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US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.10 "The Sacrifice"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode 2.10, The Sacrifice
Original Air Date:  December 2, 2010

Damon and Stefan have a plan to get the moonstone from Katherine but Elena wants no part of it.  She has her own plans.  Elena convinces Rose to take her to see Slater as neither woman knows he is dead.  When Elena's plan isn't what Rose thought it was, she calls Damon for help.  Jeremy gets in trouble and Stefan makes a sacrifice of his own to save him.  Tyler and Caroline make a discovery about the Lockwood Curse that terrifies them both.

Elena awakens to see her bedroom door open.  Thinking nothing of it, she rolls over to go back to sleep.  We see Jonas Martin looking around a door and a sound startles Elena and she jolts up in bed to look around.  She goes out into the hall to check out the house, and as she is getting ready to look into a room with an open door, a shirtless Alaric startles her (startles them both, actually).  While Jenna and Alaric are uncomfortably telling Elena that what she heard was them (!), Jonas Martin is in Elena's room taking hair from her hair brush and some of her jewelry as well as a photograph.  Elena goes back to bed and Jonas Martin slips out of the house without anyone knowing he was there.

After going to see Katherine, Damon and Stefan pay a visit to Elena.  The brothers went to see Katherine to ask her for the moonstone.  She agreed to give them anything they wanted if they had their witch hocus-pocus her out of the tomb as she's reconsidered staying there where Klaus cannot touch her.  They free her and she turns over the stone and disappears from Mystic Falls forever.  They can destroy the spell Klaus wants Elena for by releasing it from the moonstone.  Their plan is for Bonnie to be able to break the tomb's seal long enough for the Salvatores to get in, get the stone and get out.  Elena tells them there is only one problem with their plan:  she doesn't want them to do it.  She doesn't want Klaus to kill everyone she cares about, including Damon and Stefan. 

Bonnie and Luka are bonding over the fact they both have powers.  She confides in him about the physical reactions she has to working the spells (the nosebleeds and passing out).  He tells her that is because she is trying to do too much on her own and she needs help.  Nature and the elements are extra things she can draw power from.  He asks her if she's ever channeled another witch before (put their energy together to double their strength).  She has no idea what he's talking about so he does a demonstration.  He takes her bracelet and gives her his dog tags and tells her to stand still and concentrate.  The wind comes up around them blowing leaves and papers all over the school grounds.  Jeremy steps up beside them and asks what's up with the weather.  Luka laughs it off and says goodbye to Bonnie then leaves.  Bonnie gets a message from Damon on her phone.

Elena goes to the Salvatore house and finds Rose.  Elena wants more information about what Slater knew but Rose isn't pleased about it.  Elena says Rose owes her because one word from her and Damon and Stefan would have killed her (Rose) for kidnapping her.  Elena wants Rose to take her to Slater.  She offers Rose the chance to walk during the daylight if she will help her. 

Matt approaches Tyler at school to apologize for picking a fight with him.  Matt isn't having an easy time dealing with what happened to Sarah.  Caroline asks Tyler what he's going to do since it's almost the full moon. 

Bonnie assures the group that she might be able to lower the tomb spell long enough for them to get in and get the stone as she's learned a few new things.  When they have trouble deciding who exactly will go in and get the stone, Bonnie asks if they have anything that belongs to Katherine. 

Rose takes Elena to Slater's apartment and find his body.  Elena goes through some of Slater's papers while Rose throws back the curtains to look outside.  Slater had tempered glass in his apartment like the glass in the cafe.  They hear a noise while looking at Slater's computer (that is password protected).  Rose opens a door and finds a woman named Alice (Bree Condon) hiding.  Alice runs to Rose and hugs her crying. 

Stefan gives Bonnie the picture of Katherine he has had for years as it belonged to Katherine.  She places it in a bowl, drips water over it, burns it and recites a few words.  If the ashes from the metal picture are blown onto Katherine, it will incapacitate her for a minute or two so they can get the stone and get out. 

As Tyler and Caroline are walking through the woods, they talk about the state of Caroline's relationship with Matt.  Tyler understands how Caroline feels that it's better she and Matt aren't together as she can't be 100% honest with Matt.  He takes her to the cellar of the old Lockwood property and they go in.  As they are looking around, Caroline finds an old book wrapped in a white cloth.  Tyler looks through the book which is apparently Mason's diary.  He chronicled everything that happened regarding his curse.  In the back of the diary, Tyler finds a computer drive.

Jeremy is worried that Bonnie isn't strong enough to help the Salvatore brothers with their plan but she assures him she will be fine.  When he sends Bonnie to get something to put the ashes in, Jeremy takes a few of them for himself.

Rose isn't impressed by Alice's tears.  She knew that Alice was only dating Slater so he could turn her.  Alice feels Elena looks really familiar to her for some reason.  Elena asks Alice for Slater's computer password but Alice isn't in the mood to be talking about that.  Elena, stepping things up a bit, asks Alice if she will give her the password if she can convince Rose to turn her.  Someone had wiped Slater's hard drive but Alice is able to access all of his data that is stored on a remote server.  Rose notices a name "Cody" in the files and Alice says she could call him.  Elena hands her the phone and tells her to call Cody and tell him to get in touch with Klaus and relay the message that the doppelganger is alive and she's ready to surrender.  Rose is shocked and when she asks Elena about her plans realizes that Elena is willing to sacrifice herself.

Jeremy goes alone to see Katherine for the moonstone.  He fires a stake at her and when she's caught off guard, throws some of the ashes at her.  Katherine falls to the ground and Jeremy enters the tomb.  When he can't find the stone on Katherine, he goes deeper into the tomb to search for it.  He gets the stone but as he is leaving, Katherine gets up and attacks him, biting him.  He throws the stone out of the tomb.  Bonnie arrives at the tomb and meets up with Damon and Stefan who are waiting outside. 

As they are getting ready to enter the tomb, Rose calls Damon telling him not to be angry with her.  She proceeds to tell him about what Elena had conned her into doing.  As Bonnie and Stefan find the moonstone, Katherine presents herself with a weakened Jeremy firmly in her grasp.  Because of his ring, she can't kill him but she intends to keep him with her until they open the tomb and let her out.

Jonas Martin and Elijah are preparing to work a spell using the items Jonas stole from Elena's room.  Jonas cuts Elijah's hand and has him place it over a photograph of Elena.  Jonas takes Elijah's other hand and he has Elijah close his eyes, relax his mind and look for Elena while he begins to chant.  In Slater's apartment, Elena sees Elijah's face in the windows as she is looking outside. 

Bonnie gives Stefan what is left of the ash and warns him it will take her some time to break the spell for him.  As Bonnie (who still has Luka's dog tags) starts to chant the spell, Luka, who is now home with his father, can sense her. 

Caroline and Tyler watch the video that is on the drive from the back of Mason's diary.  He recorded his first transformation.  Caroline reads selections from Mason's diary while they watch the video.  It's painful for them to watch as Mason is crying in pain for someone to help him.  They watch him suffer for at least five hours and he still hasn't fully transformed.  Tyler pauses the video and tells Caroline that whatever it was that was happening, he can't go through it.

Damon arrives at Slater's and asks Elena what she's doing there.  Damon wants Elena to leave with him but she refuses.  She tells him she doesn't want to be saved if it means Klaus is going to kill every person she loves.  Damon is unaffected by that and tells her to get out the door before he throws her over his shoulder and carries her out. 

Jeremy warns Stefan to stop Bonnie because she isn't strong enough to handle the spell but Katherine sees that she has some help.  At the Martin's, Jonas asks his son what is wrong and Luka admits that Bonnie is channeling him.  Both Bonnie and Luka are feeling the physical effects of the spell.  She falls to the ground and Stefan picks her up.  Bonnie realizes that even channeling Luka she isn't strong enough to break the tomb spell.  Katherine starts to feed off Jeremy again but Stefan rushes into the tomb and pulls her away from him and throws Jeremy out.

Caroline tries to comfort Tyler by telling him Mason did say the transformation sped up over time so if he can get through the first one, things will be easier.  Tyler questions why she is helping him as they've never been friends before.  She tells him about how hard things were for her when she turned and she doesn't want him to be alone in what he's going through.  The doorbell rings and when Caroline answers it Matt is standing there.  He has missed her and needed to see her.  Tyler opens the door behind Caroline and the smile kind of fades from Matt's face when he sees Tyler.

Before Damon can get Elena out of Slater's apartment, Cody (James Harvey Ward) and two other men arrive "to meet the doppelganger".  The man in the back slumps to the floor and Elijah is standing behind him, which, of course, is a surprise to Damon who thought he was dead.  Rose quickly flees the apartment.  Elijah reaches into the two remaining men's chests and pulls their hearts out then rushes from the apartment leaving Damon and Elena alone. 

Back at the Martin's, Elijah tells Jonas his shadow spell was successful.  He allowed Damon to live because he knows that he would have died trying to prevent anything from happening to Elena and that will serve his purpose.  Damon will protect Elena and keep her safe for him. 

Bonnie takes Jeremy home and they argue about his choosing to try and get the stone on his own and about her trying the spell when she wasn't strong enough.  He wants to kiss her but she pulls away telling him she can't and leaves. 

Damon escorts Elena home and he tells her what she did was stupid.  She doesn't question why he and Stefan and everyone else tries to save her and she insists they shouldn't question why she would want to save them.  Jeremy opens the door and simply says "Stefan". 

Elena runs to the tomb but Damon grabs her before she runs inside.  Stefan and Katherine listen to them arguing from inside the tomb.  When Damon finally lets go of Elena, she storms away leaving him at the entrance to the tomb.  Damon tells him he'll figure out how to get him out.  Stefan tells him Bonnie has the moonstone and to work with her to figure out how to de-spell it.  He makes Damon promise that he will keep Elena away from the tomb and no matter what happens to protect her.  When Damon leaves, Katherine tells Stefan that his making Damon promise to take care of Elena was the biggest mistake he ever made.


My, my, my!  Aren't things getting interesting?  I'd like to think the Martin's aren't all bad.  Surely, there has to be some good in them.  I know Jonas is Elijah's right hand man and all but I kind of like both him and Luka.  I'm hoping they are only helping Elijah because they, or more accurately, Jonas owes him.  And Jonas does kind of seem to be a bit remorseful about what he's doing at times, doesn't he?  (Or am I just imagining that?)  I'd love to see them jump the bad guys ship and head over to Team Salvatore.

Bonnie is going to be needing some serious spell help.  This would be an awesome time for Lucy Bennett to make another appearance.  She's a tough one and I loved her character.  I'd love to see her back on the show for a spell (no pun intended).  Jeremy and Bonnie still aren't happening and it isn't because Jeremy hasn't made it clear to Bonnie that he isn't the little boy she thinks he is.  Bonnie is the hold up on this one.

Tyler is going to have his hands full pretty soon.  His very first transformation is coming up and now that he knows how hard it will be it's going to make it all the harder going into it.  He is most certainly going to need a friend to help him get adjusted to the life he has ahead of him.

Stefan is now in the tomb with Katherine.  Sigh.  Stefan had to be the good guy and rush in to save Jeremy so now he's locked away with big, bad, Katherine.  We all know there is going to be some fireworks between the two (good or bad) and that Stefan will be getting out.  The question is when and how.  And how will this affect the relationship between Damon, Stefan and Elena?  Will Elena end up falling for the super hot brother with the hypnotic eyes or will she stay true to the super hot brother with the kind and gentle soul?


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