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Australian Television: City Homicide, Season One

Season one of City Homicide consisted of fourteen (14) hour-long episodes that aired in the latter part of 2007.  The pilot to the series was in two parts, both of which aired on the same night.  Season one is available on DVD in Australia.

Episode, 1.1 & Episode 1.2:  In the Hands of Giants
Original Air Date:  August 27, 2007
After being called in to investigate the suicide of Natalie Pierce, the detectives of the Homicide Division discover that there is more to the investigation than just an open and closed suicide.  An encounter with a mysterious suspect who "looks like Clark Kent" leads the detectives to a string of house fires responsible for the deaths of several children.  The team must prevent more children from dying.  Meanwhile, Simon Joyner finds himself in a bit of a jam after losing his credentials during a tryst with the wife of a fellow police officer.

Episode 1.3:  Lie Down with Dogs
Original Air Date:  September 3, 2007
Homicide detectives are called in when the body of a well-known criminal, Michael Booth, is discovered in a crypt--a crypt that doesn't belong to Booth or his family.  The Homicide and Armed Robbery Squads both have an interest in the Booth family but for different reasons.  Matters get complicated when it is learned that Booth and his lawyer were involved in a long-term affair and had a son together.  A shooting involving Mapplethorpe and Joyner leaves them with questions.  Out of the office, Duncan learns something unpleasant about his fiance, Claire.

Episode 1.4:  The Return
Original Air Date:  September 10, 2007
Matt Ryan and Simon Joyner bring murder fugitive Tom Conway back to Australia from London for trial but he commits suicide not long after arriving in Australia.  Ryan, feeling there is more to Conway's death than just a suicide begins investigating only to learn that a government Minister was involved in the death attributed to Conway.  On a personal note, Ryan confides in Mapplethorpe about the mysterious death of his mother.  Mapplethorpe is still dealing with the shooting of Brett Semple.

Episode 1.5:  The Ripe Fruits in the Garden
Original Air Date:  September 17, 2007
In a case deeply personal to Stanley Wolfe the detectives investigate the murder of a young girl, Stanley's god-daughter, Deborah.  They learn that a few young girls were categories as runaways but were eventually found or returned home.  One of the girls gives evidence that leads the detectives to a suspect in Deborah's murder and to a new victim who depends on their quick work to save her life. 

Episode 1.6:  Envelope Day
Original Air Date:  September 24, 2007
When a controversial journalist died in a fall from an overpass that could have been suicide or murder the unit focuses on friends of the deceased.  When one of the friends is killed, the investigation takes a new course.  Meanwhile, Simon Joyner is unhappy with the affair he is having.

Episode 1.7:  Baby Love
Original Air Date:  October 1, 2007
The detectives are called in to investigate the death of an infant originally believed to be from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome when the death is ruled a homicide by the coroner.  The baby's mother soon comes under suspicious when it is learned she had two previous children who also died from SIDS.  In the course of the investigation they learn of another suspect who had a reason to want the baby dead.  Duncan Freeman's fiance, Claire, is arrested for drug possession and is given an ultimatum by Terry Jarvis of the drug squad.  Stanley struggles with an old demon.

Episode 1.8:  Victims of Crime
Original Air Date:  October 8, 2007
A freak accidental death turns into a homicide investigation when six funeral urns are found in a closet in the deceased's home.  The investigation turns up evidence that individuals who went unpunished for crimes they had committed were being punished by a self-appointed vigilante.  Duncan Freeman receives some devastating news. 

Episode 1.9:  Family Planning
Original Air Date:  October 15, 2007
When almost an entire wealthy family is brutally murdered and their home burgled, the detectives immediately suspect the only surviving member, the eldest son.  They soon come to believe that he may very well be as innocent as he claims to be.  Meanwhile, the now divorced Wilton Sparks returns to work following his coronary and is teamed with Simon Joyner.

Episode 1.10:  The Promised Land
Original Air Date:  October 22, 2007
A young Iraqi man is hit by a car during a foot chase with a policeman.  The detectives must investigate the death to learn the truth behind what appears to be a horrible accident.  Terry Jarvis, after being slugged by Duncan Freeman is after Freeman's hide. 

Episode 1.11:  Serious Men
Original Air Date:  October 29, 2007
The detectives are called to investigate the murders of two security guards who are killed by a sniper during the theft of gold bullion.  Terry Jarvis and his armed robbery squad are teamed with the homicide unit to solve the murders and find the gold bullion.  It becomes apparent that there is a leak amongst the police and no one is to be trusted.  Simon Joyner faces a dangerous situation.

Episode 1.12:  Cut and Dried
Original Air Date:  November 5, 2007
The detectives investigate the death of an inmate at Arundel Correction Facility only to learn the inmate was incarcerated under a false name due to his crime:  pedophilia.  It is learned that the uncle of deceased last two victims was also incarcerated at the prison and he becomes the immediate suspect.  Mapplethorpe, much to her displeasure, is reunited with an old flame who proves to be quite the nuisance.

Episode 1.13:  Rostered Day Off
Original Air Date:  November 12, 2007
Wilton Sparks is shot when he goes to a rural home to investigate a new tip in an old case.  The homicide unit must find one of their own before it is too late.  Mapplethorpe is asked by Bernice Waverly to work the case of the death of her good friend and neighbor who apparently died of cancer.  Simon Joyner drafts a resignation letter.

Episode 1.14:  Raising the Dead
Original Air Date:  November 19, 2007
The past comes back to haunt Matt Ryan and his father, Callum Ryan, when the body of Matt's mother is found at an abandoned construction site.  The detective who investigated Isabella Ryan's death 16 years ago is called in and he immediately zeroes in on Callum Ryan as he did in his original investigation.  Matt's friends in homicide want to prove his father is innocent, if they can.

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