Thursday, October 14, 2010

AUS Television: City Homicide "Lightens Up"

Noni Hazlehurst who portrays Detective Superintendent Bernice Waverley on City Homicide was recently interviewed by David Knox, a freelance writer.  In the interview, Ms. Hazlehurst revealed some very interesting tidbits for the remainder of the crime drama's fourth season.

The series will be focusing a tad more on the lives of the characters while still delivering the same gripping drama fans have come to love the last four years.  The tone of the show will lighten subtly as a bit of humor is injected into the storylines.  Don't think the show will become a comedy, because it won't.  It isn't to trivialize the seriousness of the cases the detectives deal with but to show the coping methods they use to deal with the grisly work they do day in and day out.

A six-party storyline will end the current season (which is scheduled to run 21 episodes) and Richard Jasek has got on board as a new executive producer.

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