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Australian Television: City Homicide, Season Two

Season two of City Homicide consisted of twenty-two one hour episodes that aired in the latter part of 2008 and early 2009. 

Episode 2.1:  Thicker Than Water
Original Air Date:  June 30, 2008
The detectives are called in to investigation the stabbing murder of a woman found in a dumpster.  At first, they suspect a random encounter gone bad, but when her ex-husband is later found stabbed the case takes on a new twist.  Meanwhile, Stanley Wolfe's marriage is in trouble.

Episode 2.2:  Somersaulting Dogs
Original Air Date:  July 7, 2008
A gifted teenager is found hanging in the bathroom of a high school, an apparent suicide.  But, the investigation points towards homicide over suicide and the detectives learn of something dark afoot at the school thanks to a hidden computer file.  Away from the office, Matt Ryan's colleagues and friends are eager to meet the new lady in his life, Emma, after she makes a surprise visit to see him at the office.

Episode 2.3:  In House
Original Air Date:  July 14, 2008
Jennifer Mapplethorpe, Wilton Sparks, Simon Joyner and Karen are taken hostage by the father of young man who was convicted of murdering his girlfriend six years ago and committed suicide while in prison.  The man insists the detectives clear his sons name.  Stanley Wolfe and the rest of his team on the outside must learn the truth about who really killed the young girl to save their friends and colleagues before it is too late.  The pressure really builds when one of the hostages is shot.

Episode 2.4:  Taniwha
Original Air Date:  July 21, 2008
When a young mother is murdered on a beach by a professional killer the detectives must protect the only witness:  her young daughter.  Stanley Wolfe makes a mistake when he uses his police clearance to investigate the man his wife is having an affair with.

Episode 2.5:  Guilty as Charged
Original Air Date:  July 28, 2008
When Warren Endicot is acquitted of killing his wife and young daughter, Mapplethorpe makes it her personal mission to bring him to justice.  When she gets into trouble during the course of her investigation, Matt Ryan and Duncan Freeman must come to her rescue.  Meanwhile, Stanley Wolfe's marital woes come to a head.

Episode 2.6:  Reward
Original Air Date:  August 25, 2008
The decomposing body of a kidnap victim is found in an abandoned retirement home all trails lead to the widow of a hit-and-run victim who is now a well-known anti-drunk driving activist.  Wilton Sparks and his former partner worked the hit-and-run case and team up once again to bring the murderer of the kidnap victim to justice.  Could Sparks' behavior during the investigation lead to the end of his tenure with Homicide?

Episode 2.7:  Golden
Original Air Date:  September 1, 2008
When a famous footballer is bashed and is taken off life support, the Homicide detectives are called in to investigate the circumstances of his death.  They must deal with politics as well as the footballers uncooperative mates to find the truth.

Episode 2.8:  Life After Death
Original Air Date:  September 8, 2008
A psychic brings news of an impending murder to Matt Ryan and Duncan Freeman.  It isn't until the body shows up in the morgue that they actually believe her.  Was she involved in the murder, a witness who reluctantly gave information to the police or did she genuinely foresee the death?  Could she be the next to die?  Out of the office, will one of the skeptical detectives find peace in their personal life thanks to a psychic?

Episode 2.9:  Never to Be Released
Original Air Date:  September 15, 2008
The suicide of a retired police officer occurs just days after the discovery of bodies of a young man and woman missing for thirty years.  Is there a connection between the two cases or a simple coincidence?  The team must confront a brutal serial killer to find the truth.

Episode 2.10:  Examination Day
Original Air Date:  September 29, 2008
A young exchange student dies during a university exam.  Investigation reveals her to not only be murder but she isn't who her ID says she is and reveals a bigger picture of exam fraud.  When asked by a superior from the Undercover Division, Bernice Waverly suggests Duncan Freeman and Jennifer Mapplethorpe as potential undercover candidates.

Episode 2.11:  Oh Lucky Man
Original Air Date:  October 6, 2008
A young prostitute is found savagely beaten to death in an alley.  Was her death the result of bad blood between the dead girl and another prostitute or is there someone preying on the ladies of the evening?  Stanley Wolfe has a lead on the case and believes he knows the identity of the murderer.  Meanwhile, Matt Ryan receives bad news.

Episode 2.12:  Spoils of War
Original Air Date:  October 13, 2008
When the wife of a military veteran is brutally murdered while out with her husband and grandson the detectives begin and investigation that leads them to another murder that happened several weeks previously.  Were the two crimes unrelated or did the same individual commit both with intentions to kill again and will Matt Ryan find himself in the middle?

Episode 2.13:  Jury Duty
Original Air Date:  October 20, 2008
When a juror is murdered in her home the case she is sitting on is derailed.  Were the defendants, two seemingly psychotic brothers involved in her death to save themselves from prison?  Meanwhile, is there the possibility of new love for Stanley Wolfe?

Episode 2.14:  Jane Doe
Original Air Date:  October 27, 2008
The discovery of a female body missing the head and hands leads the detectives to a young woman who fell from being the wife of a successful businessman to being a junkie in the course of a few months.  Her husband claims she left after an argument about an affair he found out she had.  Was her husband at fault for her death or was something more sinister to blame?  Meanwhile, Bernice Waverly confides in Stanley Wolfe that she was accepted to an overseas study fellowship she had applied for.  The detectives go out to dinner with Matt Ryan and his new girlfriend, Emma.

Episode 2.15:  Junkie
Original Air Date:  February 8, 2009
A junkie and a judge are both found dead on the same day.  Are their deaths related to the drug they are both using or were the deaths a coincidence?  Terry Jarvis and his drug squad return to work with the Homicide unit the solve the deaths and get any potentially fatal drugs off the street. 

Episode 2.16:  Stolen Sweets
Original Air Date:  February 15, 2009
When the body of a young male prostitute is found after a fall from a high rise an influential pastor comes under suspect in the death.  Is the pastor less holy than he professes and could he have hurt another young man in the past and gotten away with it and is he being protected by a prestigious law firm?

Episode 2.17:  The Forgotten
Original Air Date:  February 22, 2009
A homeless man is found brutally murdered but the investigation takes on a whole new twist when it is learned he was one of the richest men in Australia who chose to live amongst the homeless rather than with his family.  The list of suspects include local good Samaritans, other homeless and even the victims own family.  Did one of them have reason to kill the deceased or is there someone else preying on the homeless of the Melbourne streets?  Matt Ryan goes undercover to get the answers they need but is he putting himself in grave danger?  Meanwhile, Stanley Wolfe tries to speak with his estranged wife about personal issues and, when she rebuffs him, he turns to his good friend, Bernice Waverly to talk about his problems.  Terry Jarvis assumes the role of head of the Homicide Unit as Bernice Waverly leaves to prepare for her study fellowship.

Episode 2.18:  A Green Light
Original Air Date:  March 1, 2009
Duncan Freeman is brutally bashed and left for dead in his home as Simon Joyner is outside waiting for him to come out for carpool.  While Duncan's life is in the balance, the team must treat Duncan's case as one of their own, even though he isn't dead, to find the people responsible for their mates beating.  Was his involvement in a past case the reason for his attempted murder?  While Stanley Wolfe is at Bernice Waverly's home to ask her to get Gary Beck from Serious Crime to back off, Michael Mellor from the Office of Police Standards arrive to search her home for evidence of police corruption.  Bernice receives a laptop computer taunting her with an laughing animated clown.

Episode 2.19:  House of Horrors
Original Air Date:  March 8, 2009
During a drug raid police find not only the drugs they are looking for but bones from a human arm and hand.  Homicide is working with a crime at least 8 to 10 years old.  The body is identified leading the team to the disappearance of a university professor and the 19-year-old student he was seeing.  Meanwhile, the case against Bernice Waverly continues and Mellor disregards the clown she found on the computer.  Waverly uses Stanley Wolfe's police ID to try and find out information but is caught by Terry Jarvis. 

Episode 2.20:  The Cutting Edge
Original Air Date:  March 15, 2009
The murder of a young woman in her home lead the team to believe that it may have been a botched contract killing.  A hit and run death of a teenage boy a few blocks away calls Joyner away from the woman's death.  Are the two cases linked together or completely separate?  Meanwhile, Stanley Wolfe gives Mapplethorpe a warning about her willingness to help Bernice Waverly and orders her to have no further contact with Waverly. 

Episode 2.21:  Rage
Original Air Date: March 22, 2009
A man is garroted in his car in an alleyway the investigation leads to his line of work.  Did someone he came in contact with during the course of his job have cause to murder the man?  Meanwhile, Bernice Waverly continues on her own investigation to find information as to who is framing her for corruption.  Mapplethorpe goes to Waverly's home and sees the computer with the animated clown.  She takes it to the department computer expert to get more information to help Waverly and they get the name "Shannon Pierce" from the computer.

Episode 2.22:  Life and Death
Original Air Date:  March 29, 2009
A psychiatrist is found murdered in his office and the investigation leads to one of his patients.  The corruption frame-up of Bernice Waverly comes to a head when her son is kidnapped and the team must work fast to get to Josh Waverly before it is too late.

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