Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Very Wet Derby Day In Kentucky

Well, it's finally here. The Kentucky Derby is going to be run today at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mother Nature isn't quite as excited about the Derby as everyone else is, though. The entire state of Kentucky has been deluged by near-flooding rains since the wee hours of the May 1st morning. Despite the heavy rains, it appears the Derby will still run as scheduled.

Morning workouts on the track for the horses were postponed and the trainers opted instead to run the horses in their barns.

If Mother Nature doesn't completely throw a cog in the wheel of the Derby (which I can't see happening unless so much rain comes down that Churchill Downs is completely flooded whichever horse wins this years Derby will most certainly have to be one of the best "mudders" in the world!

The wettest Derby Day on record was May 11, 1918 when 2.31 inches of rain fell. With about another five hours yet to go it remains to be seen if this years rainfall will break the 1918 record.

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