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Australian Television: City Homicide, Season Three

Season three of City Homicide consisted of eighteen one-hour episodes that aired in 2009.  Episodes one and two, Money Shot and Meet and Greet, aired on the same night as the season three premiere. 

Episode 3.1 & 3.2:  The Money Shot & Meet and Greet
Original Air Date:  August 10, 2009
The Money Shot:  A photographer is murdered because of photographs in his possession that could implicate a crime boss in a murder.  The team must catch the killer while protecting the photographers widow and newborn baby, which Duncan helps to deliver.  Duncan Freeman returns to work strong, looking amazing and at the top of his game after the brutal bashing he took in season two.  Simon Joyner has problems dealing with what happened to Duncan.
Meet and Greet:  The Homicide Unit gets a new member:  Allie Kingston.  A man is brutally raped and murdered.  Evidence points to a local video dating service but as the team delves deeper into the case they see that the innocent victim might not be so innocent after all. 

Episode 3.3:  Chop Shop
Original Air Date:  August 17, 2009
A police constable and friend of Matt Ryan is killed in the line of duty.  As Matt struggles with the loss of his friend, the team becomes involved in the murder of a young Greek man that leads them to a wrecking yard that is already under investigation by Serious Crime for being a chop shop.  Could the two crimes be related somehow?

Episode 3.4:  The First Stone
Original Air Date:  August 24, 2009
Nicholas Santini, a four-year-old boy disappears after being last seen with two older boys.  Homicide is called in when the task force organized to find the boy begins to lose hope of finding him alive.  The list of suspects include the two boys last seen with Nicholas, Nicholas' sisters boyfriend and even Nicholas' family.  Meanwhile, Jennifer Mapplethorpe is sent to the counter-terrorism task force.

Episode 3.5:  Thai Take Away
Original Air Date:  August 31, 2009
The investigation into a man's torture and murder leads the Homicide unit to an Asian prostitution ring.  Another new detective joins the Homicide team:  Nick Buchanan.

Episode 3.6:  The Confession
Original Air Date:  September 7, 2009
As convicted sex offender is released from prison amid much media fanfare a man and his wife are callously murdered.  In a case that quickly becomes intensely personal to Stanley Wolfe and where the body count continues to grow, the team must solve the murders before even more names are added to the list of victims.  Stanley Wolfe takes a leave of absence to deal with his own personal demons.  Bernice Waverly returns to work to fill the shoes left behind by Stanley.

Episode 3.7:  Little Big Man
Original Air Date:  September 14, 2009
A jockey is found murdered and all leads point to a notorious local crime boss the Homicide unit tried to take down once before but failed to snare.  Will the second time be the charm or will he slip through their fingers again?

Episode 3.8:  Time of Your Life
Original Air Date:  September 16, 2009
The body of a young Englishman is found in an abandoned freezer outside a hostel favored by young travelers.  The list of suspects and motives is long and sordid.  The case is of particular interest to Matt Ryan as the victim is related to his girlfriend, Emma.  Bernice Waverly returns to work and takes an immediate dislike to Allie Kingston. 

Episode 3.9:  Diggers
Original Air Date:  September 23, 2009
An elderly man is murdered and his home burgled.  The detectives get onto the trail of a young junkie who is known to have committed several burglaries in the area.  When the junkie is killed during the apparent break in at another home does that strengthen his guilt in the murder of the elderly man or add a new twist to the case?

Episode 3.10:  Blood Trail
Original Air Date:  September 30, 2009
A blood covered yacht that is an apparent "floating slaughterhouse" is found at the marina but there is no sign of any bodies.  Investigation leads the team to the daughter of the boat's owner and her boyfriend as the possible victims.  Simon Joyner, still struggling with his own demons does something he shouldn't.

Episode 3.11:  Hot House
Original Air Date:  October 7, 2009
A professor who was the tutor of a young genius, Liam is found murdered.  A complex mathematical equation is written over his entire body.  The case becomes personal to Kingston since Liam is being "hot housed" by his father.  When Liam's father is later found dead in the same way as his sons tutor.  Could the young genius be the criminal?

Episode 3.12:  Baker's Dozen
Original Air Date:  October 14, 2009
Eleven attractive young women were abducted over the course of twelve years.  A serial killer is suspected and must be found before another beautiful young woman falls victim.  An officer from missing persons with a secret of her own joins the Homicide team for the case.  Simon Joyner continues his downward spiral.

Episode 3.13:  Smokescreen
Original Air Date:  October 21, 2009
An anti-tobacco activist confesses to the murder of the CEO of a tobacco company.  Is he telling the truth or is he taking the blame for someone else?  Duncan Freeman goes undercover in a case that could cost him his life. 

Episode 3.14:  Mission Statement
Original Air Date:  October 28, 2009
A woman is murdered in a hit-and-run where the driver seems to swerve to hit her.  A new tip from a witness one month later adds new perspective to the case.  Bernice Waverly's old nemesis, Michael Mellor is back with a new investigation and a secret of his own.

Episode 3.15:  Dead Weight
Original Air Date:  November 4, 2009
A morbidly obese woman dies from what appears to be natural causes but she actually died from a poison-laced diet aid, Easy Shake.  Is someone trying to murder the obese or are they targeting the makers of Easy Shake?

Episode 3.16:  Big Bang Theory
Original Air Date:  November 11, 2009
A bomb explodes at a bank ATM killing several people, including a woman and infant.  The body of a man dead for two-weeks is discovered in a duffel bag in a storage locker.  Could the two seemingly random crimes be related?

Episode 3.17:  In Wolf's Clothing
Original Air Date:  November 18, 2009
A man is found shot in the living room of his home.  His wife was raped in the bedroom and their young son is found hiding in the closet.  The case isn't what it appears to be and everything turns upside down when the murderer is discovered.

Episode 3.18:  Whistleblower
Original Air Date:  November 25, 2009
A body is found in the trunk of a car that has been submerged in the river for three or four months.  The only lead they have is a watch with an inscription on the back.  From the watch, the detectives are able to identify the body and they are led to an environmental cover-up by a local official.  Simon Joyner takes and action that puts a suspect in the hospital and is relieved of duty by Terry Jarvis and Bernice Waverley while the incident is being investigated.

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