Friday, October 22, 2010

UK Television: BBC One Dramatic Series "Luther" Filming a Second Series

Well, I'm just about as happy as happy can be here!

Ever since the first series of Luther ended a few months ago I have been wondering if the BBC One would renew the show for a second series.

Well, folks, wonder no longer.

According to information on the official Luther Facebook site, scripts for a second series are finished and the shooting for the second series has already begun.  There is even a photo of the scripts!  The Facebook posting was dated September 20th and the information given was "Scripts in.  Shoot starts two weeks today."

To read the postings on the Luther Facebook wall.  

To see the photo of the scripts.

BBC one also issued a press release announcing the recommissioning of Luther and the beyond excellent series Sherlock for second series'.  You can read the entire BBC one press release at their web site.

There's all kinds of great television news coming out of the UK right now, isn't there?  I can't wait to see Luther and the diabolical (but so likable) Alice back on the screen!

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