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US Television, White Collar, Episode 2.10 "Burke's Seven"

White Collar
Season Two, Episode Ten, Burke's Seven
Original Air Date:  January 18, 2011

Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey begin work on their investigation into finding out who shot Mozzie and bringing that person to justice.  However, their investigation is interrupted when a Department of Justice agent arrives and removes Peter from his job after a single print belonging to Peter is found inside the gun that was used to shoot Mozzie.  Peter and Neal must organize a con to bring Mozzie's shooter to justice and restore Peter's good name.

Mozzie is rushed to the hospital where Neal stands vigil over his friend who is in a medically induced coma.  Peter convinces Neal to leave and get to working on the case so they can get the guy who shot Mozzie.

Neal and Peter start burning all of Julian Larson's (Paul Blackthorne) aliases so he will have to have more created and, hopefully, leave a trail for them to follow right up to him.  They agree to let Julian buy an alias they choose.  Peter interviews old associates of Julian's to get as much information on him as possible while Neal invites all the best identity creators in the city to one location.  He wants them to give Julian the identity of Justin Springer.  Once they know it isn't for Neal, but for Mozzie, they are all in agreement.

Mozzie awakens and is his usual quirky self.  He's worried that he's now "in the system" but Neal assures him that isn't the case.  He was registered to the hospital under the name "Ivan Bliminse" aka Invisible Man.  Mozzie is unable to identify the shooter despite Neal showing him a picture of Julian Larson.

Neal calls Peter to let him know Mozzie is awake but cannot remember the face of the shooter and Peter tells him Diana has burned the last of Larson's I.D.'s.  When Neal ends his call with Peter and starts to walk away, Larson is behind him.  Neal walks down an alley and Larson follows.  Neal, knowing he was being followed, jumps out from the shadows at Larson, pins him against the wall and wants to know why he shot Mozzie.  Larson gets the upper hand and pins Neal against the wall telling him he wants to make a deal as his FBI friends are making it hard for him to disappear.  He offers to deliver the man behind the curtain that ordered Mozzie's murder but Neal refuses.  Neal tells Peter about the deal and that, this time, things will be done Peter's way.  His revenge will come in the justice.

The next morning, Diana brings in news that Justin Springer booked a flight to Samoa one week from Tuesday.  Springer was tracked to an apartment in Queens and there is a search warrant being put through as they speak.  The FBI raid the apartment and arrest Larson then search the apartment for information.

Mozzie tells Neal about the code from the music box and that Larson had taken his notebook so the bad guys have the equation as well.  Mozzie doesn't want them to solve it before he does.  Mozzie confesses to Neal that he was the one who told Peter about him going after Fowler and that he is a Judas for doing so.  Neal thanks him for telling Peter explaining that he might have killed an innocent man.

Larson refuses to cooperate with Peter.  Hughes pulls him from the interview telling him they couldn't make a match from the bullet.  A Department of Justice agent steps up to say the outside of the gun was wiped down.  Hughes reveals a single print was found inside the weapon which the DOJ agent says belonged to Agent Peter Burke.  He puts Peter on leave until the investigation is completed.  Hughes takes Peter's gun and badge as Neal and Diana look on.  Larson is released as they cannot hold him despite protests from Neal.

Neal goes to see Peter at home.  Peter tells him Diana called because DOJ has pulled all of Peter's files to investigate him for evidence tampering.  Neal can explain to Peter how Larson put his print inside the gun but where the print came from is another story.  Peter remembers his missing coffee mug and they both know that was where the print came from.  Diana and Jones check the FBI cameras and find a man dressed like Neal going into Peter's office and leaving with his coffee mug.  They also learn he was on Peter's computer.  Jones wants to know what Peter and Diane have been investigating and she tells him Peter should be the one to tell him that.

Thanks to a secret key logger Peter keeps on his computer he was able to know that Larson erased something from his own file.  He erased the name Fredrick Bilal, a Nigerian prince who likes international horse racing, owns a number of shipping companies and handles a great deal of import/export out of New York Harbor.  Bilal spends days at the New York Yacht Club.  Peter calls in a favor with Sara Ellis to get into the Yacht Club.

Peter goes into the bar and watches, and talks, horse racing with Bilal while Sara and Neal remain outside.  Neal and Sara pose as Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wellington (Jr.) in order to get a look at the boat captains log book.  Neal learned that every time Larson came to New York, Brian Blitek (one of Larson's aliases) rented the yacht.  Normally, a search warrant of the docks and wire taps would be the next step.  Since that isn't an option, Neal suggests to do things his way:  get someone else to arrest them.  Peter is in as long as it isn't anything illegal and as long as it brings Larson down. 

The first step is to form a crew, Burke's crew.  Diana and Jones are brought in by Peter and Neal brings in Sara Ellis.  They both tell the recruits about the music box and the code.  Jones agrees to help as does Sara.  Elizabeth takes Mozzie his care package and ends up bringing him back to Peter's house to help the group.  Peter and Neal lay down the plan of how they will work the sting against Bilal and Larson.

According to plan, Diana approaches Bilal.  Mozzie jumps in to do his part and an innocent bystander gets drawn into the plan by accident.  Diana stalls while the rest of the team gets the bystander out of the way.  The man is expecting to speak to his wife.  Elizabeth answers the phone and succeeds in getting the guy off the phone so Bilal can use it.  Neal takes the call and, using the prepared list of words, he makes Bilal think he's talking to Julian Larson and sends him to a pre-determined location.

When Bilal arrives, Neal, Diana and Peter are there to meet him.  He has a large crate with him that contains china with a Nazi swastika on the back.  Julian calls Larson as instructed by Peter and Neal.  Sara's part of the plan kicks in.  She goes to the FBI office to file a complaint that her client is being harassed by Peter Burke.  She takes the DOJ agent to meet her "client".  Hughes, after being told by Jones that Peter needs their help, follows.  The DOJ agent, Jones and Hughes arrive and find Larson with latex prints on his fingers to frame Peter for guns he places into the crate containing the china. 

Neal, Peter and Diana watch from across the street and Sara joins them.  They watch as Larson is being led out in handcuffs.  Larson escapes, overpowers the agent and takes his gun.  Peter takes a New York City police horse and pursues Larson.  He tackles him and gets the gun under the watchful eyes and cameras of locals and tourists.  Peter tells Sara the Nazi dinnerware Larson was shipping is going to Argentina which is out of the Bureau's jurisdiction.  She says it's not out of hers as her company has clients in South America and she has vacation days coming up.

Peter is back in his office and Diana presents him with a new mug.  He interrogates Larson a second time and Larson wants to know what the offer is for him to tell who the man behind him is.  Peter tells him the deal is closed.  The only deal he'll make is to protect Larson from him.  As Peter is leaving, Larson speaks up that the man's name is Vincent Adler, a name Peter apparently recognizes.

Neal calls Moz to let him know they arrested Larson.  Moz "sees his accomplishment and raises him one":  he built the equation and he should see what he found.  Moz shows him a bendy-straw created fractal design that was encoded by the music box.  Neal recognizes the pattern and knows who is behind everything.  It's "the man who made me everything I am today".

What a great start off after such a long break!  I loved the use of "Burke's Seven".  Now that Jones knows everything about the music box and Fowler, I sure do hope we see him in the mix when that particular storyline is the focus.  Jones is an awesome character and any chance to see him on screen is fantastic.  Elizabeth sure proved herself to be quite useful in a con, didn't she?  I'm sure that was a side of her Peter hadn't seen before!  It was great seeing Sara Ellis back in the show as well.  I like her character.  She's tough, smart and the perfect match for Neal.  I hope we see her a lot over the course of the rest of this season.

Peter going after Larson on horseback was another favorite part of the episode for me.  I love the humor splashed here and there throughout every episode of White Collar and the horseback take down was brilliant!  I couldn't help but smile seeing Peter leading Larson back, Peter on horseback and Larson on foot.  It was like a modern-day Old West bad guy roundup.

I'm very pleased with how the second part of season two has kicked off.  This was a great episode that I enjoyed very much.  I can't wait to get all the details on the mysterious Vincent Adler!

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