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US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.13 "Daddy Issues"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode 2.13, Daddy Issues
Original Air Date:  February 3, 2011

Everyone learns that John Gilbert is back in town and none are too happy to see him.  Jenna learns the shocking truth about his real ties to Elena.  Jules and her friend Brady kidnap Caroline wanting to trade her for Tyler.  However, things don't go as planned.  A battle ensues between Damon and Stefan and the werewolves.  An unlikely savior comes to the Salvatore's and Caroline's rescue and leaves a message for Tyler to give to the other werewolves.  John Gilbert pays a visit to Katherine.

Tyler accosts Caroline as she is leaving her house.  He wants to talk.  She thinks he means the kiss and tells him they can't go there.  He agrees.  As she's walking away thinking the issue is settled, he asks her what happened to Mason.  When she claims to not know he tells her about Stefan and Damon killing him because they are vampires.  When she admits she knew all the time Mason was dead Tyler becomes angry and tells her he trusted her then walks away.

Damon watches a news report about the murders of three people at a dinner, missing campers and the missing girl, Jessica, that he killed on the road.  Mayor Carol Lockwood announced a memorial for lost and missing towns members.  Elena questions John Gilbert as to why he's in town.  All he will tell her is that he's there to protect her and will tell her more when he's convinced he can trust her.  Jenna and Alaric are shocked to see John back.  He reveals to Jenna that he is Elena's biological father and that she (Jenna) cannot stop him from staying at the Gilbert house.  Damon is angry with Stefan about bringing John back to town.  Stefan doesn't trust Elijah despite him giving Elena his word on their deal.  John told Stefan he knew of a way to keep Elena safe thanks to things Isobel had told him but he will not say anything as to what that way is. 

Caroline sends Stefan an urgent message.  When he arrives at her house, she tells him about Tyler knowing about how Mason died.  Caroline wants to reason with Tyler before he does something stupid so she asks Stefan to speak with him.  Jules pays a visit to Tyler.  She wants to separate Tyler and Caroline as friends and tells him he needs to leave town because it isn't safe.  She tells him it's her duty and honor to take care of him and begs him to let her do so.

Damon heads to see Elena wanting to see John.  Neither Elena or Damon believe for a second that John is telling the truth.  Damon wants to have a "civil" conversation with John and Elena joins him.

At an R.V. in the woods Jules is looking for Brady (Stephen Amell).  When she sees him they embrace and kiss.  He's there to help her not only get vengeance but to get Tyler.  She "wants the boy more than I want vengeance".  Stefan goes to see Tyler.  He wants to talk about Mason.  Tyler struggles and doesn't want to talk but Stefan warns him that without a full moon, he's no match for him.

At the town memorial Mayor Lockwood tells John Damon is leading the town council.  Jeremy informs John that things are different and he can't start the same things he did the last time.  Jeremy offers him the ring but John refuses to take it.  No one is happy to see John back in town.  Bonnie arrives at the memorial and Dr. Martin steps up next to her.  She's angry and doesn't want to see him.  He tells her that Elijah is a man of his word regardless of what she wants to believe.  Jeremy steps up next to Bonnie and asks if there is a problem.  When she says no, he puts his arm around her shoulders and leads her away from Martin.

Jenna and Alaric are at the Grill and she confides in Alaric about how shocked she is to know the family secret of Elena's parentage.  When John arrives at the Grill and steps up to their table they don't want him to join them.  Damon and Elena arrive and she begs Damon to be the better man and keep his head while talking to John.  Damon warmly greets John but it is still clearly evident he wants to rip him to pieces.

Stefan assures Tyler that regardless of what Caroline's flaws are he wants her on his side when it comes down to it because she's his friend, no matter what.  When Tyler mentions that vampires hated werewolves Stefan shrugs that off as a gone-by mentality and that things do not have to be that way anymore.  He tells Tyler Mystic Falls is both of their homes.  He wants a good friendship between the two to work.  Tyler's phone rings, he jumps up and grabs it saying "help, help".  Stefan grabs the phone and asks who was calling and tells him he was trying to save him.  It was Jules calling Tyler and she tells Brady they have a problem.

John knows about Originals being able to compel vampires but Damon assures him he and Stefan are "chock full" of vervane which surprises John.  Damon threatens to kill John in his sleep if he doesn't start talking about Klaus but John isn't wavered by the threat in the least.  Before John will tell him anything, he wants to be able to know he can trust and count on Damon.

That night, Matt runs up to Caroline wanting to talk after work.  She agrees and promises to swing by the Grill while he's closing up.  Jules walks up to Caroline and asks if she's seen Tyler.  When Caroline turns around to get in her car Jules tells her she knows she's lying.  Jules sprays Caroline's face with vervane and Brady is there and shoots Caroline.  She later awakens locked in a cage.  She pulls the bullet from her forehead.  Brady shoots her again after telling her it will be a long night for her.

Stefan is still trying to convince Tyler they both can exist side by side as friends.  Stefan gets a call that he thinks will be from Caroline but it is Jules asking him how badly he wants to keep Caroline alive.  Stefan asks where Caroline is which peaks Tyler's curiosity.  Stefan again asks where Caroline is and Jules offers him proof.  Brady shoots Caroline again and she screams.  Jules gives Stefan the ultimatum to bring Tyler to her or Caroline will die in 20 minutes.

Jenna introduces Damon to her friend, newscaster Andie Star (Dawn Olivieri).  He declines her offer of a drink and goes to Elena and tells her he's staying clear of all women at the moment.  Elena receives a call from Stefan about Caroline.  Elena begs Damon to leave Tyler alone.  He asks her to stop assuming he will play the good guy because it is her asking.  She tells him again to be the better man.  John bursts into the room and wants to know what's going on but they don't tell him because, as Damon says "trust works both ways".  Both John and Damon agree that Elena should stay out of the situation and John keeps Elena back while Damon leaves.

Brady continues torturing Caroline.  He steps out of the RV for a minute to talk to Jules who reminds her that when vampires crosses one of them they cross all of them.  John refuses to let Elena leave the Grill.  He insists he's there to protect her but she doesn't want to hear anything about familial responsibility.  She tells him he might be her father but she will never be his daughter.  Jules knows someone is in the woods and Stefan and Tyler walk into her view.  He tells her to let Caroline go and he will release Tyler and that he isn't her enemy.  She tells him she will not leave town without Tyler to which Stefan responds he's free to make his own decisions once Caroline is released.  Damon arrives and assures her that he will allow Stefan to try his way first before he (Damon) steps in and uses his way which will be bloodier.  When Damon threatens that without a full moon there's no contest and they can take her, she whistles and more werewolves step into view from every direction, surrounding the Salvatore's and Tyler.  Tyler goes to stand by Jules.  Brady asks who killed Mason and tells the others to make sure Damon suffers when he admits it was him.

The fight begins and Stefan and Damon are able to hold their own with the werewolves, turning their weapons against them, while Tyler goes into the RV to see Caroline.  She tells him about the latch on the cage that she cannot reach.  After a hesitation, Tyler unlocks the cage and rescues Caroline.  A werewolf is able to stake Stefan in the back and he falls to the ground.  As Damon is getting the better of another werewolf, Jules steps up and shoots him with a wooden bullet.  When Caroline steps out of the RV, Jules pushes her against it and holds the gun to her back.  As one of the werewolves is getting ready to stake Damon, the surviving werewolves grab their heads in pain and shrink away from the battle.  Jonas Martin walks into the werewolf camp and tells Stefan that Elijah made a promise to Elena and he is there to see that it is upheld and that they need to go.  Damon, Stefan and Caroline leave.  Jonas tells Tyler that when his friends awaken he is to give them a message that they need to get out of town.

Stefan takes Caroline home.  She tells him she can handle herself because she isn't girly little Caroline anymore.  John Gilbert pays a visit to Damon to finish their conversation.  They both agree that Stefan and Damon will do all they can to protect Elena.  John gives Damon the equipment needed to kill an Original.  He has a bottle of ash from an oak tree that dates back to the genesis of the Originals.  A dagger must be dipped into the ash and plunged into the Original's heart.  Isobel told John how to kill Originals.  Damon asks where she is and John tells him that if she accomplishes what she is attempting, Klaus will never set foot in Mystic Falls.  He assures Damon that they are on the same side where Elena is concerned.

As Caroline is tending to her wounds, Matt calls.  She tells him something came up with Bonnie who needed her.  Matt knows she is lying because he sees Bonnie and Jeremy at the Grill together.  Tyler shows up at her house and asks if she's alright.  He didn't know the werewolves would go after her.  He apologizes saying he doesn't know who to trust and that she lied to him.  She lied to protect her friends, including him.  She tells him they aren't friends anymore and that what happened to her will never happen again.

John gives Elena jewelry that belonged to Miranda Gilbert thinking she might want it.  He admits that the Gilbert's were her parents and that he's nothing to her because of all the secrets.  He vows to do all he can to protect her and the family.  Stefan is at the house and overhears what John said.  Elena doesn't believe anything John had to say.  He tells Elena he could use her help regarding Caroline.

Tyler goes back to the RV to see Jules and Brady.  He apologizes to them about their friends.  He asks if it's always like this.  When they aren't living in vampire country life isn't bad.  Tyler tells them about a moonstone Mason was trying to find.  He tells them he found it but doesn't know where it is.

Stefan goes back to see Caroline and brings Elena and Bonnie with him to spend the night with her.  Damon enjoys a bath with Andie Star and tells her he has a problem he needs help with.  He's in love with a woman he can never have.  He's bad and does things.  He kills people.  He compels her to not be afraid of him.  She wants to be the better man but he can't be what is in his nature.  She tells him that love changes us and the better man might be who he really is.  He ends up biting her.

Katherine receives a visit from John Gilbert.  He informs her Isobel got the message but is busy so she sent him instead.  He's working on getting her out of the tomb.

At risk of sounding like a complete Vampire Diaries fangirl, I've just got to say, could this show get any better?  I love it when this show does battle scenes.  The special effects aren't cheesy and horrible like you might see in some television shows.  The scenes are always tense and action-packed.  And Vampire Diaries always steps up to deliver a good twist and turn and in the plot.  Tonight's show was no different.

I truly hope that Caroline and Tyler's friendship can be repaired.  I love both characters and I liked that they had become such close friends thanks to their "issues".  Tyler needs a good friend and Jules and Brady are NOT the friends he needs.  I hope he has gone back to them to get into their good graces so, when the time comes, he can do what is right to protect his real friends:  Caroline, Elena and the Salvatore brothers.

Damon is revealing all kinds of his innermost thoughts here of late, isn't he?  He's all over the map right now emotionally and definitely struggling with who he is and who he wants to be.

I was surprised to see Dr. Martin show up to save Stefan and Damon.  I guess I probably shouldn't have been as he is under strict orders from Elijah that Elena must be protected and the best way to do that is keep the Salvatore's alive.  Still, I can't help but want Elijah to be a good guy.  He is awesome and I want him to still be standing when the final battle is over and the dust has cleared.

I wonder what John Gilbert has is store for Katherine, the woman who tried to kill him.  Only time will tell and I know I'll definitely be watching to find out!

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  1. Thumbs up to your efforts to create and put such informative and interesting points in the blog. You exactly got the points which I was looking for. Keep up the real work.

  2. Thumbs up to your efforts to create and put such informative and interesting points in the blog. You exactly got the points which I was looking for. Keep up the real work.