--Federal

This information taken from: Forts Henry & Donelson: The Key to the Confederate Heartland by Benjamin Franklin Cooling. University of Tennessee Press, 1987.

Federal Forces:

GRANT: (approximately 12,000, Feb. 6; approximately 25,000, Feb. 16.)
  • 37 infantry regiments + 1 company
  • 8 artillery batteries (field guns)
  • 2 cavalry regiments + 4 independent companies

First Division (McClernand)
1st Brigade (Oglesby)
  • 8th, 18th, 29th, 30th, 31st Illinois Infantry
  • Battery D, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery (Dresser)
  • Battery E, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery (Schwartz ) (Gumbart)
  • Companies A, B, 2nd Illinois Cavalry (Noble)
  • Company C, 2nd US Cavalry (Powell)
  • Company I, 4th US Cavalry (Powell)
  • Carmichael’s Illinois Cavalry
  • Dollins’ Illinois Cavalry
  • O’Harnette’s Illinois Cavalry
  • Stewart’s Illinois Cavalry (King)
2nd Brigade (W.H.L. Wallace)
  • 11th, 20th, 45th, 48th Illinois Infantry
  • Battery B, 1st Illinois Light Artillery (Taylor)
  • Battery D, 1st Illinois Light Artillery (McAllister)
  • 4th Illinois Cavalry (Dickey)
  • 3rd Brigade (Morrison—wounded, Feb. 13, command passed to W.H.L. Wallace on
  • Feb. 15, Ross senior officer present)
  • 17th, 49th Illinois Infantry

Second Division (C.F. Smith)
1st Brigade (McArthur)
  • 9th, 12th, 41st Illinois Infantry
3rd Brigade (Cook)
  • Battery D, 1st Missouri Light Artillery (Richardson)
  • Battery H, 1st Missouri Light Artillery (Welker)
  • Battery K, 1st Missouri Light Artillery (Stone)
  • 7th, 50th Illinois Infantry
  • 12th Iowa Infantry
  • 13th Missouri Infantry
4th Brigade (Lauman)
  • 25th Indiana Infantry
  • 2nd, 7th, 14th Iowa Infantry
  • Birge’s Western Sharpshooters
5th Brigade (M.L. Smith)
  • 8th Missouri Infantry
  • nth Indiana Infantry

Third Division (L. Wallace)
1st Brigade (Cruft)
  • 31st, 44th Indiana Infantry
  • 17th, 25th Kentucky Infantry
2nd Brigade (attached to 3rd Brigade)
  • 46th, 57th, 58th Illinois Infantry
3rd Brigade (Thayer)
  • 1st Nebraska Infantry
  • 58th, 68th, 76th Ohio Infantry

Not Brigaded
  • Company A, 32nd Illinois Infantry
  • Battery A, 1st Illinois (Chicago) Light Artillery (Wood)

FOOTE: (6-8 iron- and timber-clad gunboats)

At Fort Henry
Cincinnati (Stembel); Essex (Porter); Carondelet (Walke); St. Louis (Paulding); Conestoga (Phelps); Tyler (Gwinn); Lexington (Shirk)

At Fort Donelson
St. Louis (Paulding); Carondelet (Walke); Louisville (Dove); Pittsburg (Thompson); Tyler (Gwinn); Conestoga (Phelps)

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