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US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.11 "By the Light of the Moon"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode 2.11, By the Light of the Moon
Original Air Date:  December 9, 2010

The full moon arrives and Caroline is right by Tyler's side as he embarks on his first transformation.  Jules, a mysterious woman arrives in town looking for Mason Lockwood.  Could Jules be more than she appears and could she be bringing danger with her?  Bonnie and Luka work a spell together but both are hiding secrets from the other.  Elijah returns to make Elena an offer she can't refuse.  Life changes for Rose.

Tyler, growing more anxious about the approaching full moon, starts preparing.  He tries calling Mason but gets his voice mail and leaves a message.  The message is heard by an unknown woman.

Elena questions Bonnie about the moonstone.  Bonnie knows if she can figure out how to remove the spell from the stone it will be useless.  Elena wants Bonnie to focus on getting Stefan out of the tomb instead of focusing on the moonstone (which is what Stefan wants Bonnie to do).  Jeremy interrupts their conversation and, when Bonnie leaves to get a coffee, he asks Elena why she's on a suicide mission.  Elena doesn't want those she loves to get hurt but he doesn't accept that.  When he leaves, Elena takes the moonstone from Bonnie's purse and tries to leave.  She tells Bonnie she is going to see Stefan but Bonnie knows Elena is lying.  Jeremy, finds that his sister took the moonstone.  Elena protests citing that Klaus killed Katherine's family because of her having crossed him.  Bonnie steps aside and when Elena tries to leave the house she finds that Bonnie has set up a spell to trap Elena in the house.

Damon lets Stefan know about Bonnie holding Elena in her house and takes him some things he might need while in the tomb, including some blood which Stefan refuses to take because he doesn't want to have to share it with Katherine.  Damon promises Stefan they will find a way to get him out once the moonstone is taken care of.  Stefan wants Elena's safety placed above his freedom.

The woman who overheard Tyler's voice mail to Mason, Jules (Michaela McManus) arrives at the Lockwood home as Tyler is getting ready to leave.  Jules is looking for Mason and, when Carol Lockwood tells her Mason has been back in Florida for some time, Jules reveals to them that he hasn't. 

Jenna tells Alaric that she's assisting a writer who is working on a book on small towns since her sister kept most of the archives and Carol Lockwood didn't have the time.  She leaves him at the Grill and he watches as Tyler comes in and goes to speak with Caroline.  Tyler tells Caroline about Jules visit that morning and that Jules had told them Mason never made it back to Florida. 

Damon pays a visit to Elena who is in a bad mood because of her current situation.  He hasn't told Stefan about Elijah still being alive because there isn't anything he could do about it and he wants to know where Bonnie is.  Jeremy thought she was with Damon.  Bonnie is on "moonstone duty", Damon is on "Elena patrol" and Caroline, who Damon amusing calls "Vampire Barbie" is taking care of Tyler.  Alaric calls Damon to let him know that Sheriff Forbes has officially declared Mason Lockwood a missing person and about Jules arrival.  Damon leaves Jeremy in charge of watching Elena to go to Alaric to deal with the Jules situation.

Caroline and Tyler go to the old Lockwood estate to start preparing for that nights full moon.  When Jules leaves the Lockwood house, she stops just outside and makes a call to someone. She tells them Mason is missing and that they were right and there is another werewolf, Mason's nephew.  She then goes to the Grill and asks Matt about Tyler.  Damon and Alaric watch her and Damon gives Alaric some wolfsbane to help them find out if Jules is a werewolf as well.

Tyler starts working on getting ready for the full moon.  Caroline brought wolfsbane and when Tyler touches it, it burns his fingers.  While Caroline mixes the wolfsbane with water, Tyler checks the chains he has set up, which should be good up to 5,000 pounds.  She asks him how he is doing and he simply answers "still human". 

Bonnie takes Luka back his dog tags and he's angry about her channeling him without his knowledge.  She tries to explain but he cuts her off telling her he forgives her and opens the door so she can come in.  They look over an impressive collection of grimoires that his father has collected and Luka explains why his father has collected them and how he sees that all witches are family by a code of loyalty to help each other.  She asks if he knows how to break the bind between a talisman and a spell.  Since each spell is unique he wants her to be more specific but is sure they can figure things out.

Alaric and Damon flank Jules and Alaric offers to buy her a drink and Damon tells him to leave.  While Damon distracts her, Alaric mixes the wolfsbane in her drink. 

Katherine taunts Stefan about his 'fasting' then takes her dress off and tells him they should make the best out of their being there together.  She tells him Damon has what he wants:  Elena and will not rush to get him out.  She kisses him and he pushes her away once but a second kiss starts them.  He awakens realizing everything was a dream and tells Katherine to stay out of his head.

Elena comes downstairs to find Jenna digging through the closet to find Elena's mother's historical research for the writer she is helping.  She hands Elena a box of books and stands and closes the door.  Elena is shocked to see Elijah is standing behind the door.  Apparently, he is the "writer" Jenna has been roped into helping.  He leaves thanking Jenna for inviting him into her home.  Elena runs upstairs and pounds on Jeremy's door but is stopped by Elijah who has come back into the house.  When Jeremy opens the door, Elijah instructs her to not let him know he's there.  She asks him to help Jenna with the boxes and he goes downstairs leaving Elena and Elijah to talk.

Damon continues to chat up Jules, who is yet to take a sip of her drink.  They talk about Mason and Jules informs Damon he's missing and he offers to help her find him.

Tyler becomes more and more nervous as the apex of the moon approaches.  He takes a drink of the wolfsbane water and falls to his knees in pain.  Caroline tries to comfort him but he pushes her away.  She persists and, when he calms down, he apologizes to her.

Elijah tells Elena he means her family no harm and explains to her about Klaus being the most feared and hated of the Originals.  He informs her that his (Elijah's) goal isn't to break the curse.  Klaus' obsessions have made him a paranoid recluse and he trusts only those in his immediate circle.  Klaus doesn't trust Elijah anymore.  Elena realizes he doesn't know where Klaus is anymore and that he is trying to use her to flush him out.  He wants to offer her a deal.  He wants her to do nothing.  To live her life and stop fighting.  When the time is right, the two of them will draw Klaus out together and Elijah will make certain her friends are unharmed.  Then, Elijah will kill Klaus.  After a bit of thought, Elena tells him she needs him to do one more thing for her. 

Bonnie and Luka set up a circle of candles on the roof to work the unbinding spell on the moonstone.  Even though he is helping her with the spell, Bonnie still doesn't tell him the entire story behind the moonstone.  They join hands and begin chanting over the stone.  The stone raises into the air and explodes into light.

Tyler is getting closer to his transformation and things are getting harder for him.  He tells Caroline she should leave but she refuses to leave him just yet.  He weeps in pain as his body writhes and contorts as his ordeal begins.  Damon almost gets Jules to take a drink but she realizes there is wolfsbane in the drink.  She knows exactly what Damon and Alaric are and she tells Damon straight out that the night of the full moon isn't the night to pick a fight with her and that he's been marked then she leaves.

Caroline is powerless to help Tyler.  She has to stand back and watch his body change and see the pain he's in.  Again, he wants her to leave because he doesn't want to hurt her but she again refuses to go.  Damon is angry about Jules attitude toward him but Alaric calms him down telling him to go home, lock the doors and they'll deal with it in the morning when it's safer for Damon.

Caroline holds Tyler to comfort him and only gets out of his reach when he starts to become more aggressive.  She puts a gate and steel door between the two of them, which is a good thing because he pulls the chains from the floor.  She stands by crying as he struggles with his body changing in the transformation.  Everything goes quiet and Caroline  starts to open the door.  Tyler, now a werewolf, pushes against it.  When she realizes she can't hold the door closed, she bolts from the cellar and into the woods.

Damon arrives home and senses something isn't quite right.  He finds Rose waiting for him.  She apologizes for Elena.  She has nowhere else to go.  They hear class breaking and see a wolf has entered the house.  It jumps on Rose and bites her then runs out the broken window.  Damon bends next to Rose and they see that the bite on her shoulder is healing.

When Luka goes back to his apartment, his father is waiting and asks if his son was successful.  Luka admits that he was.  Bonnie fell for the whole show and didn't suspect anything.  Luka gives his father the moonstone.  Before the full moon is over, there is one more thing Elijah needs Luka and his father to do.

Katherine refuses to apologize to Stefan for anything she's done.  She admits she does love him even if he won't believe her.  He wants her to prove to him there is something inside her worth trusting.  She tells him she could help him find Klaus.  She says to start with Isobel.  Since she was a research expert and able to find Katherine.  They hear a noise and when they go to the entrance to the tomb they see Elijah.  Elijah tells Stefan that his release has been granted per the bargain he reached with Elena.  Stefan is able to leave the tomb but Katherine is unable to leave the tomb and Elijah refuses to let her out.  Elijah tells Stefan he is free to go and that Elena will explain the arrangement to him.  As long as she keeps her word, he will keep his.  Despite her begging, Stefan leaves Katherine in the tomb.

Caroline goes back to the cellar and to Tyler how is human again.  She covers him with a blanket and holds him to comfort him.  Stefan goes to see Elena.  Damon knows the werewolf who attacked Rose was Jules as Caroline had told him Tyler was locked up.  Rose vows to stay and help him protect and save Elena.  The healed bite on her shoulder hurts when Damon touches it.  He pulls back her robe to reveal that the skin has started to blister.

You know, I really like Elijah.  I'm sorry, but I do.  Don't get me wrong, I love (and I do mean love) Damon and Stefan.  And I don't want anything bad to happen to Elena because I like her too.  But is Elijah just too cool or what?  Daniel Gillies plays an awesome bad guy.  Just when you think he's all bad, he says something that makes you think he might not be that bad.  Then, he does something to make you re-think it all over again.  He doesn't get blindingly angry.  He just takes care of whatever problems are in his way.  I can't wait to see how things turn out with him and if he is really in this whole mess to try and kill Klaus or if that is one big vampire lie to get Elena so he can turn her over to Klaus to score some points or do a job he was instructed to do.

I am loving the storyline with Tyler and Caroline.  He needs her and she is there for him in a big way, even going so far as to put herself in mortal danger just to help him.  Caroline has really changed since she became a vampire and I like her a lot more.  She's not the whiny, spoiled little girl that she was in the first season.  She's grown up.  I can see her and Tyler developing a strong bond over their supernatural lives and the ups and downs that go with them.  When one needs the other, they will be there.  At least I hope that's how it will end up playing out.

Luka doesn't seem very happy at all that he had to con Bonnie.  This is another plot line I can't wait to see play out.  I want to know if the Martins are good or bad.  I haven't quite made up my mind about them yet.

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