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US Television, White Collar, Season 1

Season One, Episode One:  Pilot
Original Air Date:  October 23, 2009

After a final visit from his girlfriend a month prior, genius forger Neal Caffrey escapes from the maximum security prison where he's housed with just three months left on his four-year sentence.  The FBI agent who had originally arrested him, Peter Burke, is called in to find Neal a second time, which he does.  Neal makes a deal with Burke that he will help him find the criminal he's current chasing:  .  The arrangements of the deal is that Neal must wear an ankle monitor and if his assistance doesn't lead to the capture of "" he will go back to prison.

Season One, Episode Two:  Threads
Original Air Date:  October 30, 2009

During Fashion Week, Peter and Neal are going after an Israeli counterfeiter known as "The Ghost".  Neal proposes to throw a party so their sole witness can identify The Ghost's voice.  Peter and his boss reluctantly go along with the plan and it almost succeeds but The Ghost figures out they are onto him and leads them to someone else.  Everything changes when The Ghost abducts their beautiful witness and threatens to kill her if what he wants, and Peter Burke is holding, isn't returned to him.  Neal and Mozzie decipher the code Kate left for Neal the last time she saw him in prison.

Season One, Episode Three:  Book of Hours
Original Air Date:  November 6, 2009

When a priceless Bible known as the "healing Bible" is stolen from a church the FBI is contacted by a local crime boss to help recover the book.  The investigation takes Caffrey and Burke to a number of suspects including a homeless man, a beautiful historian and even the nephew of the crime boss himself.

Season One, Episode Four:  Flip of the Coin
Original Air Date:  November 13, 2009

Peter Burke's wife Elizabeth turns up at his office with her best friend who's soldier husband, Jonathan Mitchell, has been accused of stealing antiquities in Iraq.  The evidence leads Burke to believe Mitchell actually might be innocent of the crime.  The trail takes them to a rogue government agent and a news reporter who interviewed Mitchell.  Burke finally gets to meet Mozzie.

Season One, Episode Five:  The Portrait
Original Air Date:  November 20, 2009

Peter and Neal investigate a residential burglary where a valuable painting was stolen.  Neal goes undercover to try to "buy" the painting but the deal goes wrong and the thief, Dorsett, disappears with both the painting and the money.  After Neal steals the painting back, Dorsett calls him wanting it back.  Neal has two days to devise a plan.  He creates a brilliant forgery of the painting so he can return the original to its rightful owner.  Neal, who has been tracking his girlfriend Kate finally gets to talk to her only to learn she wants to know where he hid everything and that is the only way the man with the ring will allow her to return home.

Season One, Episode Six:  All In
Original Air Date:  November 27, 2009

When an undercover FBI agent turns up missing, Neal has to go undercover using one of his former aliases so he can ingratiate himself to the dangerous criminal mastermind, Lao, the agent was investigating.  Things get complicated when Neal learns Interpol is involved and he is offered Kate in exchange for allowing Lao to walk so they (Interpol) can get his boss they feel is a "bigger fish".  Will Neal choose Interpol and the possible promise of Kate or his loyalty to Peter Burke?

Season One, Episode Seven:  Free Fall
Original Air Date:  December 4, 2009

The most exquisite pink diamond in the world is stolen and a brilliant fake is left in its place.  Garrett Fowler arrives and suggests that Neal is responsible for the theft of the diamond.  Knowing that the man who has Kate is in the Bureau, Neal and Mozzie look into the agents Neal works with everyday as well as Fowler.  When Neal is arrested for the theft, Mozzie takes on the role of his lawyer and the two orchestrate Neal's escape so he can get to the truth.  He goes to the one person he can trust to help him:  Peter Burke.

Season One, Episode Eight:  Hard Sell
Original Air Date:  January 19, 2010

Neal goes undercover to infiltrate a group of stockbrokers running a stock scam.  After Neal's escape, Peter warns him they need a win on this case or Neal will be going back to maximum security prison.  To further trap the group, Peter goes undercover as a CEO to exploit the brokers.  Neal suspects Peter might be the man with the ring thanks to Fowler and sees the ring on Peter's hand in a photograph of he and his wife that is hanging in Peter's house.  He later learns the ring is common amongst Bureau agents.  Peter tells Neal he talked to Kate and what Kate is wanting:  a music box (which Neal doesn't have).

Season One, Episode Nine:  Bad Judgment
Original Air Date:  January 26, 2010

David Sullivan comes to Peter begging him to investigate what he feels is a case of mortgage fraud.  Peter agrees to look into the case but makes no promises.  The case takes them to a corrupt judge and into an investigation that could cause Peter his career.  Elizabeth asks Neal and Mozzie to go to extraordinary lengths to save Peter.  Peter discovers a bug in his home leading he and Neal to further suspect Fowler.  Fowler returns to the White Collar Crime Unit to work out of the unit for a time.

Season One, Episode Ten:  Vital Signs
Original Air Date:  February 2, 2010

June's granddaughter, Samantha, needs a kidney transplant and was removed from the donor list.  June was approached by a woman who said she could find a kidney for a large "donation".  Peter and Neal investigate the organization and Peter must go undercover with his "magic hands".

Season One, Episode Eleven:  Home Invasion
Original Air Date:  February 9, 2010

Neal meets with an old friend, Alexandra Hunter, about the music box.  A stock trader the FBI has had under surveillance is murdered under their eyes and their prime suspect gets away.  They must recover a priceless set of Japanese elephants before the case can become an international incident.  Neal and Peter become roommates while Peter's house is being re-wired.

Season One, Episode Twelve:  Bottlenecked
Original Air Date:  February 23, 2010

Neal receives another mystery chess move and it move reveals his opponents identity.  Neal goes into work early to look over a heist at the Museum of Natural History which he and Peter later go to investigate and end up witnessing the hit and run death of the heist suspect:  Manuel Campos.  Neal suspects Matthew Keller, his mystery chess and professional opponent, of the museum heist in order to counterfeit a rare, and impossible to fake, bottle of wine that once belonged to Benjamin Franklin.  After Keller issues a challenge to Neal as to which one will be the first to fake the Franklin bottle, the race is on to find a way to nail Keller not only for forgery but for Campos' murder.

Season One, Episode Thirteen:  Front Man
Original Air Date:  March 2, 2010

Alex responds to Neal's request to see her about the music box, which he is still searching for and makes her an offer in exchange for her help in obtaining it.  Kimberly Rice, an agent from Kidnapping & Missing Persons, arrives in White Collar wanting the help of Neal and Peter on a ransom case.  Neal has a history with the prime suspect--and not a positive history at that.  Peter is worried about Neal working with Agent Rice and drops in to check up on him and the two end up doing a little investigating of their own on Rice's case.  Things take a turn for the worse when the kidnapping suspect takes Neal out from under Rice's nose to use as a front man for the operation he's currently working on.  Peter must work fast to save both the kidnapping victim and Neal.  Neal finally learns the location of the music box thanks to a meeting with Alex.

Season One, Episode Fourteen:  Out of the Box
Original Air Date:  March 9, 2010

Alex reveals the music box is in the Italian consulate and Neal calls Fowler to make arrangements for getting the box.  Peter, knowing something is up with Neal, follows Caffrey to his meeting with Fowler.  Fowler gets Neal's tracking device deactivated and raids Elizabeth's office to occupy Peter to keep him from Neal.  Fowler takes Peter's gun and badge when Peter becomes enraged and hits Fowler at Elizabeth's office.  Peter calls an old friend from the Bureau he can trust to look into Fowler:  Diana.  The plan to steal the music box goes full steam ahead.  Neal gets the box but Alex double crosses him and takes it and later returns it to him.  Neal turns the box over to Fowler.  Peter and Diana's investigation brings the Mentor Project to light.  There is heartbreak for Neal when he's finally free to be with Kate.

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