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BBC One Dramatic Series: Luther, Episode 1.6

As I suspected last week, the season finale of Luther does end with a bang--both literally and figuratively.  This episode is packed full of tension, excitement and jaw-dropping moments as John Luther is being hunted by his law enforcement colleagues as the murderer of his beloved ex-wife, Zoe.  Unlikely alliances are formed and we see actions from characters that are shockingly out-of-character from what they've done in past episodes.  Emotions run high on both sides of the fence.  Luther is angry and wanting revenge for Zoe's murder.  Reed is struggling with inner demons and trying to balance his greed with the fact he killed Zoe.  The police are having to hunt one of their own for a brutal crime. 

I actually found myself talking to the characters in this episode.  Urging them on to do certain things they were doing or telling them not to do something.  I love it when a show makes me do that.  When I become so involved in the show that I actually think I can convince a character to do something.  That's excellent drama.  This show has characters that I care about and want to see how things turn out for them.  The only bad thing about this episode that I could see was that it is the last Luther of this first season.

I sincerely hope this show is renewed for a second season as the ending was left wide open for more tense moments and drama to pick up with season two.  While one bit of trouble ended, a whole new batch of trouble has taken its place.  If it does come back, you can rest assured that I'll be following it every week.  My summaries probably will not be as detailed but they'll be here!  Luther is a show that I will not be able to miss now that I'm hooked on it!

On to the summary...

The season finale begins with Teller in her car listening to the frantic message from Luther that he believes Ian is hurt.  Ian gets into the car and Teller tells him he was right.  "Poor Zoe."  The crime scene techs are at Zoe's house collecting evidence as Luther roams the streets of London in anguish over the loss of his beloved Zoe and Ian is troubled by what he's done.  Mark arrives home to see the flashing lights of the police cars and sees Zoe's body on the floor through the window.  He wants to get inside to her but the police will not allow him in. 

Ripley enters the station and is told about Zoe's murder.  He cannot believe Luther would have done it but everyone else, including Teller, seems to believe he did.  Ripley still can't believe Luther is guilty.

Reed is stashing the diamonds from last weeks show in the back of his locker as Teller comes to get him for a short briefing.  There is a strict order of keeping the investigation quite--no press, no briefings and no leaks.  Teller is placed in charge of the investigation with Martin Shenk assisting heavily.  Reed wants to 'stay on the ground' since he knows Luther and, when asked if he believes Luther shot his wife, Reed says he can't be sure just yet.  Reed, for obvious reasons, clearly wants a bigger hand in the investigation but he is strictly ordered to remain at the station. 

Luther calls Ian from a pay phone to tell him he knows what he did and that he tried to make it look like he had killed her.  Luther tells him he's coming for him.  "All I have to do is stay free long enough to see you dead.  And I'll do that, Ian.  I'll see you dead."  Reed knows he's backed into a corner.  He goes to Ripley and asks him what he thinks of the situation.  Ripley is at a loss.  Reed asks Ripley if Luther didn't do it, where is he to which Ripley suggests that Luther might know who did it and is going after them.  Reed tells him that, whatever happens, he needs to contact him instead of Teller, Shenk or anyone else.  Ripley agrees. 

Teller speaks with Mark in her office about Luther, wanting to know anything he can tell her.  Mark mentions the affair Zoe and Luther were having, of the choice he had wanted her to make and that Zoe had chosen Mark over Luther. 

Reed tells Teller that Luther just called him and plays Luther's message for her.  He tells her he can't understand why Luther would project the murder onto him.  Teller wants to try and pin the crime on mental illness for the sake of the unit.

Luther goes to the only place he knows he can:  to Alice.  He tells her Zoe is dead.  She asks if he did it and he asks if it matters.  Alice liked Zoe but she's sure if Luther killed her he had a reason.  When he tells her he didn't kill her, Alice simply replies, "fine, who did?"

Ripley and Shenk go to the crime scene.  Shenk analyzes the damage at the scene as characteristic of Luther's behavior but Ripley suggests it was staged for their benefit.  Ripley thinks the crime doesn't feel right; that a crime of passion of the nature of Zoe's murder would have been carried out by a gun.  Shenk questions his ability to see the case clearly.  Ripley admits he wants Luther to be innocent but if he isn't, he will do his job right. 

Alice asks Luther if he's going to kill Reed and he replies that he thought about it.  He's at her apartment because he needs a safe place to think.  She tells Luther that lying to himself isn't going to help him anymore.  She asks again why he is there.  He asks her to help him; to be his accomplice.  With a smile, she asks him "when do we start?"

Shenk or any of the other police do not know who he is talking to.  Luther tells Ripley he will not compromise him more than he has to but to not trust Ian Reed.  Luther tells him when there is time he will explain.  While they are talking, a uniformed officer comes in to say they may have found the gun. 

Outside in a drain they find a 9mm Beretta.  Ripley has left his phone on the entire time and Luther is listening to the info about the gun and Shenks orders that the gun is hard evidence and it cannot be tampered with or contaminated by an officer with misplaced loyalty.  Shenk and Ripley will be taking the gun to the lab themselves.

Luther feels that if Reed left the gun he left it for a reason.  He remembers there was a gun that could have been used that had his fingerprints all over it.  If it is the murder weapon, the prints will tie him directly to the murder.  Alice gets her gear together because they know they cannot let the gun reach the lab for analysis.  They make their plans and Luther asks her if she ever wonders why she's doing what she's doing and think she's gone mad.  She tells him 'no' and that they are who they are and that she'll never betray him.

Ripley gives their location over the radio and Luther hears.  Luther and Alice, in separate cars, overtake Shenk and Ripley.  Alice holds a knife to Shenk while Luther pulls Ripley from the car.  He pretends to rough him up and asks him where the gun is.  Ripley readily tells him it is in the glove box.  Ripley tells Luther to hit him to make it look right.  He does.  Luther takes the gun and Alice throws Shenks keys away then they get into the car she arrived in and drive away.

Ripley calls Reed and tells him they took the gun.  Reed tells him he needs to come in because they have to start facing facts because Luther isn't behaving like an innocent man.

While they are cleaning the gun, Luther asks Alice why she killed her parents.  She tells him because she wanted to.  Once it is properly cleaned, Luther throws the gun into the water. 

Reed calls Luther to talk.  Reed is scared and Luther tells him she should be.  He tells Luther that, while he can't, he wishes he could undo it.  Reed wants Luther to meet him so he can hear what he has to say and then after that whatever happens is in Luther's hands.  Luther agrees to meet at 9 o'clock at Faraday Memorial. 

Teller questions Ripley and Shenk about the gun.  Ripley cannot give her an idea about the female accomplice other than a vague description.  Shenk feels 95% positive the man was Luther despite the stocking mask he wore and that neither of the thieves spoke.  Reed comes to Tellers office and announces that Luther just called and wanted to set up a meeting. 

Teller refuses to let Reed attend the meeting without a bulletproof vest.  Reed refuses to use the vest and Teller instead suggests Tactical Weapons Support.  Reed agrees that she can bring in the shooters. 

While Mark is sitting outside the home he shared with Zoe, Alice gets into the car and puts a knife to his throat telling him not to speak, just drive.

Shenk tells Ripley they are comrades in arms because of what they went through.  As a comrade, Shenk asks Ripley what is troubling him.  Shenk doesn't feel that Luther's actions of stealing the gun fits the delusional framework. 

Alice takes Mark to see Luther and he immediately attacks Luther for killing Zoe.  He tells Mark he didn't kill her.  Apparently, he believes him and they start making plans for the meeting Luther will be having with Reed.  The police, meanwhile, are making their own plans.  As they are getting ready to leave for the meeting, Mark arrives at the station wanting to speak to Teller. 

Luther and Alice arrive for the meeting and she tells him he must control his temper or Reed will use it as a weapon.  He assures her he can control it.  There are sharpshooters all over the surrounding buildings as Reed stands awaiting the meeting with Luther. 

Reed tells Luther he doesn't understand how Luther believes he could have killed Zoe.  It's clear that Reed is playing it up for the police who are listening in to the conversation.  Reed keeps pushing buttons with Luther trying to get him to react.  Luther informs him he knows that Reed didn't come alone.  Reed continues to try and bait Luther but it isn't working.  Luther steps close to Reed and stars whispering so Teller cannot hear what he's saying.  He tells Reed that he agreed to the meeting to get him away from the locker room where the diamonds were.  The situation grows tense and Teller gives the sharpshooter the order that if he sees Luther draw a weapon he needs to shoot.  Luther reaches into his pocket and grabs hold of something.  Luther starts to pull a knife and Ripley throws himself on the sharpshooter and yells for Luther to run.  Luther turns and runs as Teller orders all units to give chase.  Teller turns to Ripley and orders him to give her his badge.  He hands it over and is arrested on Teller's order as Luther makes his escape.  He arrives back at Alice's car where he gets into the trunk.

Shenk has insisted on taking Mark's statement thus, preventing him from doing what he originally went to the station to do.  Mark clearly wants to hurry things along but Shenk is going slowly.  Mark asks to use the bathroom and leaves Shenk to walk coolly into the locker room.  He finds Reeds locker opens it and begins looking for the diamonds as Teller and Reed arrive back at the station with a handcuffed Ripley.  Reed enters the locker room as Mark leaves saying he's looking for the bathroom.  Mark leaves and Reed discovers the diamonds are gone.  Reed has a trace and track done on Mark who is on his way to see Luther.  Reed leaves for Mark and Shenk goes into his office and looks around.  He knows something isn't right.  He watches video of the meeting between Luther and Reed then questions Ripley. 

Mark arrives where he is to meet with Luther and Reed arrives shortly thereafter.  Shenk orders that DCI Reed be found immediately.  Mark leads Reed directly to Luther who grabs Reed from behind.  Luther gets Reeds gun from him and holds it on him.  Reed confesses to killing Zoe and tells Luther to go ahead and kill him.  Luther says he didn't come to kill him and pulls a tape recorder from his pocket.  He has the entire confession on tape.  Luther tells Reed he chooses not to kill him.  Reed, after a seconds thought, asks Luther if Zoe ever told him about an affair they had.  He wants Luther to kill him.  Luther drops the gun and starts to choke Reed but stops.  He won't give in to the anger and starts arresting Reed for Zoe's murder.  Reed draws a knife from his pocket and stabs Luther.  Alice has picked up Reeds gun and he stops him from repeatedly kicking the injured Luther.  Alice tells Reed that dying would be worse than going to prison and asks if she should pull the trigger.  Luther tells her no but she is in favor of killing Reed.  She asks Mark to be the tie breaker.  Reed again tries baiting Mark the same way he did Luther.  Mark tells Alice to shoot and she does.  Luther gets up and walks to Reed as the sound of sirens comes closer.  As the police come closer, Luther asks Mark and Alice "now what?".

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