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US Television, White Collar, Season 2, Episodes 1-9

Season Two, Episode One:  Withdrawal
Original Air Date:  July 13, 2010

Peter and Neal are dealing with the aftermath of the explosion that killed Kate.  Fowler has disappeared, Neal is back in prison and Peter is trying to get him out again.  Two months later, Neal has made his choice and is back working with Peter and the White Collar Investigation Unit.  The team is working on conducting tests of banking security.  There is the danger that one of the banks the team is working with will be hit by "The Architect" within a week.  Neal is still feeling the effects of what happened with Kate and Peter and Mozzie are both working to keep him focused on The Architect's case.  Neal Caffrey may have very well met his match in their prime suspect, Edward Walker. 

Season Two, Episode Two:  Need to Know
Original Air Date:  July 20, 2010

Peter and Diane go to a secret meeting with Fowler who is a no-show but an unidentifiable mystery man flees the location.  Peter and Neal have a new case on their hands to investigate a potentially corrupt politician.  With the help of his assistant, they have to get Neal into the state senators inner circle so he can work the case from the inside.  Peter goes in with his FBI identification and plays "bad cop" so Neal can get inside as the "good consultant".  Getting their man might put one of their own in jeopardy.

Season Two, Episode Three:  Copycat Caffrey
Original Air Date:  July 27, 2010

The theft of a valuable piece of artwork from a major gallery and while the rest of the team use the regular methods, Neal goes to Mozzie.  Alex returns with news of the missing painting.  At the same time, every other member of the team finds the same painting in different locations.  The thieves are copycatting one of Neal's former scams.  Observation of the forgeries leads them to a university art student who leads them to another student.  Alex is in trouble and needs Neal and Mozzie to help her out.  Peter and Diana make a discovery about the music box and Alex gives Neal the cherub she had been holding onto from the box.

Season Two, Episode Four:  By the Book
Original Air Date:  August 3, 2010

The White Collar team is working on an identity theft ring.  The prize for solving the case is Peter's Quantico pen.  Neal links the victims to the same dermatologist.  He wants that pen!  A waitress friend of Mozzie's is in trouble and he goes to Neal for help.  Peter and the rest of the team find out about and start working on the waitress' case and they learn how much danger Neal and Mozzie are in and the identity theft case takes the back burner.  Peter takes Neal and Mozzie back to the office for them to brief him on Gina's (the waitress) case.  When Peter sidelines Neal and Mozzie, they do their own investigation. 

Season Two, Episode Five:  Unfinished Business
Original Air Date:  August 10, 2010

One-hundred million dollars of Japanese barabonds have been stolen and Peter and Neal meet with Sara Ellis, an insurance investigator who was once a witness against Neal at trial about the theft.  The prime suspect is a wealthy real estate developer Edgar Halbridge.  To snare Halbridge, Neal goes undercover as "Mr. Black".  Things change when he learns that "Mr. Black's" job is to kill Sara Ellis.  She goes along with the plan thinking it best Halbridge believes she's dead.  They are surprised to find that Edgar Halbridge is, in fact, dead and the man they know as Halbridge is a smart impostor.  Mozzie and Neal try to get a copy of the cockpit recorder from Kate's plane. 

Season Two, Episode Six:  In the Red
Original Air Date:  August 17, 2010

The team take down a suspect in a jewel case, Catherine McMillan, only to be surprised to find she has her young son in the car with her at the time of the arrest.  After the bust, McMillan tells Peter and Neal about an international adoption extortion scheme.  The investigation leads them to suspects in the Chechen mob.  They enter the world of high-stakes gambling to get the evidence they need to get the extortion suspect.  Mozzie gets the copy of the cockpit recorder for Neal.  Sara Ellis returns wanting the truth from Neal about the theft of the FAA package.  When Sara has Neal arrested for stealing the recording, it could ruin the entire White Collar case.

Season Two, Episode Seven:  Prisoner's Dilemma
Original Air Date:  August 24, 2010

Peter and Elizabeth's personal life is suffering because of their busy careers so Peter promises they'll have a date night that night.  The U.S. Marshals seek the help of Peter and his team to find an FBI agent, Jack Franklin, they believe is compromising witness information.  The trail leads to a gorgeous former C.I. of the agent they're hunting.  Franklin contacts Peter at home to give him his side of the story and how he believes the U.S. Marshal hunting him is the one who is truly guilty.  Neal gets a surprising

Season Two, Episode Eight:  Company Man
Original Air Date:  August 31, 2010

The White Collar team is investigating a murder linked to corporate espionage.  Their prime suspect is Wesley Kent, the Novis CEO.  Peter goes undercover as an accountant to find the evidence they need.  To help get close to the junior executives, Neal goes in as a new marketing employee.  The investigation turns deadly when the vengeance of the murdered executives girlfriend puts Peter's life in jeopardy.  Peter informs Neal that they will be working on investigating Kate's death together and that he wants Diana working with Mozzie despite the fact they mix like oil and water.  Mozzie learns that Peter knows Diana has the music box and Neal confronts Peter about it.

Season Two, Episode Nine:  Point Blank
Original Air Date:  September 7, 2010

The cherub Alex gave Neal opens a secret compartment in the music box which reveals a second comb that Mozzie records to try to break.  Neal and Mozzie realize Alex had both the key and the box at the same time before giving the box to Neal.  They forge a silver theft case file to raise interest with Peter to start an investigation.  The plan works perfectly and Peter gets the team onto the case.  Alex steals the music box and gives it to the Russian History Museum.  Peter and Diana's investigation into Fowler gives them a big piece of information that Peter shares with Neal.  Peter knows it is critical he get to Fowler before Neal or it could be disastrous.  Once more truths are revealed, even more questions and mysteries arise.

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