Tuesday, June 14, 2011

AUS Television: Offspring, Episode 2.4

Series Two, Episode Four
Original Air Date:  May 30, 2011

Nina struggles with how she will work with Patrick but soon learns there is more to his situation than meets the eye.  Fraser makes a mistake at work that could prove fatal for a patient.  Billie awakens to find Mick isn't home and is worried about him.  Mick's brother Andrew comes back into his, and Billie's life.  Tammy makes things clear to Nina that whether the Proudman's like her or not, she's there to stay.

Nina is struggling with how she will be able to work with Patrick knowing he abuses his wife.  At work, Fraser tells Nina he wants to be with her when she speaks to Clegg about Patrick.  Nina goes to see Clegg alone and meets Patrick coming out of his office.  Once alone with Clegg, she informs him she and the other staff suspect Patrick of violence toward his wife, something Clegg insists didn't happen as Kate wasn't Patrick's wife, she is his sister and he's doing everything he can to get her away from her abuser.  Fraser and Kim get in Patrick's way in the hall as Nina and Clegg round the corner.  They call the two down and Clegg takes Patrick back to his office while Nina takes Kim, Zara and Fraser aside to tell them they were wrong about Patrick.  Jolene, a woman who has had four children at St. Francis, and is in for baby #5 has been admitted for delivery.  Patrick catches Nina and Fraser kissing in an empty room.  She and Fraser follow him and Nina apologizes for the previous misunderstanding.  The conversation moves from an easily accepted apology to Patrick feeling they are blaming him for the misunderstanding even thought they are just trying to understand the situation.

Zara catches up to Nina to ask why she requested an emergency resuscitation team for one of two Cesareans she has scheduled for that afternoon.  She maintains she didn't ask for the team and, after looking at the schedule, goes to Patrick to inform him it's her job to assess whether they need the resuss team.  He tells her she lets her personal life interfere with her professional life, something she denies.  At the worst possible time, Kim tells her she has a call from her sister.  Later, Fraser tells Nina he has a friend that works at a hospital where Patrick used to work.  She reckons their opiate supplies had a habit of disappearing and she feels Patrick is an addict.  Nina tells him it's speculation and isn't helpful but he says he will be keeping an eye on him.

Nina, Fraser and Cherie watch as Patrick gives Jolene an epidural and Nina thinks how caring Patrick is with the patient.  Cherie takes Nina aside for a word and tells her that while she really likes Fraser, she isn't sure about him in the 'doctor department'.  Nina isn't pleased with what she is hearing and wonders what's wrong with everyone and why no one wants to work as a team.  While scrubbing up for a procedure, Nina tells Patrick she cannot be effective unless he trusts her judgment.  He replies that when her judgment gets better, he will trust it.  Fraser delivers Jolene's baby and, when wrapping up the delivery, makes a mistake that causes Jolene to begin bleeding at a dangerous rate.  Fraser freezes and Kim orders Cherie to get Nina.  Nina and Patrick come in and Fraser is still frozen leading Patrick to tell Cherie to take him elsewhere to help him get cleaned up.  Later, Nina tells the nurses Jolene is fine and asks about Fraser.  Cherie tells her he's gone and she doesn't know where.  As she's leaving, she calls Fraser asking him to call her back.  At the elevator, Patrick stops her and explains about the resuss team.  At home, Nina again gives Fraser a call asking him to get back to her.  She and Tammy talk and Tammy says she knows Nina's family hates her as they're scared she'll steal Jimmy away.  She tells Nina she's the best thing that ever happened to Jimmy and he's the best thing that ever happened to her and like her or not, she's there to stay.  Once she's gone, Nina again calls Fraser.

Billie awakens to find Mick isn't in bed next to her and calls Nina with her worries.  The two had a discussion the night before where he told her he wouldn't let her miss out on being someones mum and it might have to be a little patchwork person meaning they should get a donor.  They get online to look for a donor but find none that appeal to them.  Later, while making jokes about things, Mick is feeling guilty and Billie makes a joke about Mick's masculinity thinking they were still joking.  She calls Jimmy to ask if he's seen Mick but he hasn't.  After finding out what music Mick was last listening to, Jimmy says he thinks Mick went out for a man-walk to have a man-think and to leave it to him.  At work, Billie confides in her father that she loves Mick and didn't mean what she said to him the night before. 

Geraldine calls to tell Billie if she has anything in her house claim it now before she throws it in the bin.  Nina and Billie to go Geraldine's house to claim their belongings before she tosses them.  They discuss Jimmy and Tammy and Geraldine asks Nina to speak with him as he'll marry Tammy just to spite his mother if she talks to him.  Nina asks Billie about Mick and she confesses to her mother and sister she wished she'd never heard of sperm donors.  Geraldine asks about Mick's brother.

Jimmy calls Billie to tell her he's acquired the target.  When she asks where he is, he tells her to sit tight as it's a man-secret.  Jimmy and Mick talk and Jimmy tells him what he thinks the measure of a man is and what he thinks they both would do if they were men.  Tammy wants Jimmy to have a bit of waxing done and Mick must ask his brother Andrew to be a sperm donor for him.  Mick accompanies Jimmy to have the waxing done then later goes to see Andrew.  After an uncomfortable conversation, Mick leaves without asking Andrew anything.  He and Jimmy, both wearing kilts, go for a drink at the pub.  Andrew shows up at Mick's and talks to Billie.  She invites him in and he tells her she's nothing like the woman he thought Mick would have been with.  Later, when Jimmy shows Tammy the waxing he had done, she tells him he had the wrong part of his body waxed.  Billie and Andrew are playing a game when Mick arrives home.  She tells him if he lives to be 1,000 years old he will never know how much she loves him.

Darcy and Geraldine discuss Jimmy's engagement to Tammy and, while Darcy is fine with Jimmy being in love, Geraldine doesn't want their son rushing headfirst into another reckless decision.  She informs him that they are getting a divorce and he will be moving out leading him to move back in with Cherie and Ray.  Later, when Darcy stops by to talk with Geraldine, she tells him she's selling the house.  He wants her to think it through but she's made up her mind causing Darcy to realize it really is over between them.  He offers to list the house but she declines not wanting the kids to know just yet.

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