Sunday, June 27, 2010

12 Year-Old Norwegian Boy Saves Sister from Moose Attack Thanks to World of Warcraft

Twelve year-old Hans Jørgen Olsen has become a hero after saving himself and his from a moose attack.  The siblings were walking in the forest near their home when a moose started to attack.  Any other 12 year old might be frightened in a situation like this but not Hans.  You see, Hans is a devoted player of the online video game, World of Warcraft (hereafter referred to as "WoW"). 

Young Hans immediately went into WoW mode.  He first "taunted" the moose, using himself as a target to draw the moose away from his sister.  In WoW, "taunting' is used to distract monsters from the more vulnerable team members.  After successfully 'taunting' the moose from his sister, Hans employed a skill he learned at WoW level 30:  he feigned death.  The moose tired of harassing the boy and wandered away.

Kudos to Hans for having the courage to protect his sister from an animal as large as a moose!

I'm a bit of a addict.  You think my top-notch Poppit skills would ever come in handy during hand-to-hand combat with an attacking woodland creature?


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