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US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.16 "The House Guest"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode 2.16, The House Guest
Original Air Date:  February 24, 2011

Katherine makes her case to Damon, Stefan and Elena that she can help them kill Klaus.  Alaric wants to tell Jenna the truth but he first consults with Elena.  Stefan would like to work with the Martin's and tries to convince them working together would be in everyones best interest but Jonas wants Elijah revived, with Luka paying the ultimate price.  An angry Jonas wrecks havoc at the Grill.  Matt learns the truth about Caroline but things don't go as she hoped.  Jenna and Elena get a shocking visitor.

Damon attacks who he believes to be Katherine in Elena's clothes at the Salvatore home.  Stefan walks in and questions what Damon is doing.  "Elena" asks whether Katherine is in the tomb or not.  Stefan rushes upstairs and pushes who he believes is Katherine against the wall asking her how she could do this.  Katherine walks into the doorway telling Elena that it's getting very easy being her.

Elena demands to know what Katherine is doing in the Salvatore house and Damon explains about Elijah's compulsion of her wearing off when he died.  Elena wants Katherine out of the house but Katherine insists they all need her as they all want the same thing:  Klaus dead.  Damon tells Katherine if she knows something to say it or get out.

Matt asks Caroline if she's heard from Tyler.  Neither of them have heard anything from him since the night he left.  Matt wonders why he's suddenly the one who can express himself when she's at a loss for words.  He tells her it's her move now.  She needs to make a decision or leave him alone.

Stefan and Elena arrive at school still talking about Katherine.  Elena thinks Katherine might be trying to lure he and Damon back into her web.  He points out that she did stay and that she does have a point that they know nothing about Klaus and she does.  Elena doesn't want Katherine shacking up with him.  He suggests they stay at her place but she had told Bonnie and Caroline they could come over for a girls night.

Damon sets a blowtorch to Elijah in hopes of getting the dagger back but it's to no avail.  He asks Katherine how she knows so much about Originals and she answers about spending 500 years running from them.  He questions why she didn't warn him he would die if he used the dagger on Elijah and she cites confusion because there are so many rules.  She again tells him they want the same things and she always gets what she wants.  Before she leaves the room, she tells him she wanted out of the tomb no matter who paid the price.  She knew he would die if he used the dagger against Elijah.

Bonnie is surprised to learn Katherine is out of the tomb and Jeremy knows they need to figure out how to get her powers back.  Stefan wants them to try and get the Martin's on their side so they can all work together now that Elijah is out of the picture.  Bonnie insists it's impossible.  He asks her to try and keep him posted then heads off to class.  As Jeremy and Bonnie are getting ready to go to their classes, he bends to kiss her but she pulls away.  He tells her Elena is nowhere in sight and she leans up and kisses him.  She walks away promising him she will tell Elena soon.

Alaric confides in Elena that Jenna knows he's not being straightforward with her thanks to John's interference and that he gave John back his ring.  He cannot be with Jenna and not tell her the truth as it isn't the kind of relationship he wants.  Elena wonders how they would even go about telling anyone what they know.  Alaric tells her it's her decision to make as to whether to tell Jenna anything or not and he will respect her choice.

Stefan, Bonnie, Luka and Jonas Martin meet at the Grill.  Stefan tells them straight out that Elijah is dead.  Jonas gets up to leave but Stefan stops him.  Stefan assures the Martins they can be trusted.

Damon is going through the Gilbert journals and Katherine wants to know what he's up to.  He asks if she can tell him where a bunch of witches were massacred a couple centuries ago and she says she can't.  She tells him Emily Bennett told her about the massacre which was a big deal in witch folklore.  When a witch dies violently they release a mystical energy marking the place of their death with power.  He tells her Elijah wanted to know the location of the massacre but he doesn't know why.  Stefan arrives and tells them Elijah had no weapon to kill Klaus but he believed if the witch could channel enough power they wouldn't need one--like the power a witch could get from the place where a hundred witches died violently.  Luka questions his father about if Stefan and his friends find the burial ground first.  Jonas assures him that won't happen and that they will save Greta but Elijah is the answer not Stefan and Damon.  The Salvatores are their enemies and must be dealt with and he will let Elijah do it.

At the girls night, Elena asks Bonnie if she thinks Jonas is being sincere.  Bonnie doesn't know what to believe.  Jenna arrives and Elena asks how she is doing.  She joins the girls to commiserate about Alaric hiding something from her about Isobel.  Caroline suggests he might just be trying to protect her and that it's harder than everyone deserves the truth.  The four girls decide to go to the Grill to see the live band.

Jonas and Luka work a spell centering them on Elijah.  Luka will be the one making contact and Jonas will remain behind focusing all of his energy for his son.  The spell takes Luka to the Salvatore house where he sees who he thinks is Elena and Damon reading.  Damon looks over his shoulder to where Luka is standing but doesn't see him.

Katherine points out a passage in the Gilbert journals that speaks of Emily Bennett being taken to the site where the other witches were massacred but it doesn't name the location.  When she goes down to get a bag of blood she senses Luka's presence but cannot see him, just as Damon did.  Stefan asks Damon if he found anything in the journals.  Damon shakes his head "yes" but says "no" out loud and points Stefan to a passage.

Katherine stands at the door to the room where Elijah's body is located and looks around, still not seeing Luka's presence that is kneeling next to Elijah.  She sees the dagger start to rise from Elijah's body and rushes forward to hold it in place.  At the Martin home, Luka tells his father Elena is fighting him and his stronger than he is.  Jonas informs his son he's struggling against Katherine and that he must kill her by driving a stake through her heart.  When the struggle for the dagger stops, Katherine looks around nervously.  She calls out to Damon who arrives just in time to see a stake be plunged into her body.  He pulls the stake from her and asks what happened.  The dagger starts to move again and Damon grabs the torch and starts the fire.  Luka screams in pain and his body at the Martin house bursts into flames.  Damon orders Stefan to get to the Martin house to do something about the "crazy assed psychic witch attack".  Jonas extinguishes the flames on his son and chants a spell over his body to revive him to no avail.

At the Grill, Jenna and Alaric share a tense look and Matt walks right past Caroline after she says hello to him.  Jenna tells Alaric that she can handle anything.  Caroline wants to go after Matt but she's worried about the secrets she's keeping from him.  Elena suggests that maybe they are hurting the people they love by keeping them in the dark.  Caroline gets on stage with the band and tells the crowd how she feels about Matt and compels the band to back her up while she sings a song (Eternal Flame) for him.  He gets on stage and kisses her.

Jonas, full of rage, takes out the picture of Elena and the other items of hers he had stolen for Elijah and begins chanting a spell over them when Stefan breaks into the apartment.  Jonas accuses Stefan of killing Luka and uses his powers to drop Stefan to the floor then leaves the apartment.

Damon gives Katherine a bag of blood then stakes her for not telling him the dagger would kill him.  He warns that next time the stake goes into her heart.  He tells her to start talking if she truly wants to help.  She informs him that John Gilbert and Isobel want him and Stefan out of Elena's life.  John gave Katherine a choice:  either she stay and help with the killing of Klaus or he (John) will kill Stefan.  She could only save one of the Salvatore brothers.

At the Grill, Bonnie asks Elena if it would freak her out if she started dating Jeremy.  Elena gives her blessing to them when her phone rings.  Stefan is calling about Jonas Martin.  Elena goes somewhere quieter so she can hear him.  Bonnie sees Jonas enter the Grill and follows him.  Damon leaves the Salvatore house to go to help Elena.  Katherine wants to go but Damon refuses.  She insists she knows what they can do.  Bonnie accosts him and he informs her of Luka's death.  He shatters the lights above the stage as well as other lights in the Grill.

Stefan and Elena burst into the bathroom where Caroline is and tell her Jonas is there and they need to get Elena out of the Grill.  Alaric takes Jenna to safety as Jonas tells Bonnie no one is getting out until he has Elena.  Bonnie begs him not to do what he is planning but he continues his destruction setting the bar afire.  Stefan and Elena find Jonas and she apologizes to him about Luka.  She tells him he doesn't need Elijah to help him get his daughter back.  Caroline attacks Jonas giving Stefan and Elena time to escape.  When Matt grabs Jonas to keep him from hurting Caroline, Jonas breaks a bottle and stabs Matt in the neck.  When Jonas leaves, Caroline rushes to Matt's side.  To keep him from dying, she bites her wrist and gives him some of her blood.

At the Gilbert house, Bonnie and Jeremy talk about Luka.  He doesn't feel bad about what has happened because of how Bonnie was treated.  Stefan and Elena arrive home and Stefan asks if they checked the house when they got home.  They didn't.  Jonas is in Elena's bathroom waiting on her.  When he steps up behind her, we learn it isn't Elena but Katherine.  She bites Jonas.  Thinking he's dead, Bonnie stoops next to him to close his eyes when he sits up and grabs her head.  Stefan reaches out and breaks his neck.

Damon informs Elena that the entire plan was Katherine's idea and they both know that isn't a good thing.  Despite what she's done, Elena hasn't changed her mind about how she feels about Katherine.  Alaric brings Jenna home and tells her there are things about Isobel's death he can't tell her, that aren't for him to tell her but that he loves her (Jenna).  Jeremy is worried about Bonnie and he's there for her.  She kisses him to make him stop talking.  When Jonas grabbed Bonnie before he died, he returned her powers.  He also wants her to kill Klaus and told her how.

Damon, still reading the journals, tells Katherine he can't figure out how the town knew Emily Bennett was a witch as Jonathan Gilbert was the only one who knew.  Emily was a loose end to Katherine.  Katherine knows that Damon understood Emily Bennett was the key to getting her out of the tomb in the 1860's and made sure Emily was safe.  She tries to seduce Damon but he pushes her away.

Matt awakens in Caroline's room.  She explains to him how her blood was able to heal him and confesses to him that she's a vampire.  She wants to tell him everything and feels their relationship can withstand it because they love each other.  Matt, remembering that his sister spoke of vampires when she was in the hospital thinks Caroline had something to do with it.  He tries to leave but Caroline will not let him.

As Jenna and Elena are sharing some ice cream the doorbell rings.  Jenna goes to answer it and finds Isobel standing there.  She introduces herself to Jenna and Elena calls her by name.

My, how things have changed in Mystic Falls this week!

It looks like we're down two witches:  Jonas and Luka Martin.  Before Jonas died, he gave Bonnie back her powers plus a little extra.  He wants her to kill Klaus and gave her a way to do it.  That can't be good, can it?  Understandably, he was packing a lot of anger with him and I can only imagine some of that, if not a lot of it, went into Bonnie.  She didn't exactly have a nice look on her face while telling Jeremy want Jonas wanted her to do, did she?

Caroline has her hands full with Matt.  He isn't taking the news of her being a vampire very well.  He blames her for what happened to Vicki.  Looks like she's got some world class compelling ahead of her.  Speaking of Caroline, was I the only one who didn't care for the scene with her singing Eternal Flame at the Grill?  If that was Candice Accola, yes, she can sing quite nicely but the whole singing thing seemed a little silly and out of place.

I was expecting Isobel back before the season ended.  Poor Jenna has certainly gotten the shock of a lifetime.  Elena and Alaric are going to have to take Jenna into their confidence now as it isn't every day your boyfriends dead wife shows up on your doorstep.

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