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AUS Television: Offspring, Episode 2.5

Series Two, Episode Five
Original Air Date:  June 6, 2011

Nina must deal with the situation with Fraser King but doesn't know how to go about it.  Billie and Mick have dinner with Andrew and the evening ends in disaster.  Jimmy learns how his entire family feels about Tammy and vows to marry her despite how they feel because he loves her.  Nina must make a decision about her relationship with Fraser.

Nina worries over Fraser's mistake and wonders if she's putting her feelings for him ahead of their professional relationship.  She sits in her car at work wondering how she will work through the situation when Patrick surprises her.  He asks about Fraser and she tells him she tried calling him three times last night as she would any student.  He asks if she wants him to take care of it but she says it's her responsibility.  When she arrives at the nurses desk, Cherie and Kim are talking about how excited they are about the Fundraising Ball.  Zara walks up and asks if Fraser is there yet.  As Patrick walks past, Zara asks if he will be coming to the Fundraising Ball and he replies he doesn't want to miss the drama and debauchery they'll be talking about tomorrow.  Clegg asks Nina for a word in his office.  He tells her they need to determine if Dr. King has what it takes to be a surgeon.  If he has Nina's confidence, he has Clegg's.

Patrick asks Nina if she's spoken to Fraser yet but he hasn't arrived to work.  She asks him if he went to Clegg about Fraser and he admits that Clegg did ask his opinion.  As she's telling Patrick that Fraser is her responsibility Fraser walks up to them.  He admits his mistake and that the thought it through and is confident it will never happen again and thanks them for their support and for saving him.  When Patrick is gone, Fraser tells Nina he isn't something she will have to constantly sort out as she does everything else in her life.  She asks why he didn't return her calls last night and he says he tried calling but he didn't know if she'd be on his side or angry and he didn't want things to be strange.

Billie asks Mick about Andrew.  He asks if she's sure she wants to use Andrew as their donor as with an anonymous donor they get the sperm without the estranged brother.  She thinks an anonymous donor would be like getting a dog from the pound and Andrew would be like a pedigree puppy from a breeder.  Mick doesn't want her to be disappointed if Andrew says 'no'.  She calls Andrew that morning to confirm their dinner date that evening.  Billie comments to Darcy that Tammy is annoying and wrong and draining the life out of Jimmy but Darcy says he likes her.  While Mick and Jimmy are working, Jimmy asks if Billie has said anything about Tammy, a question Mick doesn't want to answer.  He tells Jimmy that Billie is protective of him and if Tammy makes him happy that's all that matters.

Billie and Jimmy have breakfast with their mother who tells them she's selling the house.  Jimmy isn't happy about the decision and Billie is a bit more supportive of her mother.  The conversation turns to Tammy and Jimmy accuses them of hating her.  Geraldine says they don't hate her they just want him to be sure about her causing him to leave going back to Nina's to complain.

Cherie agrees to share a car to the Ball with Dr. Clegg.  Once she and Nina are alone, she asks if she was able to speak with Fraser and Nina tells her he is convinced his mistake was a one-time thing.  Fraser asks Nina to the Fundraising Ball and she reluctantly agrees. 

Geraldine and Darcy are at the house while prospective buyers tour it because she can't bear to not be able to hear the comments people make about it.  Darcy asks her about Jimmy and he tells her in a roundabout way that she has no right deciding what is right for Jimmy.

Nina watches as Fraser does an ultrasound on a patient.  Everything goes good until the woman asks if everything is fine and he tells her they will do a Cesarean, something that cannot be done as the woman has drug allergies.  Fraser uncomfortably leaves the room.  Nina notes that Fraser froze in a consultation which wasn't even a crisis and goes looking for him.  She finds him sitting alone with his head bowed.

Darcy goes to see Jimmy and finds Tammy at home alone.  She insists he comes in and she talks constantly about how Jimmy tries hard but he just drifts.  When Jimmy arrives, Darcy asks if he's alright about the house.  He says he is and Tammy interjects that it's a shame and she can't believe Geraldine is getting rid of it.  Darcy tells Jimmy he knows he's annoyed at his mum's and Billie's thoughts on the house and they should all get together and have a chat about it.  Darcy really means Tammy and Jimmy understands.  When Jimmy meets with Geraldine and Darcy, she tells her son that she wants him to be sure.  Jimmy states that she doesn't like Tammy and she tells him flat-out that Tammy is wrong for him and she doesn't like her.  If he marries her he will make the biggest mistake of his life.  Jimmy angrily tells his parents he loves Tammy and he will marry her then leaves.

Nina sees Fraser and Patrick talking and questions Patrick as to what he said to him.  He tells her he wanted to know if he could help and Nina asks why Fraser left.  She tells him she will handle things to which he replies she isn't the only person who works with him and the only one who cares how things turn out.  She tells him to back off and not go near Fraser causing him to ask if she's too emotionally involved.

Mick looks over some old family photos which he hides quickly when Billie arrives home.  She's worried about what Andrew's answer will be and Mick maintains he doesn't know Andrew well enough to know what the answer will be.

As Nina is getting ready for the Ball Jimmy arrives and asks her directly if she likes Tammy.  She reluctantly tells him she doesn't warm to Tammy that easily but if he loves her that is all that matters.  When he leaves, she has a drink and thinks about how she will sort the problem with Fraser both professionally and personally.  She and Fraser arrive at the hospital for the Ball and he gives her a bracelet as a 'thank you' telling her he hopes he'll become half the doctor she is and that she will have the patience to stick with him until he does.

Mick and Billie meet with Andrew and she asks him about his decision straight off.  He tells them he has some questions and they need to talk but he is very much open to helping them.  Andrew and Billie talk about him while Mick has a drink.  The conversation turns into an argument between Mick and Andrew about their father.  Andrew tells them he doesn't think this will work out, thanks Billie for dinner and leaves.  She gets up and leaves soon after him.  Later that night, Mick goes to see Andrew and tells him while there are things they need to sort out as brothers, he loves Billie and wants to have a baby with her but can't do it without him.  Andrew agrees to help Billie and Mick.

At the Ball, Nina, Fraser, Cherie, Dr. Clegg, Zara and Kim are seated at a table together.  Cherie listens as Clegg talks until Kim's girlfriend asks her if she thinks Kim turns into another person at one of these events.  Fraser is drinking and is noticeably unhappy.  Nina excuses herself to go freshen up as Patrick enters, alone.  He compliments her then asks about Fraser.  Cherie gets up from the table and asks Nina to dance and drags her onto the dance floor.  Kim and Zara get up to dance.  Nina is uncomfortable on the dance floor as she knows she should be talking with Fraser.  He walks onto the floor and asks her if they can go talk.  Clegg comes onto the floor and starts dancing with the girls.

Fraser tells Nina he feels she isn't into him anymore as she's been cold to him since they arrived.  She stammers an answer but he wants honesty.  She tells him she doesn't think they have a future together.  Kim pulls her away at an inopportune moment for "photo time".  As everyone is dressing up for photos, Nina tells Fraser he's had too much to drink and pulls him away from everyone else.  He asks how she can be his teacher in the morning if she breaks up with him now.  She wants to avoid the discussion but he asks her to just say it and if she thinks he's cut out to be an obstetrician.  She tells him she doesn't think he has what it takes.  He kisses her and she tries to push him away.  Patrick steps in and Fraser takes a swing at him and falls.  Patrick and Nina take a drunk Fraser home.  Patrick offers to take her home but she wants to sit with Fraser for a bit.

When Nina arrives home Jimmy is moving out and won't tell her where he's going.  Mick tells Billie she needn't be upset as Andrew said he would do it.

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