Thursday, October 7, 2010

Postal Union Election Delayed Because Ballots Were LOST IN THE MAIL

I'm not one who reads or watches Fox News but when I saw the link to this article I had to read it.

For anyone who has ever had a problem with the post, this will make you feel so much better.  Almost enough to make you feel like the universe has somehow righted some of the postal wrongs we've all suffered through one time or another.

The American Postal Workers Union recently had to extend the deadline for their internal election after thousands of ballots were lost in the mail.  Ballots were originally going to be counted this weekend in Washington D.C., but the deadline for submitting a ballot has been extended to October 14, 2010.

Now, tell me you didn't read this article and laugh out loud.  I certainly know I did.  Next time the post loses your letter to Aunt Martha, you can at least feel a little better about it knowing they lose their own mail, too.


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