Saturday, February 5, 2011

UK Television: Law & Order: UK Cast Changes

Crime/legal drama Law & Order:  UK was recently given the green light for another 13 episodes by ITV1.  With news of the new episodes comes news that two new cast members will be joining the show as two depart.

Peter Davison and Dominic Rowan will be stepping into the vacancies left by Ben Daniels (James Steel) and Bill Paterson (George Castle).  As fans of the show will remember, Daniel's character, James Steel resigned from the CPS following him having been charged and tried for interfering with the course of justice.  Dominic Rowan enters Law & Order:  UK as Senior Crown Prosecutor Jacob Thorne while Peter Davison has been cast as Henry Sharpe who takes over as CPS Director, the position previously held by Castle.

While Daniel's will not be returning to the show, Bill Paterson will return in a future series as George Castle who is now the newly appointed Director of Public Prosecutions.

For more information:  Peter Davison Joins Law & Order:  UK (

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