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US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.14 "Cry Wolf"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode Fourteen, Cry Wolf
Original Air Date:  February 10, 2011

Jules and Brady learn why Mason wanted the moonstone.  Stefan and Elena head away for a romantic weekend together but things don't go as planned.  Jules and her friends capture and torture Damon for information about the moonstone but Damon has an unlikely savior.  John Gilbert successfully plants doubt into Jenna's mind about Alaric.  Tyler makes a decision about his future.

Jules and Brady receive news from another of their friends, Stevie, about the moonstone Tyler had told them about.  He tells them about the Sun & Moon curse and how the vampires are putting everything in place to break the curse.  Brady vows that, even if they they have to kill every vampire in Mystic Falls, they cannot allow that to happen.

Elena gets an early morning call from Stefan the night after her slumber party with Caroline.  She asks Stefan to take her far, far away from everything that's going on.  Andie Star mentions to Damon that she will be interviewing a writer named Elijah Smith working on a book about small-town Virginia.  Before she leaves, he makes sure she has her story straight about their relationship and even compels her to believe that she's falling in love with him and he "might be the one".  As she is leaving the Salvatore house, Alaric is arriving.  Damon shows him the dagger and ashes John Gilbert gave him to kill the Originals with.  He tells Damon about he and Jenna having to attend the society event at the Lockwood's where Elijah will be a guest of honor.  Damon assures Alaric he won't try to kill Elijah at the party but he does feel it's time they officially met.

Bonnie gives Caroline more details about her plans regarding Elijah and Luka.  Bonnie is going to ask Luka what Elijah's plans are straight out and he will not have a choice as to whether to tell her anything or not.  Matt walks by and snubs Caroline.

Tyler stops by to see Jules and Brady and again warns them they need to leave.  Jules promises that they will, soon.  She and Brady ask Tyler to help them find the moonstone.  Stevie, Brady and Jules explain to him that if the curse is broken, vampires can walk during the day but werewolves are stuck turning at the full moon (werewolf domination according to them).  If the curse remains, werewolves can turn anytime and vampires are still held to the night and the werewolves can kill vampires anytime they want.  Stevie mentions that the vampires must have found the doppleganger and he shows Tyler a picture of "Kathy" (Katherine) and Tyler identifies the girl as Elena.

Caroline wants to talk to Matt but doesn't want to talk with her.  He asks her about last night and tells her he saw Bonnie last night.  Tyler goes to the Grill to see Caroline.  She is still angry with him and wants him to leave her alone.  She drops her purse and when he bends to help her pick things up, pockets her cell phone.  He tells her there is so much for them to talk about but she again tells him to leave her alone and rushes away.  Matt tells Tyler that if he wants to get together with Caroline it's fine but they need to stop lying about it.  When Tyler insists there isn't anything going on, Matt grabs him by the coat and orders him to stop lying.

As Elena and Stefan are getting ready to leave for their romantic getaway, Elena gets a text from Caroline that they need to talk.  Elena texts back that she is getting ready to go to the lake house with Stefan and she receives a text back to never mind and have fun.  The messages came from Tyler who tells Brady, Jules and Stevie that the two are headed to the lake where the Gilbert's have a house.  Brady wants them to go and get their doppleganger.  Stefan and Elena arrive at the Gilbert lake house where she hasn't been since her parents died.  Stefan assures her they can leave if she wants to but she wants to stay.

Carol Lockwood and Elijah make small talk about the book he is supposed to be writing when Damon arrives.  Andie and Damon share a quick kiss in front of Jenna and he thanks Jenna for introducing them.  Carol Lockwood introduces Damon to Elijah saying the Salvatores were one of the founding families.

Bonnie takes Luka a truce coffee and thanks him for what his father did in saving her friends from the wolf pack.  As Caroline and Jeremy watch as Bonnie talks with Luka something he says leads Caroline to figure out that Jeremy is sweet on Bonnie.  Luka starts to feel lightheaded and Bonnie, Jeremy and Caroline help him out of the Grill.

At the lake, Elena shares some of her happy childhood memories with Stefan.  She wonders what their future and their memories will be like.  Damon and Elijah step into the Lockwood study for a private conversation.  John questions Alaric about why Damon and Elijah are together and asks if Jenna knows about his (Alaric's) "extracurricular activities".  He tells Alaric he shouldn't sleep over anymore because it is inappropriate with children in the house then proceeds to tell him the ring Isobel gave him is his and he wants it back.  Damon and Elijah have a conversation about why Elijah is there.  Elijah tells Damon to worry about keeping Elena safe and to leave the rest to him but Damon isn't satisfied with that answer.  The stronger Elijah pins Damon to the wall, stabs him with a pencil and warns him that he must show a little respect since he's an Original.  When he (Damon) ceases to be of use to him, he's dead.

Stefan is working on preparing dinner when Elena notices the fire is burning down.  As Stefan and Elena are kissing in the closet of her parent's bedroom, Stefan notices the wall  is hollow.  Behind it, he finds a door that leads to a room full of vampire killing equipment.

Jeremy, Caroline and Bonnie prepare for Bonnie to put Luka into a trance to ask him questions.  When Jeremy goes to get a bowl of water for Bonnie, Caroline tells her that Jeremy is "so crushing" on her.  Caroline is rather encouraging toward Bonnie and Jeremy as a couple.  As Luka beings to awaken, Bonnie starts her spell.

Alaric and Damon talk and Alaric warns Damon to think twice before trusting John Gilbert's ashes and dagger.  Alaric asks him not to kill Andie Star.  As Alaric is leaving, Damon hears a crash from the hall.  He gets up to investigate and finds Alaric with a stake in his stomach.  Stevie drops down from the ceiling and overtakes Damon, stabbing him.  Damon struggles but eventually succumbs.  Jules and her friends enter.

Elena finds the other Jonathan Gilbert journals in the secret room.  Stefan goes out to get more firewood while Elena looks through the room.  Brady learns that their plan is working nicely and asks Tyler if he's up for what they're doing.  He tells Tyler that the vampires, including Caroline, have done nothing but lie to him and they are the enemy.  Tyler assures Brady he is up for it.  Brady promises if he betrays them, Tyler must deal with him.

Jenna tells John she gave Elena permission to spend the weekend at the lake house with Stefan.  He accuses her of being negligent with Elena and Jenna tells him Elena wanted to get away from him.  John tells Jenna to ask Alaric what happened to Isobel since her body was never found.

Damon has been chained up much the same way he had Mason tied before he killed him.  Alaric is still wearing his ring.  Stevie is there when Damon awakens.  As he tortures Damon, Jules asks about the moonstone.  Damon, ever the strong one, tells her they can torture him but he won't talk and someone will lose a heart, last time it was Mason. 

Luka fights Bonnie's spell and begs her stop but she continues.  When he finally succumbs to her, she asks why he's working with Elijah to which he answers "Klaus.  We both want him dead."  When she asks why they want Klaus dead as well he answers "Because he has her and we have to get her away from them."  She questions him further and the answer is "My sister."  She asks why he has her and Luka answers "He's searching for a way to undo the curse without the doppleganger.  He's forced generations of witches to help him for centuries."  She asks what Elijah has promised him.  "If we help Elijah kill Klaus, he's promised to return her to us."  She asks how they kill Klaus.  Luka struggles and tells her he will kill him if he tells her anything.  Jeremy tells Bonnie they'll find another way but she pushes harder and asks again.  After the sacrifice, Klaus will be vulnerable and that will be their only chance to kill him.  Caroline asks about the sacrifice and Luka tells them Elena has to die.

When Stefan goes into the shed outside, Brady shoots him with a wooden bullet.  He tells Tyler to keep him down and gives him the gun and a stake ordering him to kill Stefan if he moves.  Tyler holds the gun on Stefan and refuses to let him get the bullet out.  He tells Stefan he can't let him break the curse.  Stefan assures him they don't want to break the curse.  Tyler shoots Stefan in the leg and tells Stefan he does as he doesn't want to be a werewolf forever.  Stefan tells him they are trying to protect Elena and Tyler replies she'll be fine.  Stefan asks him who the liars are now and tells him that in order to break the curse, Elena must die.

Elena calls to Stefan and when she receives no answer becomes worried.  When she steps outside, Brady comes up behind her and she stabs him in the stomach with a stake, goes inside and locks the door.  She runs upstairs as he enters the house.  She goes back downstairs while he's upstairs looking for her and slams the front door to make him think she left but he knows she's still in the house.  When he opens the door to the secret room, she stabs him from behind and runs outside.  As Brady is leaving the house, Stefan reaches out, plunges his hand into Brady's body and takes his heart.  Tyler walks up and he apologizes saying he doesn't want to be like that anymore.  Elena embraces him.

As Jules is getting ready to shoot Damon with buckshot she asks once more for the moonstone.  He tells her she's never getting it.  From behind, Elijah asks if they're looking for this.  He's holding the moonstone.  He enters the room and lays the moonstone down on a table and steps back.  When one of them goes forward to get it, Elijah rushes in and takes the mans heart.  He easily kills two more leaving only Jules and Stevie.  Jules flees.  Elijah kills Stevie and frees Damon, takes the moonstone and leaves.

Bonnie calls Damon with what she learned from Luka, especially the sacrifice being part of his plan.  Alaric finally awakens and calls Jenna while Damon cleans up.  It's clear what John said to her is going through her mind.  Damon calls Stefan to tell him what Bonnie learned and that he should keep Elena away longer than they planned.  Once off the phone, Stefan tells Elena the truth about Elijah and his plans.  She's still willing to make the sacrifice of dying to save those she loves.  He's angry that she is martyring herself.  He's lived 162 years and she's barely begun.

Caroline takes Luka back to the Grill leaving Bonnie and Jeremy to talk.  Bonnie tells him that he's Elena's little brother and she's known him forever.  He's gone through all his phases but he's now a hot guy that's turned into someone sweet.  The two kiss and Bonnie doesn't resist it this time.  As Carol Lockwood is going upstairs to bed, she hears a noise.  She finds a note from Tyler on a table.  Tyler goes to the Grill to see Matt.  He tells Matt he's been going through a rough time with something he can't talk about.  Caroline was there for him to help him and he kind of fell for her.  But, she loves Matt and needs him and deserves someone like him.  He tells him to be good to her and that he'll see him around.  He stands outside Caroline's house and watches as she locks her door before getting in the car with Jules.  He apologizes about Brady and her friends and tells her if he goes with her there will be no more lies.  He can't stay there like he is.

Okay, I'm really glad Jules has decided to leave.  It's one thing for her to come into Mystic Falls to find Mason but when she starts torturing Damon, it's time to go!  I hate it that Tyler is wanting to run off with her, though.  I was really hoping Tyler would join Team Vampire and do some major butt-kicking on thier side.  He's not gone for good, though.  You know we'll be seeing him again.

Elijah.  Could there be a bad guy any better than Elijah?  I know, I know, he's still got Elena's sacrifice as part of his plan to kill Klaus but he is such an awesome bad guy.  Daniel Gillies does an absolutely amazing job making Elijah a bad guy that I love to hate.  I love every single second he's on screen.  He never gets Damon angry.  He just calmly does what needs to be done.  It's just another day at the office for him.  I really want him to be standing when this whole thing is said and done.  I think I'd miss him as much as I would Tyler, Stefan or Damon.

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