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AUS Television: Offspring, Episode 1.10

Series One, Episode Ten
Original Air Date:  October 31, 2010

Stacy is back and, this time, she's in the hospital because her blood pressure is high and she's ready to give birth.  She wants Billie to be her support person.  Cherie and her fireman friend meet and have a date.  Nina focuses on why Chris hasn't told Alice about her.  Jimmy goes in for his drug trial and gets more than he bargained for, both good and bad.  Chris finally tells Alice about Nina but how will Alice take the news?

Nina has a small fender bender while trying to parallel park (she hits the rather old and run down car behind her).  She leaves a note in true Nina style, fantasizing the entire time and noting that she's leaving the note because she's a good person.  As she is walking away, she has to stop and think if she really IS a good person because, after all, she IS obsessed with a married man.

Kim and Zara watch Nina (and talk about her, of course) as she is having trouble deciding which way to go at work.  Kim takes Nina into a room and talks to her about her relationship with Chris.  Kim makes a "pro's" and "con's" table on a whiteboard (which is very funny) to help Nina in her decision making.  Dr. Clegg comes into the room to take part in the "whiteboard analysis" as he calls it, but Nina erases the table and leaves the room before he can add his two cents worth in.

She and Chris meet in the hall and go to talk.  She tells him she cannot be the "other woman".  Chris insists she could never be the "other woman" because he is a separated man and not a married man.  She gets the impression that he hasn't even told Alice anything about her.

Kim gives Nina a file on a patient with a high blood pressure in 203.  Nina finds that the patient she must see is none other than Stacy.  She has violated her parole and is being watched by a female guard.  Stacy asks Nina to tell Billie she wants to talk to her.

Mick, now able to use both of his hands again!, brings Billie a coffee at work and they have a great discussion about the parameters of their "friendship".

Jimmy is finding out the possible side effects of the medication in the drug trial he is wanting to do.  And there are a lot of them and they aren't pretty!  Who really wants anal leakage, blurred vision, urinary incontinence and disturbance to sexual function?  Thinking he has made a mistake, he almost leaves until a pretty girl walks in do to the trial.  He immediately signs up.  Jimmy is completely in love.  He is in the bed right next to the pretty girl and he can't take his eyes off her.  He tries making small talk and talking to her about her business but she isn't interested in him.

Billie arrives at the hospital to talk to Stacy.  Stacy begins to cry and when Billie asks why she wanted to see her, Stacy replies that she wanted someone with her and she was going to ask Billie to be that someone. 

At lunch with Nina, Billie watches a video of a woman giving birth as "research" to see if she can handle being Stacy's support person.  Nina is worked up over why Chris hasn't told Alice about her.  When Cherie arrives, she is in a wonderful mood.  It's one of her "baby free" days and she again saw the "hot fireman".  She was at a completely deserted early cinema and in he walks and sits down one seat away from her.  When something goes wrong with the sound during the film, he and Cherie add the dialogue themselves.  They go out to lunch together and make a date to see the movie again that night.  Cherie doesn't know how to bring up the fact she has a baby.

Billie wants to shine a torch on the Chris/Alice situation.  They sit outside Chris' house and watch him and Alice with their daughter.  While Nina hides in the seat, Billie pretends to be talking on her phone while she monitors their body language.  When "the target" starts moving, Billie starts the car to follow them telling Nina she will end up thanking her for it.  (Am I the only one who didn't believe that straight away?)  They go into a shop and Billie stops the car to go in behind them against Nina's vehement protests.  Billie talks to Chris for a second then heads to the ice cream bin and calls Nina.  As Nina and Alice are both at the register to check out, Chris gets a call and leaves the shop.  Billie warns her and when Nina sees him, she slinks down even farther in the seat.  He sees her but doesn't say anything.

Alice and Lucy make a cake and when an accident happens, Alice's mum, Sonja (Marta Kaczmarek) tries to comfort Lucy but Alice tells her to leave her be.  Alice and her mum begin arguing and Sonja picks up Lucy and takes her to another room while Chris helps Alice clean up the mess.  Alice is upset because she wants things to be good with Lucy but she feels uncomfortable around her mum.  Chris suggests that since Alice wants to make things better with Lucy he will move out and she can move in so she will be there with Lucy all the time. 

Billie is called to the hospital because Stacy has gone into labor.  She can hear her screaming all the way down at the nurses station.  For four hours, they've been listening to her screaming and has even drawn blood when she scratched Zara.  Billie is forced into the room with Stacy and tells Nina to get the guy to bring the drugs for Stacy to have an epidural.

When Cherie and her fireman meet for the movie that night, she starts off by telling him there is something he should know.  She struggles to bring herself to tell him about Ray but chickens out saying instead that she heard the movie is crap and suggests they have dinner instead. 

Nina gets a small break and heads to the snack machine for some sugar and calls Chris to apologize for the stalking thing earlier that day. 

Billie gets a break from Stacy and finds Mick waiting for her in the hall.  He has brought her a bag full of protein bars and drinks.  Billie expresses her doubts about being a good support person but Mick insists he's seen her be supportive on many occasions.  Nina comes out to get Billie (never, never, never, never, never!) as the baby is crowning.  Stacy gives birth to a baby boy.

That night, Jimmy cannot sleep and is doing a little reading when the pretty girl comes into his room for a rendezvous.  The next morning, she wants to pretend last night never happened so they will get their money.  He suddenly starts feeling a bit dizzy and like his heart is beating too fast.  The nurse is called and she asks if he has had too much coffee or has been exerting himself.  The pretty girl admits they had sex the night before. 

Stacy tells Billie she should take the baby boy because Billie has a more stable life than she does.  She doesn't want her son to have her life leaving Billie with a huge decision to make.  Billie goes to Mick wanting to tell him about what happened with Stacy but unsure if she should since they aren't together and leaves.

Chris returns Nina's call and tells her he has moved out and that she should come over and check out his new place when she finishes work.  Nina goes directly there and, while the place is 'sad & hideous' and a "symphony in salmon" it is close to the hospital so she can stalk him and it makes things clear that he is separated and free to be with her.  They start to make a cup of tea together and end up on the couch instead.  The phone rings and he wants to ignore it but when it keeps ringing he says he'll get rid of it.  He looks at who is calling and it's clear it is Alice.  He answers and tells her he's at work.  Nina doesn't like that he said he was at work.  Nina leaves because she doesn't want to be that woman, the woman he is "at work" for.

Jimmy is out of the trial because he had an episode of cardiac arrhythmia.  Darcy and Geraldine pick him up from the trial and Geraldine immediately starts in on him.  As they are arguing about Jimmy, Darcy drops the bomb that Geraldine was the one who drugged him last week.  When he learns about it, gets out of the car and starts walking.  Of course, his drug trial fling is watching the entire episode play out.

Chris goes to see Alice who tells him her mum has gone out and Lucy is asleep.  They argue and Chris tells Alice that he has met someone else.  He admits to her that he does believe he is in love with Nina. 

Billie asks Darcy if he thinks she'd make a good mother but doesn't let him answer.  She goes to see Stacy who is being released from the hospital and is surprised when Stacy takes the baby with her.  She goes back to Mick in tears.

Nina is thinking about Chris when he calls and tells her he has told Alice about her.  He wants to see her and she runs to where he is going to meet her.  While she is waiting, she gets a call from Alice.  She wants to talk to Nina.  When Chris drives up, Nina says she has to go because of an emergency.

Poor Nina and Chris just can't catch a break, can they?  They want to be together desperately but something always happens to keep them apart.  I can only imagine what is going to be happening when Alice and Nina have their talk.  It will be a tense episode, for sure, waiting to see if Alice gives her blessing for Chris' happiness or if she stakes her claim to him.  And if things DO go well, will Nina finally be able to get past everything and be with the man she loves and will Chris still be there?  Billie and Mick seem to be on the rebound as they are both seeing each other in a different light, I think.  I truly hope things keep going so great between the two of them.  I like Billie and Mick together.

In two weeks:  Mick wants to get the secret of his night with Nina out in the open so it isn't between he and Billie.  Nina feels if anyone should tell her it should be her.  Mick agrees but it must be done immediately.  How will the revelation affect the relationships between Billie and Nina and Billie and Mick?

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