Tuesday, June 14, 2011

AUS Television: Offspring, Episode 2.6

Series Two, Episode Six
Original Air Date:  June 13, 2011

Jimmy and Tammy are going ahead with their plans to get married and Nina rallies the Proudman family together to be supportive of Jimmy.  However, things don't go exactly as planned and Jimmy receives some distressing news.  Billie, Mick and Andrew go forward with their plans.

Nina is elected to call Jimmy.  She leaves a message for him saying they want to work things out and asking him not to cut the family off.  Mick doesn't want to get involved in the situation with Jimmy, something Geraldine and Billie doesn't understand.

Nina enters a room of the hospital to find Patrick holding a towel to his bleeding face.  As she is tending to his injury, she asks how he got it and when he doesn't answer asks if it has something to do with his sister's situation.  They bicker lightly about their personality traits.

The Proudman family and Cherie have dinner to discuss how they can reach out to Jimmy.  Billie suggests saying Ray has been calling out for him every night even though Ray can't say Jimmy's name.  Geraldine wants to tell him Rocket is dead, much to Mick's displeasure causing him to get up and leave saying he needs to be with Rocket at this time.  Cherie calls Jimmy and leaves a message to say she misses and loves him.  He calls her not long after she sits back down and wants to meet with her the following morning.

Billie takes her temperature and finds it's up and tells Mick it's time to call Andrew.  Mick thought they weren't doing this until next month but she's ready now as she's been setting things up with Andrew already.  Mick wants to know when they will talk about the big things such as the arrangement and work everything.  She calls Andrew with the code they developed.  When Andrew arrives at their house, Billie wants Mick to ask him how things will go but he's uncomfortable doing that.  Andrew gives them a scenario and asks how it sounds to them.

At the hospital, Cherie finds Nina and tells her Jimmy and Tammy are getting married that day at the City Registry Office at 2:30.  Nina goes to where Jimmy and Tammy are staying to speak with him.  He's still angry at her.  She asks if she can make it up to Tammy if he will let her come to their wedding.  They go to where Tammy is having her hair done and he speaks with Tammy for a few minutes then invites Nina in.  Nina tells her she feels terrible that she didn't feel welcome.  Tammy says she understands that Nina is single and older and Jimmy is the man in her life but she wanted them to be sisters.  Nina says that is what she wants, too and if Tammy can forgive her she wants to be at the wedding--the entire family, even Billie, want to be there. 

Nina calls Billie to tell her Jimmy is getting married and that she said the family would be there.  Cherie contacts Nina who asks her to swing by Billie and Mick's house to get a hold of them for her.  Nina then calls Darcy to tell him of the plans and asks him to get Geraldine and bring her to the Registry Office.  He wants to have a gentle family conversation with Jimmy but she tells him it's beyond that.  Jimmy and Tammy exit the building where they've been staying and he asks what the family had to say.  Nina tells him once everyone heard he was getting married everything "faded away".

In Nina's car, Tammy tells her she has a problem.  Her ex-fiance has arrived in town and keeps texting her and is saying he will crash the wedding and wants Nina to promise she will not tell Jimmy.

Cherie knocks on Mick and Billie's door.  When Billie answers, Cherie tells her Jimmy is getting married in an hour.  Andrew brings the bowl of sperm and the turkey baster out of the kitchen.  Billie takes it and she and Mick go back upstairs as Andrew ushers Rocket back outside with Cherie.  She calls Nina to tell her Mick and Billie are at that moment trying for a baby.  Darcy arrives at Geraldine's house and finds her sitting in a car outside as prospective buyers tour it.  He gets in the car and asks for her phone then tells her about Jimmy.  The news doesn't make her happy but she agrees with the plan he sets out for her.

At Nina's apartment, Tammy shows her some of the texts she's received from her ex.  The buzzer sounds and Tammy says it's probably him.  She gave him Nina's address so they could argue there instead of the wedding.  When Tammy opens the door Fraser is there.  Her ex arrives as Nina and Fraser are preparing to go out to the balcony.  She sees him and he has lost a lot of weight, something he said he did for her.  When he grabs Tammy to hug her Fraser steps forward to ask him not do to it and he takes a swing at Fraser saying she's his wife.  Nina and Fraser watch Tammy and her ex from the balcony.  Fraser brought Nina a card thanking her and apologizing for everything.  Tammy's ex interrupts them to apologize for his "moment" and for calling Tammy his wife.  He tells them Tammy is thinking it's probably best to not go through with the wedding today everything considered.  Nina goes to talk to her and Tammy says it isn't she won't marry Jimmy ever.  Her ex overhears this and confronts her saying Tammy told him something different.  She wants Nina to tell Jimmy she's sorry and will see him tonight.  Nina refuses telling her to say the words to Jimmy and deal with the fallout.

Geraldine and Darcy are the first to arrive for the wedding and hug their son.  Cherie and Mick arrive next and both hug Jimmy.  Billie is still in the car off her feet.  She calls and talks to Mick and asks if their mum is there and how she looks.  Nina and Tammy arrive and when Nina asks if she's ready, Tammy wants her to bring Jimmy outside as she doesn't think she can face the entire family.  Nina goes in to get Jimmy.  When they get back out to her car Tammy is gone.  Billie, who is still on the phone with Mick and is on speaker, is giving everyone a play-by-play of what is happening as she can see it from the car.  Everyone leaves the office.  Nina is forced to tell Jimmy that Tammy can't marry him.  He walks away.

Darcy, Geraldine, Billie and Mick have a drink and talk about what has happened.  Nina arrives and tells the family Cherie found Jimmy and is bringing him there.  She tells them what happened with Tammy and cautions them to not lecture him or say "told you so".  As they are talking, Cherie arrives with Jimmy who is incredibly depressed.  The family look to Nina to start things off and she tells Jimmy Cherie walked in on Mick and Billie doing the turkey baster.  He smiles slightly.  Darcy continues and tells them that when Geraldine was getting ready she started to disrobe in front of a Sri Lankan family forgetting it was an open house.  Jimmy starts to cry and Billie and Geraldine get up to hug him.  Later, Mick gets up to sing the song he was asked to write for the wedding "It's Beautiful to See You In Love".  He did some quick rewrites and changed it into a humorous song about what is the use to falling in love making Jimmy smile.

During the song Nina gets an unknown call.  She goes outside to answer it and it's Patrick.  He admits his injuries were because of his sisters situation and apologizes for some of the things he said.

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