Tuesday, June 14, 2011

AUS Television: Offspring, Episode 2.3

Series Two, Episode Three
Original Air Date:  May 23, 2011

Nina makes a decision about her relationship with Fraser King.  Billie and Mick move forward in their quest to have a child together only to receive heartbreaking news.  Cherie and Sam's relationship ends.  Darcy and Geraldine come to a decision about getting re-married.  Jimmy makes an announcement to his family.

Nina has a sex dream about Fraser King causing her to vow that she will nip the situation between the two of them in the bud because "she's a professional woman".  At work, they see the abusive husband Fraser had a run-in with previously with Dr. Clegg and wonder if his wife has been re-admitted or filed a complaint.  She talks to him about the kiss telling him she doesn't think it can happen again and that she did enjoy it and find him attractive and under different circumstances things could be different.  She explains she is in a position of responsibility and it is about priorities and timing.  He assures her he would never take advantage of his personal feelings for her in a professional context.  Later, while looking at an ultrasound, Nina tells Fraser she might have over thought the situation between them and suggests if they set a few boundaries they could go out for a drink or meal.  He starts to kiss her and she stops him saying it would be a date with boundaries.  She and Fraser have a quiet dinner together that leads to them going back to her apartment for a night together.  As Nina is enjoying the sight of a naked Fraser in her kitchen, Tammy and Jimmy, both naked, come downstairs.  Nina stands in front of Fraser and makes the introductions before they go back to her bedroom.  At work, Nina feels somewhat awkward with Fraser and he tells her he'll make sure it will stay just between them if that's what she wants.

Billie and Mick go for an appointment with their fertility doctor who shows them how to use the injection pen and Billie gives herself the first dose.  She is to inject herself once a day and, with luck, in 12-14 days they will be harvesting her eggs.  Mick is concerned about the side effects of the injections but Billie doesn't seem to give them much thought at all.  As the days pass, she continues the injections and her behavior does start to change.  She starts out excited and gets increasingly more agitated.  Mick makes Billie call Nina because she is having a lot of side effects from the hormone injections.  Billie thinks they are normal symptoms but her "girlfriend" Mick thinks she shouldn't be feeling so poorly so quickly.  They run down the list of symptoms for Nina and she asks if Billie has had any chest pains or if her wee has changed color, which she hasn't.  She warns that while some things are normal, everyone is different and she must keep a close eye on her symptoms and if things get worse she needs an ultrasound.  Billie calls Nina while she's with Fraser because she's gotten sicker wanting Nina to help.  Nina takes her to the fertility clinic for an ultrasound and Billie realizes Nina has had "death bed" sex.  At the clinic while waiting for the doctor, Billie questions Nina about the sex she had.  Mick arrives in time for the ultrasound where they learn Billie has ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome, an uncommon and sometimes fatal reaction.  They must stop the treatments immediately.  Billie asks if they can try again and the doctor says they must focus on getting her back up and running again.  Nina assures Billie she'll be fine and leaves her in her "girlfriend's" capable hands.  Before she leaves, Billie asks Nina to say nothing to the family.  The doctor tells Billie her body has rejected the drugs and they must stop fertility treatments and it won't be possible for them to conceive a child together. 

Cherie tells Nina she cannot make sense of her feelings for Sam at all.  She knows he's everything she could ever ask for but, at other times, she wants to punch him in the face.  She finds it irritating that he walks around in his white fronts all the time, that he chews with his mouth open and talks while he's chewing and that he looks at what is in his glass every single time he takes a drink.  The conversation goes from Cherie and Sam to Nina and she confesses that she kissed Fraser.  Cherie urges her to stop thinking so much and have a crack and living for a minute.  Cherie and Sam's love life is less than spectacular.  On the way to Geraldine and Darcy's re-commitment dinner, Cherie breaks up with Sam.

Darcy wants Nina to write a speech commemorating the 1980's for he and Geraldine's re-commitment dinner.  Geraldine knows Darcy is up to something and he has the kids involved but she worries why no one seems to care what she wants.  She worries if she tells Darcy how she feels he will have another heart attack and die.  Billie isn't crazy about Darcy wanting her to write a speech about the seventies as she was just a baby then and what she does remember her mum would probably want to forget.  She tells him the speech idea is perhaps the worst idea he's ever had including the time he got Geraldine a female stripper for their anniversary.  Before the kids arrive for the dinner, Geraldine breaks down and tells Darcy that she loves him but cannot marry him again.

At the dinner, Cherie tells everyone she broke up with Sam.  To cheer her up, Billie announces to everyone that Nina has been having sex, an issue Nina admits to but quickly moves away from.  After Tammy makes a toast to Darcy and Geraldine, they stand up and announce they have decided they will finally be getting a divorce.  Jimmy announces that he proposed to Tammy and she accepted.

Nina is called away from the dinner for a delivery and is given the details of the case by Zara.  While she and Fraser are with the woman, Dr. Clegg enters the room and introduces them to their new colleague, Patrick, the abusive husband Fraser butted heads with earlier.

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