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US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.6 "Plan B"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode 2.6, Plan B
Original Air Date:  October 21, 2010

Jeremy wants to help Damon in the fight against Mason and Katherine.  Caroline comes to the rescue when Stefan gets in trouble while trying to find Mason's moonstone.  Damon tries his hand at convincing Mason Lockwood to reveal what Katherine's plans are.  Caroline and her mother have a truly sincere mother/daughter moment.  Katherine steps up her plans in torturing Elena and those she loves.

Elena awakens with Stefan next to her and the two share a kiss when she mentions it wouldn't be good if Katherine found out they were still together.  Katherine has her own distractions, though.  She is spending some quality time with Mason Lockwood at the bed and breakfast she is staying at while in Mystic Falls.  Elena is still giving Stefan a little bit of her blood every day in hopes it will make him stronger as he thinks it will.  Mason promises Katherine he will give her the moonstone that night and Stefan promises Elena that they will get through everything that is happening.

Jeremy goes to the Salvatore house to speak with Damon.  He tells him what Tyler had told him about how the curse needs to be activated, that Tyler isn't a werewolf yet and that Mason is looking for the moonstone.  Jeremy says he knows where the stone is and wants to help.  When asked what Elena would think of his wanting to help Damon realizes Jeremy hasn't said anything to her. 

Everyone has assembled at the Lockwood mansion to get it ready for a masquerade ball.  Bonnie is there to help and seems to be much happier when Elena assures her that Caroline isn't coming.  Elena takes Bonnie somewhere quiet to talk.  Elena tells Bonnie everything about what Katherine is doing to drive she and Stefan apart.  Bonnie feels she is being left out by Elena.  Bonnie can't yet bring herself to reconcile with Caroline because she is a vampire.

Liz Forbes is still imprisoned in the Salvatore home.  Caroline goes to see her but Liz doesn't want anything to do with her daughter and asks her to leave.  As Caroline is getting ready to leave, Liz asks her if she is really dead to which Caroline replies "yes and no".  Liz asks how that is possible.  Caroline stays and tells her mother about how she is living as a vampire.  They actually are able to have a good moment where one isn't saying something hurtful to the other.

Alaric arrives at the Salvatore home with a box of Isobel's research.  They discuss the Aztec curse that caused vampires to only be able to walk at night and werewolves to turn during the full moon.  The curse is controlled by a moonstone and, as Damon explains, "it's a witch thing.  Whatever seals the curse is usually the key to unsealing the curse."

Mason is surprised to see Stefan at the Lockwood mansion.  Stefan assures him that he is alright and that Liz Forbes is also doing fine but that he will have to do his own dirty work from now on which isn't a problem for Mason.  As Mason is walking away, he bumps into Bonnie who has a reaction to his touch.  Stefan asks her about it and she says she saw Elena when she touched Mason.  They were kissing.  Stefan knows immediately that it wasn't Elena but Katherine.

Damon tells Elena to keep Jeremy from following him causing Elena to warn Jeremy against having anything at all to do with Damon.  Jeremy feels she got him into the mess in the first place so she can't tell him what to do.  Stefan informs Damon that Katherine and Mason are together.  Damon figures she is using him and that the moonstone lies at the center of everything.  Stefan is just as unhappy about Jeremy being involved as Elena is.

Jeremy questions Tyler about the moonstone and Tyler reveals he gave it to Mason.  Stefan and Damon overhear Tyler telling Jeremy about giving the stone to Mason.  Stefan and Damon take Bonnie aside to ask her to touch Mason Lockwood again to find out if he gave Katherine the moonstone.  While Stefan is filling Elena in on what is going on, Damon is trying to convince Bonnie to help them.  Bonnie refuses to hurt anyone for Damon and he comes back that Mason and Katherine are the bad guys.

Bonnie ends up agreeing to the plan and gets Mason to help her with a table she is struggling with.  She causes him to drop to his knees is pain, as she is so fond of doing to Damon, and Damon, Stefan and Bonnie are able to get him into his truck and away from the Lockwood mansion and to the Salvatore house.  While Damon is chaining Mason up, Bonnie puts her hands on his head to try and find out anything she can about the stone.  The stone is somewhere small and dark with water, a well. 

As Bonnie is leaving the Salvatore house she runs into Caroline.  They engage in a little small talk but Bonnie wants to leave as quickly as she can.  She asks Caroline about the old well they used to play at when they were kids and Caroline remembers it to be on the edge of the old Lockwood property.  That is where Bonnie believes the moonstone is.  Caroline wants to go with her to help and Bonnie, at first, says no.  She has a change of heart and agrees she can come along.  Bonnie texts Stefan the location and he leaves the Lockwood mansion without Elena even though she clearly wants to go.

Damon tortures Mason wanting to know how he knows Katherine and what she is up to.  As Damon is questioning Mason, Jeremy arrives with wolfsbane in tow.  Damon goes back to Mason and asks him why Katherine is there.  When he doesn't answer, he tortures him with the wolfsbane.  With Jeremy watching on, Damon shoves the wolfsbane into Mason's mouth causing him to gag and spit blood.  Threatened with wolfsbane in his eyes, Mason tells Damon the stone is in the well.  Katherine is going to lift his curse so he won't have to turn anymore because she loves him.  Damon sends Jeremy away after threatening him that it is kill or be killed then goes to Mason and pulls his heart out.

Stefan arrives at the well followed by Elena.  Stefan jumps into the well and is immediately affected by the water.  There is vervain in it.  Caroline arrives and wants to get in the well to safe Stefan but Elena stops her.  Caroline grabs a rusted chain that Elena couldn't budge to lower Elena down into the well for Stefan.  Bonnie, who has just arrived, helps Elena into the well while Caroline holds the chain for her.  Elena reaches Stefan who is in a very bad way and secures him in the chains for Caroline to pull up.  Elena finds the stone but is nearly attacked by snakes that are living in the water in the well.  Once she is out of the well, Elena rushes to Stefan and cuts her hand to give him blood to save him. 

Caroline goes back to see her mother and tells her about how she saved both Stefan and Elena.  Her mother watches on in shock noting that her daughter has become a strong and confident person.  Liz tells her daughter they don't need to take her memories.  She will keep the secret and never do anything to hurt Caroline.  Caroline knows she can trust her mother but that her mother will never trust Stefan and Damon.  Caroline compels her mother so things will go back to the way they were before.

As Stefan and Damon are preparing to get rid of Mason's body, Damon sends a text to Carol Lockwood to explain his absence.  Damon then calls the last number dialed on Mason's phone to taunt Katherine with Mason's death and the fact he and Stefan now have the moonstone.  She isn't concerned because she has a Plan B, Plan C, Plan D and so on.

Katherine calls Elena at home and lets her know that she knows Stefan was with her that morning.  She also reveals that Jenna's vervain perfume has been replaced and that she was convinced to stop drinking her "special" tea.  Katherine has been using Jenna as a spy and has control of her.  While she is talking to Elena on the phone, Jenna, apparently being compelled, stabs herself in the stomach. 

Jenna is going to be alright but she remembers nothing.  Elena confides in Jeremy that it was all part of Katherine's plan.  Jeremy vows that Katherine will pay for everything she has done.  Worried that things will only escalate, Elena breaks up with Stefan.  As she is leaving the Salvatore home, Damon apologizes for his role in everything.  Elena says it doesn't matter; Katherine has won.

Katherine needs a werewolf.  She compels Matt that he will go after Tyler Lockwood and will not stop until Tyler kills him.

This was an excellent episode that is setting things up for a showdown between Katherine, Damon, Stefan and Elena.  Katherine is playing hardball with Elena and those she loves.  I can only imagine that Damon is going to start playing some hardball of his own now knowing that Elena is in such pain because of what Katherine is doing.  Despite everything, he does love Elena and if she's hurting, I think he'll do what he can to make things right for her.  I'm truly hoping that something happens to Katherine before Matt and Tyler get into a bust up and Tyler is able to kill Matt.  I like Matt and would hate to see him leave the show.

The scenes between Caroline and her mother were great.  Caroline has really become a different person since becoming a vampire.  When she was compelling her mother that she wouldn't remember anything that had gone on was an emotional scene.  You know Caroline would have loved to keep things good between she and her mother.  She would have loved to have a good relationship with her.  But, as with Matt, she understands that the less her mother knows, the safer it is for her.  Caroline has really matured this season and I'm liking her character more and more.

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